UK: Want to Cover Up an Extra-Judicial Murder? Start a Riot!

Recent events in England of the past few days have left me feeling that something very rotten and criminal is happening within our establishments, and as new evidence comes to light the bad smell is getting worse…

Philip Brennan | | 10 August 2011:

Over the past few days there have been unprecedented rioting in the United Kingdom. Politicians are strutting their stuff, trying to look tough on crime and covering up their gross incompetence, the police are over-stretched and bringing in officers from other regions, leaving those regions under-policed in their turn, and the Main Stream Media are covering everything about these riots but the pertinent facts.

So let us examine the facts as they actually stand and let the cards fall where they may:

  1. On Thursday the 4th of August a suspected drug dealer was shot by armed police in London. We do not even know for sure that he was involved in drug dealing, as he is now dead and cannot be put on trial and convicted through a Jury of his Peers beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, he is innocent until proven otherwise, which is no longer going to happen as you cannot put a dead man on trial under Common Law. Ergo, no trial equals no conviction, which in turn equals innocence under Common Law.
  2. On Saturday the 6th of August there were protests outside a police station in Tottenham which turned violent, leading to some moderate rioting over night.
  3. On Sunday the 7th of August the rioting spreads to other areas of London. Then on Monday the 8th of August and Tuesday the 9th of August rioting spreads to other towns and cities within the United Kingdom.

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