India Should Demand










From the Desk of C.E.O. Naomi Isaacson, esq. to the Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh 


November 17, 2010

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi, India-110 101.                                                                


Dear Honorable Prime Minister Singh,


Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh your help and investigation is urgently needed and requested to protect India’s pride and sovereignty.


I am the attorney and Chief Executive Officer of the Dr. R.C. Samanta Roy’s corporations, businesses and properties.  The President and founder of the companies, is Dr. R.C. Samanta Roy, an NRI who is originally from Orissa.  Dr. Samanta Roy owns about $200 million in businesses and properties primarily in a small town in Wisconsin called Shawano.


Throughout the centuries, millions of people, myself included, have wondered  and questioned how Christians have managed to do so many deadly and horrendous deeds, in the name of g_d and their church, to other human beings and nations.  How is it possible that events like the Crusades, Inquisition, Holocaust, genocides, witch hunts, slavery, blood libel stories, expulsion of certain races and/or religions from certain lands, extermination of entire Native American civilizations, and thousands of daily massacres around the world could have happened and are happening?  As many have found in time past through their own experiences, now for me, these questions have been answered through my own experience.  A Christian is born with a curse which is the curse of intolerance.   Anyone that is different needs to be converted or killed. It is sad to see that in the United States today, that same motto plays out undercover under the color of the law.


There is a small town in northern Wisconsin called Shawano with a population of approximately 8,500.  The mayor of that “welcoming” town is someone named Lorna Marquardt who is the descendant of the most powerful yet dreadful people in human history: priests, nuns, Martin Luther, and Hitler.  This Christian mayor has absolutely no tolerance for anyone of different races and religions.  It just so happened that a businessman from India, Dr. R.C. Samanta Roy, began buying up property and businesses in that town to the tune of $200 million.  Naturally, that did not bode well with that Christian mayor.


Shawano is Neo-Nazi territory where it is believed people of other races and religions have no right to life.  Due to the fact that the Dr. Samanta Roy is a man originally from India, the mayor of the town, Lorna Marquardt, and other officials have conspired and devised countless schemes to destroy his properties and businesses and bring about the demise of his personnel.  In her venomous hatred and jealousy she began spinning her web around the Indian businessman to strangle and suffocate him and rob everything the man has and had.  From her genetic heritage, Christians like her have learned how to go about accomplishing their purpose against their enemies through using law enforcement, the media, and the judiciary system and uniting them through their common race and religion.  Mayor Lorna Marquardt then began strategizing with her co-conspirators on how to rob this Indian businessman’s property.


I have been the attorney and Chief Executive Officer of Dr. Samanta Roy’s companies for over a decade.  Even though I am not a woman of Indian descent, the mere fact that I am employed by his company has made me face the same discrimination, prejudice and harassment.  While I know your time is valuable, please indulge me and let me give you a brief synopsis of the prejudice, discrimination, and business interference that Dr. Samanta Roy has faced for decades and is facing now.  Matters have gotten to a point, where I fear the consequence could be lethal.  As a person of Indian origin, Dr. Samanta Roy needs protection of his life and property.  Please contact the State Department on his behalf and save his life.


Due to the racial and religious background of this Indian businessman, his businesses, its other affiliates, and its personnel have suffered from unimaginable prejudice, discrimination, and business interference at the hands of Shawano City officials, particularly Lorna(Mayor), the Christian racist.  Though you may not like to hear it, the fact of the matter is that the racial discrimination and prejudice we experience every day in Shawano, is worse than anywhere else in the world.  Lorna Marquardt, the Mayor of Shawano, began her campaign against Dr. Samanta Roy and his businesses, many years ago when she took office and formed the secretive, racist organization whose sole function is to eradicate those who refuse to be converted.  Its motto is “be converted or face severe persecution which could even be lethal”.  Like three points of a triangle, Lorna Marquardt has successfully tied the media, the judiciary and the authorities together through their common race and religion and used them to pursue her obliteration aspiration.

For years, Lorna, the Christian racist, has been upset that Dr. Samanta Roy was buying property in Shawano.  She has openly made statements that she would do whatever was necessary to stop Dr. Samanta Roy’s acquisition of businesses and properties in Shawano.  In fact, according to people familiar with her mayoral campaign, Lorna’s campaign platform while she first ran for mayor in Shawano over seven years ago was that she would drive the “dot head back to his mud hut” referring to Dr. Samanta Roy. To that end, it has been reported that Lorna Marquardt formed a secretive, racist organization whose sole function is to wage psychological, physical, and financial war against the Indian man, his personnel, and businesses.  Based upon information from many sources, following Marquardt’s assumption of power, a number of secret meetings were held in Shawano to strategize on the demise of Dr. Samanta Roy and his businesses.  Since 2003, those meetings have occurred as frequently as on a bi-monthly basis and are attended by various Shawano City officials, Shawano County judges, media, and local business persons. The hate crimes being committed by Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and her cronies are unfathomable.  To kill Dr. Samanta Roy, seven rifle bullets were fired into his home in Wisconsin.  Reportedly at Lorna Marquardt’s order, the report of the incident was removed from the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department.  After that at Lorna Marquardt’s direction, a bomb was exploded in the Indian man’s backyard to harm him.  To this day, the Sheriff’s Department has not completed its investigation into the matter.  An account of all the incidents would fill many volumes.  This Christian group is responsible for instigating and/or inciting attempted murders, bombings, death threats, property destruction, harassment, vandalism, robberies, burglaries, slander, defamation, business disparagement, business interference, and interference with lenders, vendors and suppliers.  All of these things are being done solely because Dr. Samanta Roy is Indian whom the Christians in Shawano view as being subhuman.


Part of this attack included labeling Dr. Samanta Roy, his businesses and corporations, and its personnel as a “CULT”.  Since it would be considered barbaric in the eyes of peoples around the world to attack someone openly due to his race, the same thing is being done under the color of law by creating a false “cult” label and using that to convey the message that this person is of a different race and religion and needs to be eliminated.  Dr. Samanta Roy has been labeled a “cult” while Lorna Marquardt is a member of the most dangerous, dirtiest, and deadliest death cult in human history and is a descendent of Martin Luther and Hitler who started and propagated the Lutheran cult.  In order to draw the attention away from their activities, members of this cult always attack everyone else as being a cult.   Psychology shows that people accuse others of what they are guilty of.  The real “cult” is Lorna Marquardt and her secretive, racist group.


Since Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt took office, we have been approached by a number of people, some of which were Shawano City officials and some were even Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s right-hand people, who demanded that we sell our assets and leave Shawano.  A prominent businessman in Shawano told us that the City of Shawano, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, and her church were not going to change their racial views towards the Indian man’s businesses and its President, Dr. Samanta Roy.  We were told that if we did not leave, then the City of Shawano would do whatever it needed to do to get rid of us.  To that end, throughout the years, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt has come up with scheme after scheme in an attempt to destroy our business operations and bring about the demise of Dr. Samanta Roy.  Throughout the years, we have uncovered countless plots to destroy us.  While we have been wounded by these ploys many times, at least we have managed to survive.  Naturally, our sales have declined precipitously as a result of the actions of Lorna Marquardt and her Christian Crusader organization.


This Indian businessman owns the largest hotel in Shawano.  As such, Dr. Samanta Roy’s acquisition of the hotel caused a concussion to the Christian Crusader organization.  To that end, Lorna Marquardt has fought vehemently against this business.  First, Lorna repeatedly threatened the seller not to sell the hotel to the Indian man.  Fortunately, it was too late before she found out.  The purchase documents had already been executed.


Immediately, Lorna, the Christian racist, set up a meeting with local businesspersons, citizens and many local ministers in which she ordered that all the Indian man’s businesses should be boycotted.  Ministers of many local churches including St. James Lutheran Church, Zion Lutheran Church, and First Apostolic Church agreed to preach in their sermons that no one should patronize the “dot head’s” businesses.  Customers who did not heed the boycott mandate have been threatened, harassed, and intimidated.  Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt directed Marlene Brath, Shawano Clerk Treasurer to immediately revoke the liquor license for the hotel and then to surreptitiously tell the prior owner to send a letter revoking his liquor license to back it up.  In good trust, he complied and sent the letter.  Then, the police showed up, shut the place down, and gave us citations.  Had the prior owner not been told to send that letter, the license would have transferred as would have been the normal procedure.   Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt contacted the state health inspector, Lisa Lucht of the Green Bay office of the Department of Health and Family Services to do an immediate inspection of the hotel and urged Lisa to do whatever possible to fulfill Lorna’s objective of shutting the hotel down and running us down financially.  Lisa Lucht shut the hotel down and gave a six page list of items which needed to be corrected.  Refrigerators which had been used on the property for years were no longer allowable and major bar equipment needed to be replaced.  The list went on and on and amounted to thousands of dollars for the items which needed to be corrected in less than two weeks.  Prior to the acquisition by the Indian man, however, everything was fine.


In July of 2005, one of the hotel employees, whose daughter married City Clerk Marlene Brath’s son, intentionally turned on a gas valve at the hotel.  Then he announced to everyone that there was a gas leak so the hotel needed to be evacuated.  The property was evacuated and the employee was urging that we start tearing open all the walls to try to find this so called “gas leak”.  Dr. Samanta Roy spent thousands of dollars trying to locate this leak.  In the process of trying to locate the leak, the employee was caught in his dirty act. He said it was a scheme set up by Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt.  He was doing nothing but carrying out orders.


Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt has used Shawano Police Chief Ed Whealon to inflict all sorts of injuries on the Indian businessman’s businesses and personnel.  In 2007 at Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s direction, Shawano Police Chief Ed Whealon came around to all of Dr. Samanta Roy’s businesses, including the hotel, and gave citations for alleged violations of city ordinances requiring soda, beer and cigarette licenses despite the fact he was in full compliance with the law and police orders.  Prior to the day the citations were issued, for nearly two weeks, our businesses were visited multiple times per day by the Shawano City Police to harass, pester, and annoy.  We followed police orders to the letter on what steps needed to be taken with respect to items for which we did not have a license.  Suddenly, they changed their minds and gave us citations.  We then went to trial on these phony citations.  Trial was set for 4:00 p.m. and went until 9:30 at night in the mock courtroom in City Hall.  After over five hours of uncontroverted testimony that none of the Indian man’s businesses sold items for which we did not have a license, what do you think was the verdict?  Guilty, on all eight counts.  Is that surprising?


On January 28, 2008, three Shawano police officers, Thornborrow, Stange, and Thaves, showed up at the Indian man’s hotel claiming that someone had called 911 with children screaming in the background.  The phone number, from which the 911 call was made, however, was not the hotel’s number and there were no guests with children staying in the hotel at that time.  Despite that, three police officers stormed through the hotel nearly knocking guests off their feet in their mad rush through the hotel.  What was the purpose?  The purpose was to disturb the guests and scare business away from the Indian man.


In February of 2008, the hotel was rented out for a private party.  Shawano Police Officers Conrad and Atkinson stormed through the hotel, night sticks in hand, for no reason other than to scare, intimidate, and harass the guests so they don’t stay at the hotel anymore.  Atkinson, at Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s direction, illegally walked through the entire hotel even looking in private guest rooms while he swung his night stick around and kicked doors open.  Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt regularly sends Shawano police officers to go through the hotel parking lot to take down license plate numbers.  The Shawano Police then look up the license plate numbers and contact the guests to tell them that we are a “cult” and give them other information to discourage them from ever returning to the hotel.  Hundreds of guests have told us that after staying at our facility, they received dozens of phone calls discouraging them from ever staying with us again.  Many of these guests are shocked and horrified that someone was tracking where they were staying.  Many never want to return to the city of Shawano ever again as their privacy clearly has been invaded.    Other guests are stopped and harassed by the police as they leave the hotel parking lot.  On some occasions, they even bring out their dogs to circle the car as they conduct a routine traffic stop.  When the guests asked why dogs were circling their car, the officers said that the dogs were just getting some exercise.


In February of 2008, a city employee told us that everyone who works at City Hall which includes the notorious Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, Jim Stadler, City Administrator, Ed Whealon, Police Chief, Marlene Brath, City Clerk, Tim Schmid, City Attorney, David Winter, Municipal Judge, various other clerical staff, and Shawano City Council members tells everyone that they come into contact with not to patronize the Indian man’s businesses and threaten them if they do.  This employee was told that if she was ever seen at the “Indian’s” hotel she would be fired.  Shawano City employees are not allowed to patronize a “subhuman” Indian’s businesses. Even when one notable businessman from Shawano came to the hotel to meet with personnel to discuss some matters, suddenly in the middle of his conversation, he jumped from his chair.  The man dashed for the door and said, “I better park my car behind the building in case Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt passes by and sees I’m here.  Then, I’m in big trouble.” Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt always directs the police to come to the hotel during times when the hotel is fully occupied to frighten, intimidate, and harass guests.  Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt said that she was going to see to it that the “swamp nigger’s” hotel was closed.


Shortly thereafter, the Chamber of Commerce refused to renew the membership of Dr. Samanta Roy’s businesses because it is a “cult” and owned by a “dot head Indian”.  Whenever people call the Chamber of Commerce inquiring about the Kiryat Hotel, they are told the hotel is owned by an Indian cult so not to go there, that the hotel is closed, that they were finally successful in shutting the hotel down, or that they have never heard of the hotel.  As part of their plan to close the doors to the hotel, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt through her agents has constantly been circulating rumors that the hotel is closed.  We constantly have calls from guests cancelling reservations because they have been told that we are closed.  On some occasions, a hacker has even gotten onto our website and posted that the hotel was sold out when in fact it was not.  As guests stop for dinner at various restaurants in Shawano before coming to the hotel, they are told that we are closed.  They then call to cancel and ask for a refund.  By playing the common race and religion card, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, has gotten the local media to injure, defame, and slander the Indian man’s hotel.  Every imaginable story has been fabricated about the hotel.  This propaganda has then been passed along to a website hosted by their “hired gun”, Rick Ross, and spread around the globe.


At Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s direction, one weekend in March of 2008 when the hotel was rented to a private party, Mark Harris, minister of the Apostolic Church in Shawano, actually gathered a group of people together who paraded around and around the outside of the hotel in protest of the fact that Dr. Samanta Roy’s hotel was rented out to a group of people for a party.  Mark Harris is one of the ministers that attend the private meetings in Shawano to strategize on how to put the Indian man out of business.


In March, April, and May of 2008, every time we had the hotel rented out for a private party, the Shawano Police showed up and demanded that they be allowed entry to do an inspection.  At Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s direction, Police Chief Ed Whealon issued a whole series of citations for things as ludicrous as failure to light the bar after hours.  When we went to trial on all the citations, we were found guilty on some and some were dismissed.  Thereafter, we appealed.  Since the City forgot to keep their transcript and follow proper procedure, the cases were dismissed.  Then, a year and a half later, they turned around and issued the same citation to someone else in management.


On December 22, 2009, that matter was tried in front of Schofield/Weston Municipal Judge Kristine Weirauch.  Naturally, she also decided to join the racial and religious discrimination conspiracy and aligned herself with Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt through her common race and religion. On January 19, 2010, we received an order finding that this second person was guilty.  After the case was dismissed, at Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s direction they can just turn around and issue the same citation to someone else over a year later?  What is that called?  You don’t have to be an attorney to understand the illegality of their conduct.  But where can Dr. Samanta Roy go with it?  What crime did Dr. Samanta Roy or his personnel ever commit?  The crime is the color of the Indian businessman’s skin.


Just like during Hitler’s era, through the commonality of race and religion, the judges are aligned with Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt to fight against the “foreigner” in their midst.  In earlier centuries, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s ancestors and her church went and forcefully robbed and stripped the wealth of other lands.  Today, under the color of law, the history repeats itself.  They issue baseless citations.  Dr. Samanta Roy’s businesses spend thousands of dollars of attorney’s fees to fight them.  Since the local judges are working in conspiracy with Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, eventually, after spending money fighting the citations and appealing them, the Indian man’s businesses have ended up paying them anyway or the City will not give the Indian his business licenses.  It is all part of Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s plan to leech money from his companies and drain us financially.


Another part of Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s plan was to get people to feign as guests and file bogus complaints with Best Western headquarters.  They made up all kinds of stories.  Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and other city officials called Best Western headquarters in hopes of getting the Best Western franchise terminated.  As a result of her great efforts, our franchise with Best Western was cancelled.


This Indian man also owns a number of properties which are rental properties.  Whenever he gets a potential tenant, these xenophobic Christians tell them not to rent from him.  Then, Lorna Marquardt and her fellow crusaders turn around and accuse him of having vacant buildings.  For tenants that do ultimately rent from this Indian businessman, Lorna Marquardt and her delegates interfere with the relationship.  For example, this man from India owns a restaurant which he leases for a Chinese restaurant.  Charlene Helms, the Shawano Downtown Business District Coordinator, reviewed the lease given to the tenants and told them not to sign it and not to pay any rent. To this day, they have not signed the lease nor have they paid any rent.


Dr. Samanta Roy purchased the largest restaurant in Shawano, called Ponderosa, in early 2003. William Janney of Shaw-Bay, Inc., an Indiana corporation, was leasing the building on a triple net lease.  Being that the Ponderosa was the largest restaurant in Shawano, the Ponderosa was a local gathering place for various City officials and businessmen and the site where many meetings were conveniently held.  Thus to prepare and strategize on the mission and progress of each Crusade, since 2003 the Neo-Nazi group has held regular meetings.  Many of these meetings occurred at the Ponderosa as it is a large and convenient gathering place.  Naturally, Dr. Samanta Roy’s tenant participated in the rallies.


Beginning in 2004, after the secretive, racist meetings commenced, Dr. Samanta Roy began experiencing difficulty in collecting rent from Janney.  Obviously, emboldened by his membership in the group, Janney felt no need to pay rent or comply with any of his contractual obligations.  Under the terms of the lease, Janney was responsible for the maintenance and repair of the building, both interior and exterior.  In accordance therewith, we requested that certain repairs be made to the building on numerous occasions. While we were given many promises that rent would be paid and that the building would be repaired, neither came to fruition.


Since January 2004, Janney had not paid the full contractual rent on a single month.  As of May 2008, Janney was eighteen months behind in paying rent.  Dr. Samanta Roy tried to resolve the matter amicably for over two years and had been more than patient.  Finally, in May 2008, his attorney gave Janney a notice of termination of lease which required payment of past-due rent in full or vacation of the building by June 1, 2008.  Janney ignored the notice and did not pay any rent, attempt to make arrangements to pay the rent, or vacate the building.  Subsequently, Dr. Samanta Roy’s personnel engaged in many negotiations with Janney for an orderly transition of the business which would allow the employees to remain employed and the business to remain open although the Indian man would be taking a monetary loss of $200,000 for agreeing to the same. Plans had been made for the same including meeting with existing management personnel, Malea Norton. Norton was to continue as the manager, all the same employees were to remain employed, the Ponderosa franchise was to be transferred to the Indian man, and business was to continue as usual without any interruption. What actually occurred was entirely the opposite.


Apparently, Janney never had any intention of keeping the promises he made with respect to the negotiations either.  Rather, unbeknownst to Dr. Samanta Roy, Janney had been meeting with City officials at the secret meetings.  Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and other members of the secretive Christian Crusader organization did not want the man they labeled a “dot head” to operate the restaurant and to compete with other restaurants in the town.  In their view, it would be devastating if someone of such an inferior race were allowed to compete with restaurants owned by members of Lorna Marquardt’s secretive Christian Crusader organization.  Thus, Janney had just been pretending to negotiate to gain more time to stay in the restaurant rent-free.  In so doing, Janney gained nearly three months of time.  When Janney saw that the time had come that he either had to comply with the settlement or execute on Lorna’s secret blueprint, he chose to follow Lorna’s command.


On Sunday, August 24, 2008 at about 11:00 p.m., I received a call that a number of cars were at Ponderosa, parked in the dark, on the front lawn, and that items were being removed from the store. I was shocked and surprised at the message and rushed to the site. I arrived at the Ponderosa at about 11:10 p.m. Although it was long past the normal closing time, at least a dozen cars were in the parking lot. Approximately twenty employees were in the process of hauling items out of the store and loading them into their vehicles. I pulled into the parking lot and before I could even get out of the car, a group of employees came running out of the store screaming, swearing, and taking my picture through the car window. After a few minutes, the employees went back into the store. As I was on the phone, attempting to finish a conversation, I had not gotten out of the car yet. A couple minutes later the police arrived on the scene, namely Atkinson and another officer and came up to the car.  I got out of the car and Atkinson immediately told me that I needed to leave. I told him that I was the CEO of the company that owned the property and that I had a right to be there.


Thereafter with a glare of hatred in his eyes, Atkinson then accused me of causing a disturbance which I told him was untruthful as I had not said a word to anyone. I had just gotten out of the car when the police arrived. How could I be causing a disturbance when I had just gotten there? Atkinson then told me that I needed to give a 24-hour notice to be on the property.  Obviously, Atkinson must have attended Lorna’s hate rallies and heard the discussions regarding Janney’s lease with Dr. Samanta Roy.  I explained to pompous Atkinson that he was incorrect and that in fact the lease had been terminated nearly three months ago.  Furthermore, the lease provided that we had an immediate right of entry to the property.  I further explained to racist Atkinson that I had no intention of going inside the building and I offered to show him a copy of the lease. Atkinson told me that the lease was irrelevant and that I needed to leave in five seconds.


I told Atkinson that he was mistaken and should call his supervisor as it is not possible to be loitering on your own property particularly when all the other people who were on the property were trespassers and had no right to be there. Atkinson said he was the supervisor. Atkinson then told me that I was being cited for loitering and was under arrest. Atkinson and the other officer each grabbed one arm and twisted them behind my back and put the handcuffs on. Atkinson proceeded to lift my handcuffed arms behind my back so they could tighten the handcuffs so tight my hands went numb. I experienced immediate, sudden, excruciating pain in my arms and shoulders. The pain was so sharp and agonizing that it nearly took my breath away. I had a key ring on my finger when I had gotten out of the car. While they were twisting my arms the key was digging into the palm of my hand. I asked to be allowed to take the key ring off my finger. Atkinson refused and pulled the key ring off my finger nearly breaking my finger in the process. I was placed in the police car and taken to the police station for booking. It was obvious that Atkinson was taking out his hatred for Dr. Samanta Roy on me physically.


I was under excruciating pain in my shoulders and arms. As the handcuffs were so tight, the blood supply to my hands was cut off and they were numb. When I got to the police station, the handcuffs were only able to be removed with great difficulty. Obviously, Atkinson had intentionally twisted and tightened the handcuffs to hurt me. Eventually, much later, I was released.  I left the police station with dislocated bones, bruises, welts, and strained muscles from my gross mistreatment from Atkinson. For those of you that know me, I am a quiet, unimposing, and non-threatening attorney. Throughout my entire conversation with Atkinson, I never once raised my voice. But, yet, I was arrested and mishandled for being on our own property.


A few hours later, around 7:00 a.m., on Monday August 25, 2008, I began to get calls that people had arrived at Ponderosa and were hauling items out of the property again. I went back to the Ponderosa property again and was met by Officer Party who informed me that I could not be on the property. I showed Officer Party our lease and explained the legal rights I had to be on the property. Meanwhile, it had been advertised on the radio and by word-of-mouth that all the furniture, fixtures, and equipment at Ponderosa were for sale. Consequently, members of the public were coming with their trucks and trailers and hauling things out of the front and back doors of the property. I told Officer Party that at the very least, I had the rights of any other member of the public to be on the property. She agreed and left shortly thereafter.


Meanwhile, I helplessly watched as the property was gutted and destroyed. The employees came with drills and Sawzalls and were removing things from the property. The police refused to assist and claimed it was a civil matter. As the employees knew they were doing what they were doing with the full support of the police department, they continued to systematically destroy the property while various members of the public continued to load their cars, trucks, and trailers with items many of which belonged to us.


A short time later, Shawano Police Chief Whealon arrived on the property with several officers. Whealon ordered me off the property. I again attempted to explain to him that the store was being pillaged and destroyed, and items were being removed that did not belong to them. In his loud thundering voice he told me to shut up. He was not interested in hearing anything. I was told that I did not have any right to even be in the parking lot. Whealon had officers surround me and I was given a final warning to leave the property under threat of arrest. Whealon told the Ponderosa manager that if I stepped off the public sidewalk onto the grass, they were to call the police so that I could be arrested. Norton also reported that she was instructed to park cars in the entrance to the driveways and to have employees standing there guarding the entrances to the parking lot to ensure that neither I nor my employees enter the property.


For the remainder of the day, members of the public, entered the Ponderosa and removed property. We were forced to watch from the sidewalk and the road, as the property was pillaged, destroyed, and gutted with the full support and encouragement of the police department. The employees taunted, harassed, and threatened us as we spent the entire day on the sidewalk, public right-of-way and Mountain Bay Trail taking pictures of the pillage. Throughout the entire day, the police came to the site repeatedly to ensure we did not go on our own property. As the entrances were blocked at police direction, the members of the public often just drove through the lawn or ditch to load their vehicles. Load after load of items were carried to the Shell gas station across the street from the Ponderosa.


Throughout the saga of the day, William Janney, who was not even in Shawano, called the police repeatedly. On one occasion, three officers came to arrest one of my employees for taking pictures. Twenty minutes later, I was threatened by a Ponderosa employee with a Sawzall, called names, and nearly knocked to the ground as I stood on the sidewalk. We called the police. They claimed everyone was dealing with a burglary and no one was able to come. After many, many calls to the police department, Noah Bunt finally appeared. He refused to take any action with respect to the conduct of that employee. Whenever William Janney called from Indiana the police department was ready to jump but whenever we called, they were always too busy.


Finally, at about 10:00 p.m. on August 25, 2008, after about 15 hours of property destruction, the employees left and we finally could enter our own property. The condition of the property is enough to make you shudder. The property was entirely gutted. Light fixtures had been removed. Plumbing fixtures had been removed leaving open sewer pipes which drew millions of flies. The stench and filth in the kitchen made my stomach curdle. The ceiling was black with mildew and was entirely missing in certain areas. Some tiles were made of pieces of saran wrap which had been taped together. The walk-in cooler and freezer doors were held together with duct tape. The insides of the refrigerators and freezer were rusted, deteriorated, and moldy. The walls and ceilings were rotted, had holes, and had very poor patch jobs. Hoods had been removed which left gaping holes in the building. The stench from the garbage was overpowering.


The Indian man had spent nearly three months negotiating with William Janney through his attorney, Randy Crocker from Milwaukee, Wisconsin of the von Briesen & Roper law firm, trying to iron out the details of a smooth transition. Obviously, in disguise, Mr. Janney and his like-minded attorney, Randy Crocker, were merely using the negotiating time as a delay tactic while they formulated a plan with Lorna Marquardt, the police department, and other prominent figures in town to destroy the building and buy as much time as possible to remain in the building rent-free. Day after day passed and week after week passed as Mr. Crocker was out, in depositions, sick, on vacation. The list of excuses went on and on. Obviously, William Janney, Lorna Marquardt and other city officials did not want Dr. Samanta Roy to have the rent it was owed or the Ponderosa franchise since their plan is to destroy the Indian financially. So, William Janney with the support of Lorna Marquardt and the City honchos gutted the building, cancelled the franchise, and left the building in such a state that it will take from $700,000 to a million dollars to repair and refurnish the building before we can use it for any purpose. This whole episode is part of the plan to cripple the Indian financially.


Where can we go from here? In broad daylight, just like the days of Hitler, Lorna Marquardt used her Gestapo, the police department to demolish the building. The victim was abused, humiliated, tortured, and mistreated. With hatred emanating from their faces, Whealon and Atkinson took the opportunity to abuse their positions of authority, all right here in this city we may as well call “hell”.


A number of the properties Dr. Samanta Roy purchased were vacant and had been vacant for many years at the time that we bought them.  We bought them with a very specific business venture and purpose in mind.  Every time we try to renovate the buildings or do improvements which would allow us to open up new business, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt sends one of her fellow crusaders, Mike Miller the Shawano Building Inspector, to stop the work.  It has happened time and time again.  Then, the Christian Crusaders complain about vacant buildings.  It is just another lie.  Of course, the buildings cannot be rented out either because she tells all potential tenants not to rent from us.  So, what is the Indian supposed to do?  What is the purpose?   It is to drive the Indian out of town so the Christian Crusader vultures can capture the properties for pennies.


Likewise these same bigots and the Shawano Leader have tracked this Indian man’s property purchases.  Every time he purchased a property, the Shawano Leader, the local newspaper, published who the property was purchased from, how much was paid for it, and who financed it.   Additionally, the articles rehash the history of all prior property purchases.  An October 11, 2004 Shawano Leader article even published a map showing the location and address of each property purchase.  Has the Shawano Leader done this to anyone else?  Does the Shawano Leader ever publish about anyone else’s property purchases and who holds the paper on the property?  Further, are the articles not hints to vandals as to which properties to target?  No wonder only this man from India’s buildings get vandalized repeatedly.  The buildings are burglarized, windows are broken, and people drive into the sides of the buildings, spray graffiti, and dump truckloads of garbage on his properties.


When Lorna found out that Dr. Samanta Roy had begun purchasing property in Minnesota, she literally almost went insane in her venomous racial hatred.  She called a special meeting just to discuss her discovery.  As a result of that meeting, a plan of attack was formulated.  This plan of attack included contacting individuals, organizations, and agencies in Minnesota and contacting media.  Thus, even though Dr. Samanta Roy’s company was not in violation of the minimum gas price law on a single day, due to her complaints, the Indian man’s company was contacted by the Department of Commerce in 2005 almost immediately after opening its first gas station location.  In fact, discovery revealed that the Department of Commerce determined to prosecute the matter due to the fact that the Indian man’s company was alleged to be a “cult”.  The Department of Commerce gave this Indian businessman a fine which was largest in the history of the state.

Lorna Marquardt and her Christian Crusader group have treated this Indian businessman and his companies differently than anyone else and passed and/or used laws and ordinances to hinder, impede and obstruct his business operations.  The City of Shawano has illegally taken our business licenses away and refused to give some of them back.  With respect to the Indian’s businesses, the rules change daily.  The City demanded that all taxes on all his real estate holdings needed to be paid before licenses could be issued.  After the Indian man tendered payment for all taxes, still licenses were not given.  Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s sycophants have refused to allow the Indian man to pay real estate taxes on individual properties.  All real estate taxes owed on all Dr. Samanta Roy’s businesses and properties have to be paid at one time.  The Christian Crusaders have even required that over $250,000 be paid in cash; not cashier’s check, not wire, not business or personal check, actual greenbacks.  That cash, had to be carried in-person by the Indian man’s personnel, no one else could bring it.


Lorna Marquardt and her Christian Crusaders have tampered with utility meters.  As mayor, Marquardt is the head of the local utility company, Shawano Municipal Utilities, hereinafter “SMU”.  They have passed policies which only apply to Dr. Samanta Roy.  SMU has repeatedly changed the utility meters on HIS businesses or residences of his personnel replacing them with meters with increased gear speed so that utility usage has increased ten-fold overnight. In fact, last week, the meters were changed at his businesses again.  Even though he has been current in paying these outrageous utility bills, SMU illegally disconnects the power from time to time at their whim.  It is just another part of their plan to suck some blood from the Indian.  SMU employees have intentionally come to his businesses pulled out wires and then accused his personnel of tampering with the meters.  SMU employees at Marquardt’s direction have stormed Dr. Samanta Roy’s businesses at all hours of the day to disconnect the power. The local gas company for Shawano is WE Energies.  Marquardt has used her influence to persuade WE Energies to engage in similar conduct.


The Christian Crusader group has interfered with telephone communications.  Every Friday, almost without exception, the phone systems in his hotels go down.  As everyone knows, in the hotel industry Friday is the busiest day of the week.  The same service calls are placed every week and, as always, it takes them the vast majority of the day before the phone systems start working again.  Conversations on our phones are often followed up by a call to the person we were talking to threatening that person not to have anything to do with us.  Our corporate cell phone lines are also being tapped, recorded, and interfered with.  A cell phone tower was erected within 200 feet of our company headquarters to track our movements.  Bugs were planted throughout his property.  Complaints to the FCC have gone nowhere.  So to where is this Indian businessman supposed to turn?


Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt sends her emissaries dozens of times a day to Dr. Samanta Roy’s headquarters to drive by screaming obscene epithets learned from their bible study teachers, to throw rocks, eggs, tomatoes, and beer bottles, to shoot arrows through his windows, and start his trees on fire.  The Christian Crusaders and/or their internuncios have fired bullets at the Indian man’s properties, blown up a bomb, cut Dr. Samanta Roy’s mail in the shape of a pistol and put it back in his post office box, leafleted his businesses with death threats, posted death threats on his properties, and repeatedly called his business establishments making threats of the same.  All of these death threats have been directly or indirectly directed at the businessman from India.  Thereafter, the report of the bullets being fired has been removed from the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department at Lorna Marquardt’s direction. The purpose is to scare us into leaving town so that they can capture Dr. Samanta Roy’s properties for pennies like vultures.


Through their common race and religion, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and her Christian Crusader organization have wrapped their tentacles around the judiciary system including Shawano Municipal judges, Shawano County judges, Wisconsin Appellate Court judges, the Federal District Court judge in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Seventh Circuit Appellate Court judges, and even U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Kevin Gross in Delaware.  This Indian businessman has spent millions of dollars in legal fees and has not been successful in a single case.  This Shawano group meets with potential litigants, officials, judges, attorneys and others, at least bi-monthly to strategize on ways to proliferate more litigation, protract existing, and strategize on ruling to ensure he loses.  The rulings made by these judges are astounding.  The judges routinely find excuses to exclude all of this man’s evidence in every case for one reason or another.  Even the most outrageous, illegal conduct is encouraged and condoned.  Lenders illegally foreclose, misappropriate funds, and are illegally granted ex parte receiverships.  One would expect that in the United States one could find justice, but finding justice has been like seeing the full moon in the middle of a thunderstorm.  Until someone walks in our shoes, they will not be able to believe or fully comprehend the gravamen of our situation. Dr. Samanta Roy’s experience of “justice” in Shawano and surrounding areas confirm what historians have found throughout the centuries.  Christianity is the most dangerous death cult in human history whose sole function is to eradicate those who refuse to be converted.  In fact, Lorna Marquardt sent an email to me saying be converted or face the consequences.  Throughout the centuries, their loathsome religion has been used to decimate civilizations, destabilize governments, incite racial tensions, enslave peoples of other races, and strip the wealth of other lands.


In fact, in recent litigation in Delaware, I have spent nearly three months trying to find an attorney in Delaware to represent the Indian man’s companies.  I literally have contacted nearly every attorney in the state of Delaware.  The depth of conspiracy and racial hatred is so strong that no attorney will even take the case.  The Delaware Judge, Gross, ruled that this Indian man was not allowed to file any responses to any of the pending legal matters.  Meanwhile, the parties opposing the Indian man are permitted to file anything they want.  Solely due to his race, this Indian man is utterly without any defense.


Ever since Dr. Samanta Roy built a $15 million race track in Shawano, leading City and Town of Wescott officials have done everything in their power to hinder and impede, using the “noise” excuse or other regulations to shut the track down and limit our hours of operation to hurt us financially and to try to rob the property from the Indian man.  Before a hearing on our conditional use permit, Lorna Marquardt got on the radio encouraging everyone to come to the hearing to complain about the “noise”.  At her behest, people came out of the woodwork to complain about the noise when in reality the go-karts that drive on our track 1 ½ miles out of town make virtually no noise in comparison to the “Nights of Thunder” at the Shawano Speedway right in the middle of downtown Shawano which is headed by Lorna Marquardt, as the mayor.    For years, senior citizens have been complaining about the noise every Friday and Saturday night.  Their complaints have gone unanswered.


In early 2005, one of Dr. Samanta Roy’s companies purchased a parcel of land in Shawano for overflow parking for the racetrack during major international events.  These events brought millions of dollars in revenue to the City.  The City ran out of accommodations, food, and merchandise.  As soon as Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt learned that he purchased the property for overflow parking, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and her secret crusader organization measured the distance between the racetrack and the overflow parking lot.  They then quickly passed an ordinance making it illegal for overflow parking to be located more than 750 feet from the main business site.  Since the overflow parking lot he had purchased was just over the 750 foot limit, it effectively made it impossible for Dr. Samanta Roy to use the lot for which it was purchased.  As the site had already been advertised as the overflow parking lot for months in advance, some spectators automatically parked in the lot.  As a result, we received citations and the spectators were forced to move their vehicles and park along the side of the road.  When they parked along the side of road, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt sent her Gestapo to give each vehicle citations for parking along the road.  But when the fair or countless other events are occurring within the City, people can park anywhere with no problem.  As an intelligent person, measure the depth of her racial prejudice and discrimination.  Lorna Marquardt then decided it was illegal to park at the lot and ordered that citations be issued in hopes that by making us pay a hundred here and a thousand there, eventually we would give up and let the city take over the racetrack.  When that did not work, she came up with her next plan.

In October of 2007, Dr. Samanta Roy’s personnel, myself included, received anonymous calls telling us to disassociate with Dr. Samanta Roy and his companies.  We were given a morbid warning that we would be burnt to death if we did not comply.  A number of people also came to tell us that they overheard various City of Shawano officials boasting in local bars and taverns that they had thought of a way to eliminate Dr. Samanta Roy and his personnel within one year.  Throughout that period of time we continued our attempt to operate the businesses, conduct business affairs, and stave off the constant attacks by Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt.  Unbeknownst to us, one of the people Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and fellow henchmen were meeting with was a Canadian individual, named Robert Cameron, who had been selected as their latest “hit man”.  Not surprisingly, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s “hit list” scandal surfaced one year later; the “Final Solution” for the demise of the “subhuman Indian” and his companies.


Lorna Marquardt and her fellow Christian Crusaders hired Robert Cameron to  approach us under the guise of wanting to be hired as a promoter for the racetrack.  On the condition that he was hired as the promoter for the business, Robert Cameron was going to lend us $10 million against the racetrack.  One of Dr. Samanta Roy’s companies was required to pay $175,000 advance on the promoter fee and the loan was to be funded within 24 hours.  Extensive loan and business consulting documents were executed.  In fulfillment of our obligations in accordance therewith, the $175,000 was wired to Robert Cameron.  After receiving the $175,000, Robert Cameron disappeared and never funded the loan or showed up to begin promoting the racetrack.


A couple of weeks later, Cameron showed up at one of his businesses and told us that he had been planning the swindle with Lorna Marquardt and other officials for months to destroy the Indian man’s properties and financial power.  After he successfully robbed his company of the $175,000, Cameron said Lorna Marquardt and other members of the secretive Christian Crusader group held a party in celebration of his success and gave him a pat on the back for a job well done.  To cover-up their robbery of our $175,000, Lorna Marquardt and her associates generated a “hit list” which contained the names of a number of people in Shawano and directed Cameron to go to authorities some of which assisted in authoring the list, claiming that he had been hired as a “hit man” in exchange for the payment of the $175,000.  According to Cameron and media reports, the “hit list” was entitled “Red Rum”, which is murder spelled backwards.


Based upon their fabricated “hit list”, the following day, Wednesday, November 12, 2008, Shawano City officials alerted the world of their seditious terror and instituted a security alert in the City of Shawano.  Based upon their concocted list, they claimed that the lives of sixty people had been threatened and that Dr. Samanta Roy’s company was the suspect.  Since the media were in their pockets, ready to show their bigotry at every chance they got, within minutes, the Shawano City officials were able to spread this venomous lie across the country and start a baseless, treasonous national security alert against Dr. Samanta Roy’s companies and personnel.  On the evening of November 13, 2008, I gave a Press Release which exposed the conduct of the City.  Not surprisingly, the following morning, November 14, 2008, I was arrested while I was at a court appearance in Shawano City Hall on some bogus citations issued at Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s direction.  For a week, I was not given anything to eat or drink.  I was tortured and nearly killed because I refused to fabricate stories against Dr. Samanta Roy.


All of a sudden, metal detectors were clanking throughout City Hall where Lorna Marquardt’s throne is exulted.  Boorish Shawano law enforcement officials polished their clodhoppers, scrubbed the years of grit from beneath their fingernails, and loaded on the grease to smooth their dirty, disheveled hair.  Security hand wands came into Shawano by the truckload as the boorish, illiterate, cowhand officers tried to understand how to use the simple wand.  It was a comical sight indeed to see Shawano law enforcement officers thrust out their chests and strut around the manure-covered town of Shawano with a new aura of importance.  Two or three police cars escorted Lorna Marquardt anywhere she went. Their mission was to cover up Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s criminal acts and put on a good show for the world to see how awful the Indian’s companies and personnel are.  Lorna Marquardt called upon the media members of her secretive group: Mikel  Lauber of Channel 7, a CBS affiliate; Lou Hillman of WLUK Fox 11; Natalie Arnold of WBAY Channel 2, an ABC affiliate; Tammy Elliot, Erin Davisson, and Tom Zalaski of WFRV Channel 5, a CBS affiliate, to keep blasting her lie.  Ironically, after a few days, Shawano City officials grew tired of their show and the security screening was dropped.


Approximately two weeks later, we began receiving text, email, and voicemail messages from Cameron making death threats on the lives of the Indian’s personnel if we did not work out a deal with him quickly.  We were afraid for our lives and had no interest in having any further contact with him.  As the FBI was involved in this set-up, we had no one we could turn to for assistance.  Apparently, what Cameron was looking for was for the Indian man to give him title to the racetrack or else he was going to go on public television and say that he had been given the $175,000 to hire him as a “hit man”.  Needless to say, we did not give in to Cameron’s blackmail and refused to have any further contact with him.


Through craftiness Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt inherited from her forefathers who did heinous things to the Jews in time past, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt quickly fabricated a story to defend herself which she decided to propagate through Cameron’s mouth.  Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt called upon a member of her own religion, Mikel Lauber, reporter for Channel 7 out of Wausau, Wisconsin, a CBS affiliate, whom she had used extensively to blast her racial hatred and discrimination against this Indian man and his businesses.  In fact, early in Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s career, she had called upon demons that helped her ancestor Hitler.  Within minutes, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt had an epiphany which told her that to be successful in any evil deed she needed to call upon the media.

Shortly thereafter, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt called upon Mikel Lauber once again.  Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and Mikel Lauber selected Syrian-born Armen Keteyian as the right person to vilify and pillory the “Indian man” because he and his family are known for their Anti-Semitic behavior.  Throughout his career, Armen Keteyian has proudly expressed his Anti-Semitism.  Mikel Lauber and Armen Keteyian joined together to do a national story about Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s fabricated hit list in hopes of giving her lie more legitimacy, hiding Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s criminal activities, and thus bringing about the demise of the Indian man and his personnel more expediently.  In the CBS national program, as Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt directed, Cameron claimed that actually the Indian man’s company paid him $175,000 to kill sixty people in Shawano.  As a result of that monstrous lie, the Indian man, his businesses, and personnel have suffered tremendously.

Thereafter, inspired by Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, Mikel Lauber, and Armen Keteyian, other media venues have picked up the CBS story orchestrated by Lorna Marquardt.  Since then, the local media have aired program after program regarding this “hit list” and have continued to propagate Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s hit list scandal.

Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and her constables, created a “hit list”, stole our money, and then started deadly propaganda to cover up their crimes which they intend to propagate until they have been successful in bringing about our demise.  Can you imagine?  If I were not in the middle of this nightmare, I would find it hard to believe.  In this day and age of globalism, where everyone in the world feels they belong to the same community, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, other Shawano City officials, and their church do not share this sentiment. They are so bigoted that they refuse to accept that anyone with a different race or religion from them is even human.  Every day I wake hoping that things will be different; unfortunately, it has only gotten worse.

To conceal their dirty deeds, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and the Shawano Police Department have incessantly gone to multiple local media venues to forcefully disseminate their lie that the Indian man’s companies threatened the lives of sixty people.  Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and her executioners generated the list as it was part of their death sentence for Dr. Samanta Roy, his businesses, and personnel.  The Indian man, his companies and his personnel did not have any involvement in the creation of such a list.  People that have known us throughout the years, including many judges on Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s “hit list”, know that her list is a farce.  In court proceedings held in Shawano following the “hit list” scandal, two prominent male Shawano County judges openly said in court that they know Dr. Samanta Roy, his companies, and his personnel are not a threat to anyone and that when Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt called the secret meeting about the “hit list” they did not even bother to go.  Federal Court Judge Griesbach in Green Bay, following a similar recusal motion brought by Dr. Samanta Roy’s company, said that “the threat does not appear genuine” and furthermore that “the FBI advised the Court that its investigation is closed, since it was unable to corroborate any of the information provided by Cameron.”  Other Shawano City officials scoffed at the security measures and directed the Indian man’s personnel around the screening checkpoints knowing it was all a hoax.

Despite the fact that the FBI investigation revealed that no crime had been committed by the Indian man’s companies or personnel, Lorna Marquardt’s secret Christian Crusaders keep blasting “hit list”, “hit list”, “hit list”.  When the FBI investigation was closed, Lorna Marquardt was furious and ordered them to reopen the file.  Still they have found nothing.  Lorna Marquardt and the other members of her secretive Christian Crusader group continue to propagate the lie with the knowledge that if you keep repeating a lie, pretty soon it will become truth.  Lorna Marquardt is now celebrating that she attained many new media members in Baltimore:  WBFF Fox45 Baltimore, ABC2News Baltimore, WBAL TV Baltimore, WJZ 13 Baltimore, MSNBC MSN Baltimore, and the Baltimore Sun, to join her Christian Crusader group and vociferously propagate her “hit list” lie and the other prevarications she has created and propagated throughout the decades.

Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and her fellow villains keep repeating their lie and have continued to publicly and heinously accuse the Indian man’s companies of threatening their lives and openly expressed anger that his personnel have not been eliminated.  Mike Schuler, the Chairman of the Town of Wescott, a township adjacent to Shawano, together with Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, have openly said “why can’t they burn the dot head’s place down like they did in Waco?”. They have continued to abuse the power of their offices by attempting to influence various federal law enforcement authorities to unlawfully harm Dr. Samanta Roy’s personnel.  They have continued to use the power of their offices in an attempt to influence the local populace into mob violence against Dr. Samanta Roy’s personnel and businesses.  Even today, nearly two years after their initial treasonous terror scam, they have continued to force their lie on others.

Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s best friends and co-conspirators have openly expressed their disappointment that the Indian man’s headquarters is still standing and not burnt to the ground yet.  After the U.S. Attorney’s office announced that no charges would be brought, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt was infuriated because now her lie was exposed; the “hit list” was a hoax she created.  Together with her media co-conspirators, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt is openly criticizing the investigation and demanding that the file be reopened.  Who do they think they are anyway?  Such a bunch of low caliber, ignorant Christians are a shameful representation of the United States to the world.

To further fan the flames of racial hatred in the community, Shawano Mayor Marquardt created a hoax email which she claimed she received from the FBI.  The email stated that the matter was still under investigation.  The email she “received” from the FBI came from an email addressed as follows: “FBI” <>.  We all know that the FBI does not use public Yahoo email accounts.  This demonstrates the mentality and means to which Marquardt and her agents will go to fan the flames of racial hatred and mob violence.


After seeing that they were unsuccessful in capturing the racetrack by that scheme, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt has been waiting for another opportunity to wage an attack particularly since the schedule was fully booked.  It would be the best time to harvest the work of someone else’s labor.  Immediately thereafter, Lorna Marquardt and other Christian racists attended a clandestine meeting in Shawano to discuss how to steal Dr. Samanta Roy’s racetrack.  Following that secret meeting, Krueger, an attorney who attends the secret, racist hate meetings, drafted an Order appointing himself as receiver and took it to J.R. Habeck, Shawano County Judge, to sign.  Even though Krueger had filed no motion, an ex parte hearing was held in the “homemade” court controlled by Lorna Marquardt.  Habeck gave Krueger an immediate receivership.  This Receivership Order states that no one appeared on behalf of Defendants as if Defendants had some way of foretelling that the secret hearing would occur when we were given no notice.  Thereafter, the newly two-hatted Krueger, in collusion with Lorna Marquardt, planned a surprise attack and takeover of the Property.  Without warning, sheriff deputies and police cars suddenly arrived at the Property as if it was the site of a high profile murder.  Even though the Property is located outside of the city limits of Shawano and therefore outside of the jurisdiction of the Shawano Police Department, Krueger and Marquardt summoned Shawano City Police Gestapo officers to assist Shawano County Sheriff’s deputies in taking over the property.  Armed police officers and sheriff’s deputies escorted the employees off the property at gunpoint without even allowing them to retrieve their personal belongings.  The employees who were on the property were employees of the tenant operating entity.  Finally, after years of the most squalid psychological, physical, and financial warfare possible against the Indian man, Lorna Marquardt, Krueger, and the others who attend the “hate meetings” were successful at robbing the property.  Immediately, after all of Lorna Marquardt’s storm troopers left, the gate to the property was locked and personnel were told by Josh Henry, the individual that the receiver hired to manage the park, that if any one of the ‘”cult” members, the Indian man’s employees, set foot on the Property, he was instructed to call the police, Lorna’s Gestapo officers who have jurisdiction for matters outside the city limits at Lorna’s bidding.  Krueger proceeded to illegally capture all of the equipment and personal property located throughout the premises and ordered that the property is “HIS”.


Lorna Marquardt’s and Krueger’s aggressive illegal activities did not end there.  Rather in their greed, they just picked up momentum to proceed further.  Krueger then proceeded to demand that Dr. Samanta Roy produce go-karts, motorcycles, and other items of personal property which were not on the premises when Krueger and Lorna Marquardt’s marshals raided and captured the Property. On July 2, 2010, once again without notice to the Indian man, Krueger then went back to the same Habeck, the rubber stamp with a personal racial vendetta, and obtained a Writ of Replevin which ordered him to produce certain go-karts and motorcycles.  Counsel Krueger verbally threatened to bring in a Swat Team to storm any of the Indian man’s properties if go-karts and motorcycles were not produced.  Thus, the Indian businessman had no choice but to comply with the illegal order in order to avoid what could have been lethal consequences since Lorna Marquardt was behind it.


In another recent case, this same Christian Crusader attorney illegitimately filed for foreclosure on another of this Indian man’s properties even though all payments under his contract had been made.  This attorney, working with another Medford County Wisconsin judge who also belongs to Lorna Marquardt’s secret Christian Crusader organization illegally granted the attorney a receivership.  The receiver immediately called the police and changed the locks on the buildings so Dr. Samanta Roy’s representatives would have no physical access to the properties.  The Indian businessman’s representatives were ordered by the police not to set foot on the properties.  If they did so, they would immediately be arrested.  Consequently, they were unable to even collect some of their own personal belongings which were on the premises.  Thereafter, the receiver immediately brought eviction actions against all tenants who were employed by the Indian man’s businesses.  Naturally, all of those evictions were granted.


Conveniently, for the past two years, the attorney and receiver has collected all the rent from the buildings.  While we have been provided no accounting of any sort, based upon the income generated during our operation of the properties, the receiver should have collected nearly $200,000 since being appointed receiver.  Contrary to the requirements of the Court Order, however, the receiver has not paid any expenses in connection with the operation of the properties.  The real estate and personal property taxes on the buildings remain unpaid.  Now despite the City of Shawano’s knowledge of the fact that the taxes are to be paid by the receiver, the City of Shawano at Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s direction demand that the Indian man pay the taxes or else they will take away business licenses from other properties.


Then, since the Indian businessman resides with his children in Baltimore, at Lorna Marquardt’s bidding, Shawano County, Wisconsin officials have been working in conspiracy with Baltimore County Maryland officials for long many years and waiting for an opportunity to destroy the man’s property, wealth, and honesty.  On the evening of June 8, 2010, they found the perfect opportunity when a young woman was injured at a home in Pikesville, Maryland that is owned by the Indian businessman, Dr. Samanta Roy.  The contractor who was doing some remodeling at the home had called a couple of friends to assist him in moving a cart which contained some large slabs of granite from the front driveway to the patio which surrounded an outdoor swimming pool behind the home.  Unexpectedly, one of the wheels fell onto a plastic grate covering a drain.  The weight of the granite caused the drain to crack which caused the cart to become unstable.  As a result, some of the granite suddenly came crashing off the cart and landed on one of them, a young woman.  A 911 call was placed immediately and the young woman was taken to the hospital.  Baltimore police arrived at the scene at the same time as the ambulance.


That evening, Baltimore police spent several hours at the Pikesville home talking to the people who were there at the time the accident happened.  They investigated where the accident happened, saw the cart, saw the piles of shattered granite, and talked to neighbors who reported that they heard a loud crash when the slabs fell.  After several hours, the police finally left the home.  The police drug on the investigation for hours even though they knew within minutes it was an accident.

Around 4:00 a.m. the following morning, Baltimore authorities and SWAT teams surrounded the Indian businessman’s Pikesville, Maryland home.  When the contractor stepped out of the home at around 6:30 a.m. to begin work, he came face to face with eight men armed with machine guns and dogs.  The contractor was ordered to drop on his face and crawl down the large hill on his stomach like a dog.  The contractor gave SWAT team members the key to the home and offered to take them through the house.  His offers of assistance were flatly denied.


Local law enforcement officials used the unfortunate accident as a ruse to exercise their racial and religious hatred.  Despite the fact that the SWAT team had the key to the home, media reports indicate that a hostage negotiator was called to the scene to negotiate with an ‘empty’ house for hours over a loud speaker.  Flash bombs were blasted through the windows and doors in an attempt to burn the residence down; windows were broken, holes put through the walls, and the home was ransacked.  Baltimore police and SWAT team members spent the next twelve hours searching the home for so-called evidence of the ‘alleged assault’.  When the accident occurred on Tuesday evening, the Baltimore Police Department had finally gotten the perfect opportunity.  They knew within minutes of their arrival on the scene that no crime was committed.  But they decided to follow Lorna Marquardt’s instructions to the letter to carry out the most squalid psychological, physical, and financial warfare possible against the Indian. The Baltimore Police Department at the instruction of Lorna Marquardt and her law enforcement officials in Shawano started fabricating stories to propagate the racial and religious vendetta against the Indian businessman, Dr. Samanta Roy, through their secretive Christian Crusader group whose mission is to destroy peoples of other races and religions by creating the most intensive, dirty, spectacular, and bizarre story that anyone has ever seen.

News stations from Baltimore, Chicago, Green Bay, Wausau, Milwaukee, and many other places are airing story after story accusing Dr. Samanta Roy of being a cult leader, claiming that the young woman was the victim of a first degree assault, and that someone was inside the house in a stand-off with the SWAT team.  Bizarre characters that have never been involved with the Indian man and/or his companies in any way and have no credibility whatsoever, are put on the pedestal as omnipotent witnesses propagating false allegations, rumors, and innuendos against this Indian businessman, his businesses, and his personnel. This incident was nothing but a continuation of the “Holy War” which has been waged against the Indian businessman in Wisconsin for decades.  Dr. Samanta Roy and his personnel have endured years of torture.  This most unfortunate accident, has been used by Lorna Marquardt’s Christian Crusader organization to propel and propagate racial hatred.

Just like in the days of Hitler, where negative propaganda was blasted against the Jews until the Jews were massacred and their homes and businesses looted and destroyed, at Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s direction, every week various local media outlets come to our business establishments and headquarters in Shawano to harass, take pictures, and propagate racial hatred.   Lorna Marquardt has used the local media to propagate her racial vendetta against the businessman from India.  The City has worked concertedly with the Shawano Leader, the local newspaper, WTCH, the local radio station, and many local television stations.  The most appalling works have been done by Channel 7, a CBS affiliate television station out of Wausau, Wisconsin and WLUK Fox 11 out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, which have aired a number of unconscionable programs against the Indian man and his businesses, and then posted their programs on the internet. Their sites are being used to make death threats, racial slurs, and outrageous baseless allegations against the Indian businessman, to incite and encourage the public to physically and sociologically harm him and ultimately kill him, and destroy his businesses.   Other local television stations which have joined the campaign include WBAY Channel 2, an ABC affiliate; WFRV Channel 5, a CBS affiliate; NBC 26, an NBC affiliate.  Thereafter, these Shawano City officials forged a relationship with Rick Ross, a hostile, sociopathic, sexually perverted individual, who claims to be a cult expert and hosts a website at  Rick Ross is a career violent criminal offender with convictions for burglary, robbery, extortion, embezzlement, and kidnapping.  Within minutes of publication in the local paper, the slanderous articles published by the Shawano Leader and other media venues are put on the Rick Ross website and published around the globe.  Since the Shawano City officials have worked concertedly with the local media venues, they have been able to easily spread their seditious stories around the globe.  The most recent programs are just a continuation of the tradition that Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt started decades ago.


In complete violation of FCC rules, the media, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, and their churches have used the local media websites to post death threats against the Indian businessman such as these:

Someone just needs to take them out!!!! Enough is enough. Nothing a few stray bullets from some nearby deer hunters couldn’t manage.

I sure hope he gets the death penalty! TO THE GALLOWS!

Thank you News 7 for your worthwile report. Now get the local authorities to act on this. Old saying ” Run them out of town on a rail” you know the first sentence!

Why can’t they go in there like they did in Waco Texas and raid the place

Someone just needs to take them out!!!!


Thus, because of all the intentional slanderous and defamatory programs on the internet, despite our financial credentials, this Indian businessman began to experience denial for loans regardless of where he applied.  As any businessperson knows, a healthy borrowing relationship is necessary in order for business to grow.  In addition to the attack through slanderous media, the Christian Crusader group has directly impeded the Indian businessman’s borrowing efforts.  I personally have been at several loan closings, only for the closing to be interrupted by a phone call to the lender sitting on the other side of the table executing documents.  The identity of the lender, and the location and time of closing were obviously leaked to certain Shawano City officials either by the local title company employees or Shawano County employees. Immediately after the phone call, the lenders left the table requesting more time to consider our request and have refused to answer any phone calls since then.  This has happened time after time.


For the few loans that have actually been surreptitiously consummated, following the closing, when the mortgage documents are recorded, these racist Christian officials find out who the mortgage holder is.  Then frequent calls are made to these lenders to ensure that they deal harshly with this Indian businessman, make unreasonable demands, and urge them to foreclose.


But, it has not ended here.  These same leading Christian Crusaders have tracked this man’s banking relationships.  Calls have been placed to those banks, filling various individuals’ ears with slanderous trash.  Without notice, his accounts have been closed and assets frozen.  Chase closed all our accounts and froze $700,000 for six months, another bank froze $300,000, and another bank froze $400,000.  Some accounts were only open one day before they were closed, some only open one week, and some only one month.  It has happened time after time.  As any businessperson knows, this would cause major havoc in the functioning of any business particularly in a country like the United States where most people buy on credit.  Not a single bank in the great Christian City of Shawano will open an account for this Indian man.  With all the negative publicity on the internet every time an account is closed, it takes a long time to find another bank that is willing to open an account.  Once the account is opened, as soon as the Christian Crusaders find out where the account is and start making their calls and threats, you can be assured the account is closed shortly thereafter.

Lorna Marquardt and her minions have contacted every federal, state, and local agency to file baseless complaints against Dr. Samanta Roy, his companies and his personnel.  She has filed complaints with the Internal Revenue Service, Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services, Wisconsin Department of Commerce, TSA, and the FBI.  Due to the baseless complaints, allegations, and accusations made by Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt; Dr. Samanta Roy, his personnel and businesses have endured years of needless torture, interrogation, harassment and financial drain. Using her race and religion as a sword, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt has been able to get officials from these agencies to join her Christian Crusade.  Many of these officials have openly made racist, hostile, and derogatory remarks about Dr. Samanta Roy.


Lorna Marquardt repeatedly sends people to the Indian man’s gas station to get gas and drive off without paying.  When the Indian man’s staff contact the police about the theft, without fail, either Lorna Marquardt’s grandson or her son-in-law are sent to the scene.  Their response is that the person was just too scared to come in and pay.  Therefore, they did nothing wrong.  All of people that work at the Indian man’s businesses are regular white Americans.  The people are not scared to come in to pay.  It is a lie.  The people that are doing the drive-offs were sent to steal from the Indian man.  Thus, Lorna’s relatives have to cover-up for them.  Just a few nights ago, Lorna Marquardt, the Christian racist, sent thugs to one of the Indian man’s gas stations to rob all the money from the station.  The man came in with a knife and threatened to kill the young woman that was working if she did not give him all the cash.  Not too long before that, Lorna sent another thug with a gun to rob a different gas station that belonged to the Indian man.  Before that, Lorna sent another thug with a huge saw.  Can you imagine?  In a so-called free country, the racial hatred displayed by the Christians.  If the Indian tries to do anything about it, it will just get thrown out of court for one reason or another.  I have searched far and wide.  There is no justice in a Christian country.


For the last twenty five years, the Dr. Samanta Roy’s headquarters building has been wrapped in tarps in an attempt to protect Dr. Samanta Roy and his personnel from bullets and arrows.  Seven bullets were fired at his headquarters.  At Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s direction the report of the incident was removed from the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department.  Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt sent her agents to blow up a bomb at his headquarters, shoot arrows through windows, throw beer bottles, eggs, and tomatoes, make death threats, and break our windows.  Dozens of times each day, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt directs her emissaries to drive by his headquarters screaming obscene epithets.  It’s an ignominy and a disgrace that in this so-called democratic society, people can’t even enjoy the daylight but have to work inside a building wrapped in tarps so as not to be killed.


Let the world know that Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt is doing the dirtiest job ever in human history.  Dr. Samanta Roy was never born a Christian, never raised a Christian, is not a Christian, and will never be a Christian.  In his opinion, Christianity is dirty and filthy and is the most dangerous death cult in human history.  What Lorna Marquardt, the Shawano law enforcement authorities, Baltimore Police Department, and media, in the Midwest, on the East Coast, and across the country, are doing against a businessman from India through their common race and religion is clear evidence of what Christians have done to people throughout the ages.  It is psychological, physical, and financial exertion against a person to force him to be converted to Christianity.  It’s never going to happen.


Millions of Jews have died but have never changed from the ways of their fathers.  Dr. Samanta Roy will never change.  Murder, blood thirstiness, and fabrication of stories are the root of the Christian bible.  Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt has been setting people up to fabricate all sorts of stories against the Indian man and his companies just like her forefathers did when they started the blood libel story, the lie that Jews kill Christian children to use their blood to make matzos and to mix with their wine for Passover, the most holy celebration of the Jews’ liberation from slavery in Egypt.  To this day, people in Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s church believe this.  This lie was used to justify the Crusades, Inquisition, hundreds of smaller massacres and climaxed with the Holocaust.  The Christian bible is full of lies from beginning to end and that is why and how Lorna Marquardt can do such a dirty job and vociferously propagate lie after lie in the name of her dirty g_d.


The history of the Christian religion, and my experience, are sown thick with evidence that truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal.  History repeats itself that, “a lie told often enough becomes the truth.”  That Christian philosophy and belief is being used in India.  As stated by Mark Twain, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”  Throughout the centuries, Christianity has demonstrated it is an intolerant religion.  Its hands are dripping with the blood of the innocent.  No religion on the face of the earth has committed so much evil and crime.  Its history is one of murder, torture, deceit, power, and control.  Its motto is be converted or be killed.  Since we have refused to be converted, we are on death row.

What exactly is Dr. Samanta Roy’s crime that it warrants such a charade?  The crime is that his race, skin color, and religion are different from those of Christian Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt who is of German origin and her group of Christian Crusaders.  In earlier centuries and decades, Christian Crusaders came openly to force their conversion of others through the Crusades, Inquisition, and Holocaust.  Today, under the color of law through the use of the media, law enforcement agencies, other oversight agencies, and the judiciary system the same goal is accomplished.


In a Christian country, a minority has no right to life, and justice is a farce.  In our so-called Christian democratic society, the minorities are powerless and face helplessness and hopelessness.  I have sent thousands of letters to U.S. President Obama, U.S. Senators, U.S. Congressman, and other agencies for investigation into the hate crimes being committed against Dr. Samanta Roy, his businesses and properties, and his personnel.  Nothing has been done about it because they all working together under their common race and religion.  For the Indian businessman, the streets of this Christian land have not been paved with gold but rather with blood, tears, intolerance, and hate.


At the same time, these same Christian racists are involved through their churches in deceitfully and stealthily sending missionaries to India and all over the world.  Christians feel that Hinduism and Muslimism are the last two religions they need to conquer before they will control the world.  In India, Christians are particularly targeting the Hindu religion.  Christian missionaries are evil.  They are working undercover to bring about the demise of Indian religions, cultures, and the values of their forefathers.  As a fisherman uses bait to catch a fish, so are foreign Christian missionaries involved in enticing Indian people with a little food, clothes, and a superficial smile.  They are coming to India in the name of investment, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and feeding programs.  Gradually, Christians have strategically established their empires along India’s coastline.  It is all part of a much larger evil deadly plan for India.  Their goal is to establish a Christian ruling party in India.  Eventually, the cargo that is supposed to contain food to feed the hungry, will contain weapons and ammunition.  The convents, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and orphanages, will be the secret storehouses for weapons and ammunition which will be supplied to the Christians in India by other Christian countries to fight against Hindus and Muslims.  India will be torn apart by civil war and ripped apart.  Today, Christians are pouring out millions of dollars in bribes around India to get favors for themselves, obtain tax-free properties businesses, and jobs, and expand their empire.  Inch by inch, the disease of Christianity is spreading in India.


In the 1960’s and early ‘70’s, Christians stole six million children from India.  These children were taken to the United States.  Some were taken in Christian hospitals in the U.S. and sold for their body parts to raise money for the church.  Others were raised as priests and nuns.  Thereafter, by bribing many different consulates to obtain Indian passports, they were sent back to India to work as nuns under Theresa and expand the church’s empire in India.  Theresa’s “orphanages” became key in supplying the children needed for body parts in the U.S. and other countries.  The Christians worked with Indian media to publicize Theresa’s “great works”.  If Indians only knew the real works of this evil witch and her church, they would shudder.  India does not need convent schools.  Nationalize their properties, take over their churches, and celebrate Hindu and Muslim holidays in them, as people who love freedom.


When the traders came to India in the 1700’s, they came in pretense of doing trade but the motive behind it was something else.  They brought priests with them.  India and its people went under captivity and slavery for over 200 years.  Don’t start  your captivity all over again with missionaries.  In earlier centuries, Christians came to colonize your land with guns, now they come in the name of religion and g_d.  These foreign missionaries are coming to India with bribing habits and tools to change the Indian judiciary system and culture.  Follow China’s example and protect Indian culture for the health, wealth, and prosperity of India’s progeny.


India is the home to Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Indian Christians, Bhuddist, Janes and all who want a home, family, and god.  Nobody is interested in converting anybody else.  Everyone minds their own business and lives peacefully with each other.

Get rid of foreign missionaries.  They are leopards in sheep clothes coming to India in disguise as agriculturalists, school teachers, doctors, and nurses.  Don’t be fools to sell your land and your people into slavery to Christians.  There is no freedom in Christian countries.  For thirty years, Dr. Samanta Roy has endured abuse at the hands of these dirty Christians.


The Indian justice system should protect its citizens by expelling the Christian missionaries.  In their countries, Christians all work together through the church, the executive system, and the media.  They are all interconnected to rule against the Indian businessman.  In our so-called democratic society, the minority are powerless, face helplessness, and hopelessness.  It is time that Indians retaliate against Christians.  Nationalize their properties and send the missionaries home.  If Christians cannot treat an NRI in the United States with justice, then India has no reason to and should not tolerate Christian in their country any longer.


Christians mock at every religion on the face of the earth.  They call the Hindu religion a dangerous cult, make fun of their gods, and call their holy men dangerous cult leaders.  In the early 1970’s when Dr. Samanta Roy settled in Shawano, he was approached by a number of ministers from local churches, all trying to persuade him to join their churches.  They wanted him to go back to India as their missionary to establish the church’s empire there.  Dr. Samanta Roy refused.  Then, the Christians’, primarily Lutherans and Catholics, costumes fell off and their true racist nature appeared.  Christians wanted to use Dr. Samanta Roy to do their dirty illegal job.  Ever since Dr. Samanta Roy refused, they have been his worst enemy.


Dr. Samanta Roy supports India by sending money to India to help the poor and the needy by giving them free education.  Dr. Samanta Roy is also in the process of building a hospital for the village so human life spans can be increased.


Christianity is a cancer and silent killer.  Christianity is the cause of the whole world’s downfall and deteriorating condition.    They came in disguise as traders to invade, take control, and divide the people to fight among themselves for their own advantage.  Today is no different.  Christian missionaries are coming to do the same dirty job.  Beware!    Using United Nations, they have convinced India that it needs to control its population.   At the same time, population control is not done in Christian lands.  It is part of a larger plan to ensure that Christians outnumber any other religion.    Don’t let foreign missionaries into your country and get rid of the ones that are there.  Before you realize it, you and your children will be living under the mercies of the priests and the Christian ruling party.


History tells us the whole world is a mess because of Christianity.  They destroyed the Jewish temple, Muslims mosques, and started the Crusades, Inquisition, and Holocaust.  They are responsible for the miseries of the world in times past and the present times.  From the earliest times, Christianity has endorsed and promoted the death and torture of anyone that did not convert to Christianity, even other Christian sects.


During the Inquisition thousands of Jews were again persecuted for their beliefs and strict adherence to the laws of Torah. If you were caught practicing your faith you were declared a heretic and tortured or killed. Some victims were horsewhipped. A sharp iron fork was used to mangle breasts. Red hot pincers were used to tear off flesh. Red hot irons were inserted in private areas. A device named the turcas was used to tear out fingernails.  After the nails were ripped out needles were shoved into the quicks. Boots called bootikens were used to lacerate flesh and crush bone. Thumbscrews were used to crush the fingers and toes. Acid was poured on victims and hands were immersed into pots of boiling oil and water.  Eyes were gouged out by irons. Alcohol was poured on the head of the poor victim and set alight. Water was poured down the victim’s throat with a knotted cloth. The cloth was then jerked out tearing up the victims bowels.  There was no limit to the types and cruelty of the tortures.


Look at what Christians did to the Africans.  Twelve million Africans were shipped to the Americas from the 16th to the 19th centuries, exported to the ‘white man’s lands’ to serve their ‘betters’, treated like nothing more than cattle. In the name of g_d, they were stolen and kidnapped from their land and brought in chains to the United States as savages and beasts.  Here, they also were robbed of their culture, religion, and family.  For centuries, they were beaten, tortured, killed, and forced to serve Christians.  Like any other minority group in the United States, to this day they face discrimination and prejudice.  Once they were deprived of their culture and religion, Christians successfully decimated them as a people.  Few, relatively speaking, have been able to raise themselves out of the black hold of oppression.  In the words of Desmond Tutu, “When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, “Let us pray.” We closed our eyes, when we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land”.


Christians are coming to India to impart their base culture on innocent Indian people as Christians know that conquest becomes much easier once India is robbed for its ancient culture.  Christians are enticing Indian to break away from their culture, attracting them with television and Western movies, and attracting them with their styles.  Soon, incest, molestation, rape, and broken homes, which are trademarks of Christianity, will be landmarks in India.  Abominable, unheard of things will become commonplace.

Think for your children.  Think for your fathers.  Preserve the Indus Valley Culture.  Don’t be attracted to the dirty Christian culture.  I can tell you pages after pages but this is a summary.  Christians wanted to use Dr. Samanta Roy to do all sorts of illegal activities for the Christian church.  Ever since he refused, they have been his worst enemy.  I urge you to publish every word I have written for the protection of your people, protection of your culture, protection of your land, protection of your prosperity, and protection of your success.  Remember the blood and tears that were shed for India to gain its independence.  If India does not take steps now to protect itself, India’s children will regret it and blame their fathers for failing to take care of it.  The chance to save India is now.  Tomorrow, it will be that much more difficult.


The time has come for India and its people to be proud of its heritage, proud of its culture, and proud of its country.  India has suffered greatly from Christian invasion.  As demonstrated by the brief synopsis of events that have occurred and are occurring against Dr. Samanta Roy, an NRI, Christians view Indians as subhuman creatures whose lives are only worth something if they are willing to carry the Christian flag and spread the Christian disease and expand the church’s empire.  Since Christians have no tolerance for Indians, India should have no tolerance for Christians.  Send them home.  Nationalize their properties.  Else, only time will tell the blood and tears that will be shed.


I implore you to protect the life and property of Dr. Samanta Roy.  Investigate the hate crimes being committed in the United States against this Indian man.  As a people that fought hard for freedom, ensure that a fellow human being, Dr. Samanta Roy, at least is given a right to life.  This letter is just a brief summary of some of the incidents of racial hatred that we have experienced.  Should you desire that I personally give a presentation to the Parliament regarding these matters, I would be happy to do so.  I will gladly come to India at my own expense to do so.  




Naomi Isaacson, Esq.

CEO Domestic Business Affairs

In-house legal counsel



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