Hate in Orange County, California

I am an American and after watching this I am ashamed that their are people like this in our country. This is like the Germans to the Jews during WWII. Is this what our country stands for? I thought one of the reasons we came to America was for ‘religious freedom’.

So 9/11 happens, with the approval and guidance of our government and it is the Arabs fault? They are the fall guy, the scape goat for this countries political motivations in the Middle East. This is wrong and I condemn it!

The media and government have done their job well in stereotyping the Arabic people as ‘terrorists’ and that is wrong! So you have the name Hussein, Khatibi or Muhammed , this is supposed to condemn you? No, the educated Americans need to speak out against this type of behavior before it becomes lethal. This minority should not suffer injustice because the government has an agenda. They cannot be pawns in an American game with the Middle East.

When this happens to the Christian population in any other country there is an uproar in the Christian community. Where are all these so-called god loving Christians now? They are part of the crowd condemning these people. Shame, shame on what America has become.


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