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I.6 WISCONSIN | In 2004, USA International Raceway (USAIR), invited Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt to be the guest of honor at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the premier go-karting facility in the country, acclaimed by many in the go-karting community as #1.  USAIR was ready to show community pride, but Lorna, head of the community was a no show.  Lorna, weren’t you just expounding on the glories of community pride in last week’s column?  Where was yours during this event?  Lorna did not even have the professional courtesy to alert event coordinators of her intentions.

Prior to the June 2010, illegal receivership takeover of the track, USAIR was bringing local, national and even international events to the Shawano community.  Whether they were racers or spectators at the events, the people needed places to stay, food to eat and I am sure they enjoyed local entertainment too.  USAIR was a major boost to the Shawano economy but was rarely if ever supported by you or anyone else in your little administration.

Lorna breaking ground

Lorna breaking ground

Now I see you were at the ground breaking ceremony for “Charlie’s Country Market”. What a shock! Not really. (sarcasm)  Apparently you didn’t have any excuses to not show up at their ceremony.  What a shame that you as mayor will respect a small community effort but could not manage to show up for Shawano’s opportunity at international renown.  All because of your prejudices against track management.

Toward the end of your column you offer all Shawano stores a “heart-felt thank you”.  Does this include SIST stores?  It must not because you actively promote the boycotting of SIST businesses.  Community pride?  Not only do you promote discrimination of SIST businesses, you have publicly declared your pleasure at SIST’s financial difficulties.  99% of those difficulties are created by you and your media entourage with, financial interference, media smear campaigns, fuel drive-offs, acts of vandalism, break-ins, death threats, shootings and so much more.

So excuse me when I see you and all I can think of is a two faced liar with a forked tongue.  Your discrimination antics are destroying Shawano, both financially and in image.  Your intention may be to harm SIST and make them a scapegoat of your personal insecurities but many in the local community are starting to see through your smoke and mirrors game.  After all this is not a carnival, this life, we don’t go home at the end of the day with sticky hands and a stomach ache, game over.  You live with your choices.  In your case you are damaging the potential prosperity of a small town community with your personal vendetta against SIST and its businesses, marketing prejudice and discrimination.

Click here to read Lorna’s convenient avoidance of real issues.


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