Beautifying the Personality of Shawano

I.9 Shawano, WI | Spring is around the corner and beautifying is on the mind at Shawano City Hall.  Lorna, previously employed as a hairdresser is well acquainted with putting a pretty face on things.  So in this weeks column she is pursuing a greener, more colorful,  flowery town.  I don’t have anything against that plan, maybe it will even help her attitude towards SIST.  In psychology it is well known that bright colors can help create a more cheerful atmosphere, so plant away.

Maintaining the environment is an important part of any community but so is its emotional well being.  If the mayor can be concerned about the welfare of the flora and fauna shouldn’t she be as much or more concerned about the welfare of the human inhabitants as well?

Ku Klux Klan - notorious racist cult

It is disgraceful that in this small town so few will stand up in the name of justice and say, “this is wrong.”  You can all look at one another and point your finger in the other direction but this sort of behavior against another human being starts in YOUR homes.  The KKK and Neo-Nazis teach their children to hate.  Children do not see in color, they do not discriminate unless they are taught to.  In Germany, Nazi supporters helped Hitler accomplish his goal, going along with his deadly agenda against the Jews.  Christian children would stand in the street and spit on Jew’s whose houses they previously frequented.  This is not normal behavior but a mimicry of the examples set by the adults around them.

In Shawano we see the same situation.  Children following the lead of their elders.  The SIST office headquarters constantly has drive-by’s.  Among school-age children it is known as the ‘Rama Run’.  Is this how we raise our children to think?  In this day and age?  Do you believe by promoting this sort of behavior that they will become better citizens and productive, beneficial members to society?  All of you should be ashamed to promote or even allow this sort of behavior.  What example are you setting?

Not only do children drive by but plenty of adults too and driving by is not the only thing; they yell rude and vulgar expletives and throw things.  How can they get away with this?  Because they see the adults doing it and the adults know they have the support of the local authorities, city government and Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt.  These are weeds in the garden of Shawano and they need to be pulled.

SIST personnel have never driven by any of the townspeople’s homes and yelled crude names or thrown things at the citizens of Shawano, their home or their vehicles.  What justifies your abuse of this company?

Click here to read Lorna’s column.


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