Pakistan: Do we need U.S. assistance?

Muhammad Tallal Yousaf

China a strong and trusted friend that have always stood by us in times of need. China was the only one to acknowledge Pakistan’s role in countering terrorism on 12 May when Osama Bin Laden was killed in Abottabad. Chinese government even said if anyone will exploit Pakistan’s sovereignty he will actually be messing with Beijing. This is truly supportive of China.

It was recently announced by the spokes person that china will immediately hand over 50 JF 17 Thunder jets to Pakistan to further strengthen Pakistan’s defense. The sad part in all this is we still look over to US for their assistance, why? Do we still need US Assistance, assistance from those who nominate us the closest ally and then violate our national integrity? In the opinion of majority of Pakistani’s we don’t need US scraps to live on. But probably the Higher Command of our government does need some, and it is sad.

China has been offering Pakistan financial assistance, defensive capability, ammunition, trade support, infrastructure development and many incentives without any do’s and don’ts. On the other hand US do less and demand more. Probably it is the ideal time to redirect the foreign policy and re- devise our criteria to decide who our real friend is and who is using us to their own advantage.



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