Sign the Pledge: Stop Targeting Religious Minorities

ACLU | Representative Peter King (R – NY) is currently using his powerful post as head of the House Homeland Security Committee to subject the entire American Muslim community to public scrutiny through discriminatory hearings based on prejudicial ideas that wrongly equate belief in Islam with terrorism. These hearings are just the most recent example of a troubling pattern of unwarranted scrutiny of American Muslims which is occurring in communities across the country.

Congress simply has no business singling out the religious beliefs of one group of Americans in official hearings, as state and local governments have no business passing laws and policies that unfairly target American Muslims. Our elected leaders can (and should) focus on preventing terrorism using legitimate law enforcement policies that do not unfairly discriminate against one group of American citizens based on political or religious ideology.

Sign the pledge to show your opposition to the troubling pattern of government discrimination against American Muslims.


One response to “Sign the Pledge: Stop Targeting Religious Minorities

  1. No, there are no dancing in the street when Catholics hear about a pedophile priest, but there has been a concerted effort to Deny, Deflect, Defend this “Enemy Overseas” the “Catholic Church ”, I don’t even think you could deny that fact. What would Jesus Christ, say about this so called Church, I have a few thoughts myself.—matt-stone

    47 seconds in;—matt-stone


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