Court again denies SIST justice

Moot court at the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Image by Ann Althouse via Flickr

MADISON | The Wisconsin State Appeals court has again denied SIST the opportunity for justice.  Darlene Sense, the official contact for the Kiryat hotel’s liquor license was issued a citation for not allowing city officials to harass party participants under the pretense of conducting an inspection during the party.  A private party that town officials were perfectly aware of since it was a source of contention with some of the ‘religious’ town folk.

The main reason for the dismissal was because the court didn’t like Sense’s accusations against local authorities.  Sense contends that, “Local officials and specifically, [the] mayor of Shawano, … have positioned themselves against [the parent company’s president] time after time and seek every opportunity to cause harm to any businesses in Shawano connected with the [parent company].”  As the locals know the city officials alongside of law enforcement have always targeted and harassed SIST businesses.  (ex. Ponderosa Building Destruction)

In which the court replies, “Sense does not provide record citations for any of these allegations, presumably because they are completely unsupported by the record,” the court wrote.

One could assume because the court system and law authorities are usually in cahoots with one another that there never would be any citations on record.  Why would Shawano law enforcement want to collect negative feedback about their own practices?  Sadly, in the Shawano community it is well known how corrupt the local system is.  From top to bottom.

The court also sanctioned Sense’s attorney for her “brazen assertions” that the Kiryat hotel and SIST were intentionally being targeted by Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and other local officials because of the president of SIST.  The court has plainly already made up their minds and won’t pursue justice or a non biased attitude.


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