Mubarak tucks tail and runs to home by the Red Sea

President George W. Bush and Egyptian Presiden...

Image via Wikipedia

The hope was palpable in the crowd gathered in Tahrir Square last night before Mubarak began his speech to the Egyptian nation.  Midway through the speech, the tension and anger sweeping through the crowd was obvious even through my computer screen back here in the States.  Incredibly Mubarak acknowledged his countrymen’s displeasure and anger and need for change but is still unwilling to step down and let another take his position.

Today many are making their way to Cairo, to the presidential palace where they can continue to show their displeasure for the events leading up to these last few weeks of civil unrest in Egypt.  The people are making their voices heard but nobody seems to be home.  In a literal sense this is true based on early morning reports of Mubarak’s get a way to the Red Sea.  When will “Pharaoh let his people go”?


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