AIDs created and spread through U.S. Military experiments

Jacob Segal, a biology professor at Humboldt University in Germany, is among the first scientist convinced that the AIDS virus was created at the “Fort Detrick” lab. Together with his wife, Lilli Segal, he published the results of his researches, in 1986, called “AIDS – Born in the USA”. He proposed that by splicing together two other viruses, Visna and HTLV-1, the HIV virus was engineered at the US military lab at “Fort Detrick”.

According to Wolfgang Eggert, a German historian, both AIDS and SARS, are biological weapons invented in the American laboratories in order to exterminate human beings. All that he says in his book – “Die geplanten Seuchen – Aids, Sars und die militärische Genforschung” – sound incredible. In 1969, the American Defense Department ask the senate a 10 billon credit for researching a new virus that is capable to destroy the human immune system and against whom there is no antidote.  “Possession of this kind of biological weapons would give the U.S. absolute military supremacy”  said the Deputy Director of Research Department at the Pentagon.

Some talk about extermination, some talk about the heroin mixed with other substances that damage the immune system supplied to the junkies by the U.S government while de homosexuals and the Africans were infected through mass vaccination, under the pretext of protecting them from other diseases.

According to the authors of “The 80 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time”, the first charge of conspiracy regarding AIDS came out in the “Patriot”, an Indian newspaper from New Delhi. The article from 4 of July 1984 was quoting some articles from an official publication of the US Army regarding the “natural and artificial influences on the human immune system”. The Indian newspaper wrote in their articles regarding the AIDS conspiracy that scientists from “Fort Detrick” (known as the army’s biological weapons research lab till 1969) ventured into Africa’s depths  searching  for a “strong virus that can’t be found in Europe and Asia”. The data gathered from the research were analyzed at the “Fort Detrick” and the result was: “an isolated virus that causes AIDS”.

The USA government reacted quickly saying that the article is a try of manipulation from the URSS. A cartoon from the “Pravda” newspaper, where a doctor was on the top of a lot of corpses giving a container with AIDS written on it to an army general, cause a protest of the US government, but only when an important British newspaper spread the story the US authorities started to react.


9 responses to “AIDs created and spread through U.S. Military experiments

  1. U are bunch of stupid racist asses. Aids is the result of u scrap hogs experimentations. Sexing animals n doing weird shit is a white man thing. Always pointing finger at others. Like Crystal said, shut the fuck up!


  2. Can’t believe anyone would easily believe in this BS. This guy crawled out of East Germany with an old KGB disinfo propaganda and still people believe. How frustrating.


  3. It’ absolutely absurd to believe that bestiality caused the widespread growth and flow of the HIV virus. It makes no sense and it is frankly demeaning. The official story was that a chimp raped an African woman. Did you hear that? You do know that Africans don’t live side-by-side to animals right? They actually live in villages.

    It makes much more sense to me that AIDS was released into some test subjects whom spread the disease naturally through sexual/drug related contact. Especially since the disease apparently started in Africa, but winds up plaguing the Gay and Black community in America. 99% of Africans have no ties to America and vice-versa. So what a business man(or woman)/traveler from America happened to sleep with the girl who got raped by a chimp? That same woman slept with everyone in her village? I doubt it. The whole idea is preposterous and needs to be scraped.


  4. When facts are presented they are attacked. Crystal is one of those types that is probably infected herself. If you watch any zombie movies its always the person who pretends they’re not infected who is infected.


  5. The greatest reason for the spread of HIV, is the promiscuous sexual appetites of blacks, especially black men and black prositutes. It is akin to sexual avarice, they don’t control their behaviors, and hence HIV is transmitted widely in their community. Most of the cases are black males, who especially are keen on anal sex, and spread it virulently. There is a very high number of bi-sexual black men, who also pass this on to women, especially to the black prostitutes in their neighborhood. The statistics are very evident, the number of HIV positive demographics reveal the rate of HIV/AIDS amongst black men is 200 times that of the white population. Washington D.C. is like the AIDS capital of America, with 1 in 20 black people being HIV positive.

    Intravenous drug use is another method of transmission of the HIV, as IV drug abuse is also very common amongst inner city blacks, and since many blacks are hesitant to claim they are homosexual or bi-sexual, stating they acquired it through IV drug use is a more “acceptable” answer when inquiries are made. Although it is a vector for the transmission of HIV, the principle means by which blacks pass on HIV is through sexual intercourse, with a preference among the black community for fucking up the ass. It’s quite animal-like in the inner city black neighborhoods.

    Furthermore, the idea that AIDS was a virus created and delivered among the black community is an absurd lie, one that has been created by the black community, particularly the Black Muslims such as Nation of Islam founder Louie FarraCON(sic). Rather than take responsibility for their own animalistic actions, they claim it was a plot to destroy black people, whereas the real reason for AIDS is the passing of the HIV through promiscuity. HIV/AIDS began in Africa and was passed on by the pathetic and absent sexual mores of black people, and it spread to America rapidly through the homosexual community, which has no sexual inhibitions.


    • You are one racist stupid ass!! Shut up! None of what you say about blacks is true. If anyone has sexual deviants it’s whites. You people like sexing animals. There was never such a word for STD’s of any sort in Africa, no disease of any sort ….until the introduction of Europeans. You went there….shut up! You didn’t read the article. AIDS WAS developed and created to depopulate the Africans stupid! This is OLD news anyway. Why the depopulation? Africa is the wealthiest realestate on planet Earth. The plan is to kill all the inhabitants, colonize, etc.. and take over Africa. Period! You wasted your time with all your nonsense and “copy paste” rheteric and racial bias. SHUT UP!


      • I have to say Crystal, you have it right on the money! I had a friend who read in a medical journal once that AIDS was first found in the convents and monasteries but was blamed on the Africans. Unfortunately, that information I am sure was quickly removed from public access as I cannot find it anywhere. If you ever come across something like that I would appreciate it greatly if you could share it.


        • @LiBerty – Oh you mean convents and mission camps IN Africa? Who do you think treated this disease when it came out out in the jungle. That’s right they were sent to makeshift hospitals and medical camps built by missionaries!


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