Atheists Promote a Holiday Season Without God

Is this country founded on religious freedom?  If so then why are the majority of our calendar holidays Christian holidays?  Ok, ok… so the religious majority is Christian but does that mean they whole country, a country with a multitude of nationalities, religions and cultures has to endure all the Christian celebrations publicly.  Why can’t these holidays be keep personal and private?  Don’t get me wrong, if you want to be Christian that is totally up to you but don’t force your religion and culture on everyone else in the world. It’s not appreciated.

It’s funny how history operates.  England broke from the Catholic Church and started its own, the Church of England, America broke away from England because of oppression etc. also and then we continue the cycle…

Here’s a thought.  If Christianity is so holy and G-d’s path then why does history prove it to be one of the most violent and bloodthirsty religions?  Again and again it has destroyed peaceful societies and taken away from them their families and traditions, then replaced them with what, nothing…  The problem today is people don’t read their history or make themselves aware.


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