Shawano Attributes are Few and Far Between

I.1 Shawano, WI | To tweak and improve her image, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt has been counseled to start a column which is presented weekly in the Shawano Leader.  Lorna has brainstormed and come up with the ingenious name Positively Shawano.  From the experiences of SIST and affiliates this name would more accurate if called Positively Prejudice.  Lorna wants to pursue this lame editorial attempt by extolling the Shawano community.

Lorna inquires why there is not more discussion at the Common Council meetings.  Is this because the ‘important issues’ are discussed at their secretive closed door sessions?  Prime examples are the hit list they fabricated against SIST, the unlawful kidnapping of SIST CEO Naomi Isaacson after she exposed Lorna’s hit list scandal, the destruction of the Ponderosa Restaurant, and the illegal take-over of SIST’s internationally renowned U.S.A. International Raceway (USAIR), a phenomenal go-kart track.

Further in the article Lorna discusses local ordinances.  When SIST was in control of their USAIR property, No Parking signs were put up alongside the road to prevent USAIR from using this for their overflow event parking.  While plenty of other Shawano businesses used roadside parking frequently for their events without city interference.  As soon as the illegal takeover was in place the No Parking signs were removed.  You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out.  Positively Prejudice is sounding like a more appropriate name all the time.

Lorna, before you start preaching from the pulpit about a perfect world you better pay a visit to the confessional.  You want to discuss problem areas?  As a City Official, why don’t you be the example and start by cleaning up your own prejudice and discrimination against SIST.  We are just assisting you by providing information for your column.

Now that we have been introduced to your column Lorna, are you going to use our feedback to right your wrongs or are we going to continue down the same Positively Prejudiced path?  The choice is yours.


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