Funeral Announcement of Osama bin Laden: al-Wafd newspaper 2001-12-26

Phil Brennan Oct 02, 2010

Translation from an Arabic-speaking friend to confirm the text:

From the Egyptian newspaper al-Wafd: Wednesday 26 December 2001 – Vol 15 No 4633

News about Bin Laden death and his funeral ten days ago.

Islam Abad –

A senior Afghan Taliban official declared the death of the head of Al-Qaeda Osama Bin Laden yesterday.

He pointed out that Bin Laden was suffering serious lungs complications and died normally and quietly.

The official who refused to mention his name confirmed in a statement to the Pakistani newspaper “Abou Zofar” that he attended the funeral himself and saw Bin Laden’s face before his burial in Tora Bora ten days ago.

He mentioned that the funeral was attended by thirty fighters of Al-Qaeda , Bin Laden’s family members, and some Taliban friends and that a hail of bullets was fired to see him off to his final resting place.

The official stressed the difficulty of determining Bin Laden’s burial place because his grave was smoothened to the ground according to the Wahhabi doctrine, which he belongs to. He also confirmed the possibility of effacing the burial place because of Tura Bora continued aerial bombardment for two weeks. He eliminated the possibilities of U.S. forces success in finding any trace of Bin Laden.


It is very strange that his death through natural causes was reported in the Arabic news media but not in the Main Stream Media of the West. A dead bogeyman is far more convenient than a living one, because the MSM and CIA can dig him up every time they want to increase the fear level within the general populace for geopolitical reasons, and put him away again afterwards, ready for the next time…

It is equally possible that Osama bin Laden wanted to fake his death, but considering that all the audio and video tapes of him since the end of 2001 have been proven to be CIA fakes, and he has been missing since the time of this notice with no trace of him at all – plenty of rumours spread by the CIA and other western intelligence agencies, but that is to be expected – one can surmise that Osama bin Laden is safely dead and pushing up wild flowers in the mountains of Tora Bora (do daisies grow up there?)


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  1. Phil, have you been taken out. Very impressed by your work (the Odessa disclosures in particular)…When i try to access any of your references or your web site I just get shunted into a philosophical essay on academic writing. I have tried the Email address given but no reply. Please get in touch: follower of Hallett but he was easy to contact comparatively


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