Demanding Congressional Relief from Racial and Religious Oppression in Shawano, WI

From the Desk of C.E.O. Naomi Isaacson, Esq.



May 8, 2011

I am the CEO and in-house counsel of the Dr. R.C. Samanta Roy Institute of Science & Technology, Inc. hereinafter (SIST), positions which I have held for over a decade.  As such, I am intimately familiar with the history of the company from a factual and legal perspective.  The history of this company is a history of racial and religious discrimination which originates with the Republican Christian Mayor of Shawano, Wisconsin, whose name is Lorna Marquardt.

As you may recall, I have sent numerous letters requesting your assistance and investigation into the severe racial discrimination and hate crimes being committed against SIST and its personnel based upon the fact that the President of SIST is a man originally from India. Every day, the harassment, vandalism, and business interference that SIST experiences are reminiscent of the Jim Crow days of the South.   The purpose of this letter is to keep you informed of the latest developments in the unending saga of racial discrimination in Shawano.

Over the last eight years, Lorna Marquardt and her church have used the media, the Police Department, the court system and even lower level FBI agents, to fight against SIST and its Indian President.  Everywhere a person turns in Shawano, they face a massive web of racial and religious discrimination, intolerance, and injustice which is interwoven into the fabric of Shawano’s Nazi Christian society.  Ultimately, SIST and a couple of affiliates had no choice but to file bankruptcy in Delaware.  Due to their common race and religion, the media and the judiciary are at Lorna Marquardt’s side to sweep her atrocities under the rug and blast her Nazi propaganda against SIST.

With respect to two of the companies that were forced to file for bankruptcy protection, both companies had properties which had been illegally seized by the lenders in conspiracy with Lorna Marquardt, the Christian Republican Mayor of Shawano.  After the properties were seized they were placed in the hands of a “receiver” or agent of Lorna Marquardt.  In particular I will deal with one of those companies which owned an amusement park/racetrack.  The attorney representing the lender, named Steve Krueger of the Van Lieshout Law Office from Little Chute, Wisconsin, appointed himself as the receiver.  The atrocities and travesties of justice committed in the illegal robbery of the property under the color of law will be dealt with at a later date and for now I will just give the details of what occurred today.

Under federal law, once a party files for bankruptcy reorganization protection, any properties in “receivership” are required to be given back to the party which filed for bankruptcy protection.  Despite their absolute and unconditional legal requirement to return the property, Attorney/receiver Krueger ignored the law and did not return the properties.  Thus, we were forced to file a motion to ask the Court to order then to comply with their statutory obligation of returning the properties.  Since Attorney/receiver Krueger illegally took over the property, we have not been allowed to set foot on the property, not even as a member of public.  Krueger has instructed all of his employees that should any “cult members” set foot on the property, they are to call the police so that we can be arrested.  Attorney Krueger has done this despite the fact that there is no court order restricting our access to the property and despite the fact that this is a property open to the public for business.  Attorney Krueger feels free to make up his own rules and laws as he knows he has Lorna Marquardt and her Gestapo police force on his side.

Based upon his conduct, we filed a motion in Delaware requesting access to the property.  The lender and its receiver were ordered that we were allowed on the property with 24 hours notice to do an inspection and we were allowed on the property at any time the property was open to the public as a member of the public.  In accordance with the Court Order, on Saturday, May 7, 2011, we contacted the lender’s Delaware counsel to set up a time to do an inspection.  The lender’s counsel responded that we should contact Pat Polk, the person hired by Krueger to manage the property to set up an appointment to do the inspection.  We then contacted Pat Polk who informed us that we were welcome to do the inspection starting at 9:00 a.m. on May 8, 2011.

On May 8, 2011, when we arrived at the property to start the inspection, Pat Polk said that Steve Krueger had contacted him and told him that he was not to allow us to do an inspection despite the Court Order.  Pat Polk said that since Krueger signs his paycheck he needed to obey his instruction.  Since the property was open for business to the public, we then asked Pat Polk if we could walk around the public areas of the property.  Pat Polk indicated that we were more than welcome to do so.  We asked Pat Polk if he wanted to walk with us around the property.  He said that he did not.  Meanwhile, Pat Polk and his wife went to the second story of the tech building from which the whole property is visible and began taking pictures of us as we walked around the property.

We walked around the premises in public areas only.  We did not go in any buildings, did not open any gates, did not climb over any fences or go in any restricted areas as we have full knowledge of the property as we have been the property owner for years.  We only went in areas where the gates were open to the public and on public walkways.  All of a sudden, Shawano County Sheriff’s Deputy Wedemayer pulled into the property and screeched to a halt not far from where we were walking.  Officer Wedemayer approached us and asked us if we called him.  We told him that we had not.  He asked us what we were doing.  We told him that we were just looking around as members of the public.  A couple minutes later a second Shawano County Sheriff’s car came screeching into the lot.  Pat Polk came running over and shook hands with Officer Blaskowski, the second officer, as he exited his vehicle.  Officer Blaskowski and Pat Polk approached where Officer Wedemayer was standing.  Pat Polk told Officer Wedemayer he did not call them but that Steve Krueger called them and asked to have the Sheriff’s deputies go out to the park to remove us from the property.  Officer Wedemayer said that Steve Krueger had called and said that we were climbing over fences, getting into areas not open to the public and trying to get into the buildings all of which were complete lies and utter fabrications.  Since Pat Polk was taking pictures, if that was really the case, then he should have been able to produce the pictures of it.  Of course, no such pictures exist.

Officer Wedemeyer then asked if we were done.  I told Officer Wedemeyer that we just wanted to walk over by the pool area.  Additionally, I asked if we could walk over in the paint ball area.  Pat Polk said that was not open to the public because we needed a pit pass in order to enter.  I offered to pay for a pit pass.  Pat Polk refused to sell a pit pass to us to give access to the area.  Pat Polk made a telephone call and talked to Steve Krueger.  He then told us he cannot sell the pit passes to us.  When we asked why, he just said that it was Steve Krueger’s decision that we needed to leave the premises immediately.  He said that Krueger had called the Sheriff’s Department to have us removed from the property and we needed to leave.  Meanwhile, a third Shawano County Sheriff’s deputy named Verbrigghe pulled into the parking lot with a screech, pulled into the pit area, and started talking to Pat Polk.  From there, the Shawano County Sheriff’s Deputies escorted us off of the property.

This incident demonstrates the audacity with which Attorney Krueger freely flaunts his nose at the law as he knows that being we are a minority, we can do nothing about it.  He has Lorna Marquardt and her local law enforcement agencies at his disposal.  He can fabricate whatever stories are necessary to accomplish his purpose.  Then, when I attempt to expose what is happening, members of the judiciary rush to suppress and squelch what I have to say.

In a federal court proceeding in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I gave a detailed affidavit regarding the conduct of Lorna Marquardt and other city officials which exposed the malicious and venomous hate crimes being committed against SIST and its personnel and in particular exposed their conduct with respect to this property.  The case was assigned to the so-called Chief U.S. District Court Judge named Rudolph Randa, who happens to be a staunch Catholic.  Without any hearing, Rudolph issued a decision saying that the statements and allegations contained in the affidavit were so “fantastic and delusional” that they have no evidentiary support.  Thus, Rudolph sanctioned SIST for exposing the conduct of Lorna and other city officials.  Rudolph never held a hearing, never requested any additional information, or additional evidence before making such a rash and injudicious decision to protect his race and religion.  Following his example and emboldened by Randa’s brazen defense of his race and religion, Wausau Appellate Court Judge Peterson issued decision in a similar vein and sanctioned SIST for “making such brazen assertions” that they are being targeted and discriminated against in a different lawsuit.  Exactly one week later, Federal District Court Judge Griesbach issued a decision sanctioning SIST for exactly the same thing.

The time has come that the whole world needs to know the racial discrimination that is being propagated, perpetrated, and propelled here in Wisconsin, USA against a businessman from India due solely to his race and religion.

Even though I have sent repeated letters requesting assistance, no one has taken the step of trying to stick their head out to solve the problem.  If you as a representative “of the people” are not going to investigate or try to solve this problem, I can only assume that the matter needs to be taken to an international level.  Sadly, it seems self-evident that racial discrimination is worse in the United States than in anywhere else in the world.  It is time that matters change.  If you are not going to do anything, just as the United States sends its Senators all over the world to investigate matters, I will have no choice but to ask the Indian government to send its members of Parliament to investigate this matter since the President of SIST is from India.


Naomi Isaacson, Esq.



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