Date set for Wikileaks founder Assange’s extradition appeal

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will appeal against his extradition from the UK to Sweden on 12 July, reports the BBC.

He faces allegations of rape and sexual assualt, which he denies, and says that extradition would breach his human rights. Assange claims that the allegations are politically motivated following the publication of sensitive material by Wikileaks. He believes he will not get a fair trial in Sweden and described the original extradition ruling as a symptom of the “European Arrest Warrent system run amok”. Assange also fears that he will be handed over to US authorities.

He faces three allegations of sexual assault and one allegation of rape. The allegations were made by two female Wikileaks workers, who say the incidents took place in Stockholm in August 2010.

Assange’s lawyers say they will focus on the ruling judge’s assertion that there had been “considerable adverse publicity in Sweden for Mr. Assange, in the popular press, the television and in parliament”.

A two day appeal hearing will begin at the High Court in London on 12 July.



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