Liberate India

In Shawano, WI, USA a campaign has been enacted to create hostility between the (local and national) community and SIST. SIST is a non-profit corporation founded by a business man from India. News media reports are broadcast against SIST and its businesses, attempting to create doubts about their legitimacy and legality. Splashed in the headlines are SIST’s supposed financial shortcomings and failure to pay city taxes. Shadowed by a community filled with racial and religious contempt, SIST’s progress has been severely limited because of their unwillingness to support SIST and its endeavors.

Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, the local government and her legion of followers, including the local law enforcement, the FBI and many other local business owners and media networks, FOX, NBC, and CBS just to name a few are still working hard to destroy SIST’s business reputation and to ultimately bring about their demise. In the last couple of years they have even trumped up allegations of murder attempts, going as far as creating a fake hit list and starting a national terror alert against SIST. It has been amazing to watch how over the years the harassment and threats have only escalated and all because forty years ago Dr. Cohen dismissed the Christian convert harvesters.

What is most disturbing about this is how Christianity plays such a dominant role in the false image of acceptance and tolerance of others and how they live their lives. This religion markets itself as being loving and accepting when it is entirely the opposite, they smile and compliment you until you accept their ways and then they hold a knife to your throat. When denied they are like frenzied beasts on the hunting trail, blood dripping from their mouths, waiting for you to trip and fall.

In WWII, the top political Christian leaders of the time, Churchill, Roosevelt and Eisenhower were all aware that the Jews were being rounded up and murdered. This atrocity was committed for the whole world to see and even then countries were unwilling to step in and put an end to the horror these people were enduring. When the Jews tried to flee and take sanctuary in other countries they were heartlessly turned away and sent back to their deaths because after all they were just ‘Jews’. So similarly here in Shawano, this business man from India has openly endured discrimination, prejudice, violence, unjust and downright illegal actions against his businesses. Because of what? Because he doesn’t want to be a Christian? Isn’t this supposed to be a nation founded on religious freedom? So, we are telling the nations of the world what Christianity is really all about.

The arrival of Christianity caused civilizations to move backwards. In this regard we need only look to Europe, for the Dark Ages of Europe is a time when the Church was in control. The Age of Enlightenment (Renaissance) began when the common people were freed from the tyranny of the Christian church. In fact, most of the civilizations which were overrun by zealous Christians in their conversion fervor, were highly evolved in their moral standards, with complex social structures, high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, decorative art and evolved sciences, and content with their own religion.

History is witness to the mass destruction of countless cultures, and the almost complete genocide of entire races at the hands of Christianity. History is now proving that most cultures destroyed by Christianity far outweighed in morals and dignity what they were replaced by. Christianity is the most dangerous evil religion on the face of the earth. Christianity has no family, no father, no mother, no community. Instead they are like animals, breeding one to another, mother with son, father with daughter, brother with sister. They want to bring this filth to your nations and your land to corrupt your families and people so they can control you.

Religions and cultures like Hindus, Muslims and Jains are peaceful and family oriented. They prosper because they value their G-d and family, seeking a holy way of life not this convenient material lifestyle that Christians proclaim to be a religion. They are sincere in their beliefs and do not follow out of convenience but out of faith to their way of life that has endured for hundreds of years. Christianity is the only religion that holds the bible in one hand and politics in the other.

In India, Christians have abducted over six million Indian children, bringing them up as good little Christians, training them to be nuns and priests then sending them back to India to convert their people. Many of these children ‘died’ when and during their capture and captivity allowing these sick Christians to harvest there bodies for organs. Can you imagine what would happen if Hindus tried to come to the United States to capture little Christian children to convert them to Hinduism? WWIV would start! So how is it that these Christians are allowed to get away with it? Kick these bastards out of your country, nationalize their properties and tell them get out or else.

People like Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi saw what the Christians were doing. That is why they were murdered. The Christian missionaries needed to remove these people so they could not influence the public and make them aware of the deceitful games the missionaries played. The same thing happens here in the United States, Abraham Lincoln, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, so many great men have died because the Church could not handle that somebody else might hold the power of the people. The Churches philosophy is to keep the people in poverty and uneducated so that they can retain power over them. Educated and wealthy people are not easy to control, poor and dumb people are.


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