Shawano has a unique view of the USA International Raceway


Shawano, WI | Typically within a few weeks the USA International Raceway (USAIR) would be gearing up for the summer go-kart racing season.  Sadly, ever since the summer of 2010 when Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and the ‘rubber stamp’ Shawano court system assisted in the illegal receivership takeover of the racetrack property this won’t be possible.  Now the location sits dismal and in disrepair.

While in operation USAIR was the highlight of Shawano recreation.  USAIR brought people from across the country and even internationally to the Shawano area. This was good for business at the track and also brought an overflow of business to the Shawano community.  Hotels, restaurants and small local shops all benefited.

USA International Raceway, USAIR

USA International Raceway (USAIR)

So where were Lorna and the city when USAIR was in operation?

The City of Shawano can spend $196,000 of their slim budget to beautify a park.  But, this park is never going to bring in revenue; it will be a burden on the city.  Not that having a nice park is a bad thing.

So while USAIR was bringing in thousands of dollars in revenue and thousands of visitors to the Shawano area what did Lorna or the city do?  Nothing.  In the few years the track was in operation it was never promoted or advertised as a place of interest by the City at all.  In fact, the track was hardly ever frequented by locals at all.  This too of course was a repercussion of Lorna’s whispers to the public to boycott SIST businesses, one of which happened to be USAIR.

Lorna says that the ‘Sturgeon Park’ is an acknowledged asset of the Shawano Community.  The City of Shawano and Lorna definitely recognized what an asset USAIR was to the Shawano area but because of racial prejudices against USAIR management and ownership it was never developed as such.  Instead it was illegally shut down and destroyed; so much for caring about the success and growth of Shawano and the community, something which Lorna has boasted about in her previous publications.


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