Hackers: Heroes or Villains? Heroes of course…


Spanish police have arrested three men believed to be involved in carrying out cyber-attacks on governments and companies including Sony and MasterCard. The suspects have been identified as members of the worldwide hacking group Anonymous. This week, online talk show host Lori Harfenist AKA ‘The Resident’ takes to the streets of New York, to gauge people’s attitude to hackers.

Sony Pictures confirmed this week that almost 40,000 users have fallen victim to personal data loss, following a major cyber attack on the company’s website. RT has asked New York residents about being potential victims of hackers.

No one seems to be safe from hackers’ attacks these days, not even the FBI. But are these cyber punks heroes or villains?

Technically speaking, they are heroes,” a passerby in New York told Lori “The Resident” Harfenist. ”They are upfront of all the security systems.

There are hackers who are fighting for some kind of ideology and hackers who are just doing illegal activities,” another local said. “I don’t think you can make any kind of romantic about hackers.




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