Shawano Trash Talk

I.8 Shawano, WI | “Today, let’s talk trash.”

The words fell right from her mouth.  Freud really would have enjoyed examining this woman they call mayor.  I think his evaluation would go a little something like this…

“Hmm… sleepless nights, yes. That usually occurs when something troubling is occupying the mind.  Have you been telling a lot of lies lately?”

“Yes, yes… you can’t eat, (*chuckles*) well that doesn’t appear to be a problem but yes… that could occur when you have feelings of guilt.  How have you been treating people lately?”

“Ahh… I see.”

“So what seems to be the problem?  An East Indian businessman you say… mmm. That’s interesting.  What have you done to this man to cause so much emotional distress.”

“Oh my… Racial issues. Yes, I see.. you have wrongly accused him?  What did you accuse him of?  A hit list?  (Click here for the hit list report)  My!  Playing in the big time I see.”

“Well… (*putting papers away*) Get your ass off the couch.  I have an easy solution to your problem.  Garbage pickup is tomorrow, confess of your sins tonight and throw out the trash tomorrow.  And make sure to recycle… Oh, really you do?  That must be why the media always has so much garbage about this East Indian person you talk about.  Well, it is time to clean your mess up.  So bag the garbage up and throw it out.  This time I suggest you don’t lie or treat people different because of the color of their skin, after all you were the one “talking trash”.

That should solve your sleeping and eating problems.  If not well… eh… it’s just you and you’re hopeless.”

(Click here to read what she wrote – you’ll get it when you do)


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