Obama born in the U.S.A. – SURPRISE!

Barack Obama's birth certificate

Considering how disgusted this issue makes me I just had to make several comments.  This ‘birther’ issue as it is being called recalls me to a time when Clinton’s infidelity was also called into the national spotlight.  Somehow we must think it’s amusing to make ourselves the laughing stock of nations.

“Yes, I am front America, that place where one president got funky with his intern and the other had an allegedly fake birth certificate.”

Is that really the kind of news that you expose?  Clinton’s infidelity is between himself and his wife.  Obama’s citizenship is of course a national concern but you can’t tell me that when you become a presidential candidate your citizenship isn’t verified.  So why two and a half years into his term is this now an issue?  Are we that bored?

Last time I went and got a state ID card I had to use my birth certificate so I am pretty sure the president has that covered.  Now thanks to some petty politics the world can see for themselves that President Barack Hussein Obama is indeed an American citizen.


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