Naomi Isaacson Speaks Out Against Christian Injustice



After reading today’s Shawano Leader article about the Birnamwood teen charged with three felony charges with a hate crime qualifier is an all too familiar example of Christian oppression and abuse in Shawano supported by the dirty Christian paper, the Shawano Leader.  The photo of this child, shows a large gash on her forehead, what appears to be the remnants of a black left eye.  The article states that the child spat blood from an injury she received during the encounter at the officers.

The media coverage of this incident is no different that the coverage and treatment we have received from the dirty Christian Shawano Leader.  The child had no chance to say anything.  The officers speak for her.  How did she get a gash on her forehead, a black eye, and bruises and scrape marks around her mouth?  As always, the Shawano Leader publishes in favor of the local Shawano officials giving no one else a change to say anything. The incident is all too familiar to me based upon my personal experience.  Nearly two years ago, on August 24, 2008 to be exact, I was arrested for being on our own property.  In summary, for those of you that are unfamiliar with the incident or do not recall it, SIST owned the Ponderosa restaurant building in Shawano.  The property was leased to William Janney of Shaw-Bay, Inc. of Indiana.  In June of 2008, Shaw-Bay’s lease was terminated as they were in excess of eighteen months behind in rent.  They were supposed to vacate the premises by June 1, 2008.  They did neither.

Photo of my wrists following my release

Photo of me with a close-up showing both hands in splints due to the injuries inflicted by Atkinson

Around 11:00 p.m. on August 24, 2008, I received a call that the property was being stripped and gutted.  I went to the property to see what was happening.  Before I had even gotten out of the car at the Ponderosa, Atkinson and another Shawano police officer pulled into the Ponderosa parking lot.  Atkinson told me that I needed to leave.  I told him that we owned the property and that I had a right to be there.  Atkinson then told me that I needed to give a 24-hour notice to be on the property.  I explained to Atkinson that that was not, the case and, in fact, the lease gave us the immediate right of entry to the property and that further I had no intention of going inside the building and I offered to show him a copy of the lease.  Atkinson told me that the lease was irrelevant at this point in time and I needed to leave as I was loitering.  I told Atkinson that he was mistaken and should call his supervisor as it is not possible to be loitering on your own property particularly when all the other people who were on the property were trespassers and had no right to be there. Atkinson said he was the supervisor.

Atkinson then told me that I was being cited for loitering and was under arrest.  Atkinson and the other officer each grabbed one arm and twisted them behind my back and put the handcuffs on.  Atkinson proceeded to lift my handcuffed arms behind my back so they could tighten the handcuffs so tight my hands went numb.  I experienced immediate, sudden, excruciating pain in my arms and shoulders.  The pain was so sharp and agonizing that it nearly took my breath away.  I had a key ring on my finger when I had gotten out of the car.  While they were twisting my arms the key was digging into the palm of my hand.  I asked to be allowed to take the key ring off my finger.  Atkinson refused and pulled the key ring off my finger nearly breaking my finger in the process.  I was placed in the police car and taken to the police station for booking. It was obvious that Atkinson was taking out his hatred for SIST on me physically.  I was under excruciating pain in my shoulders and arms.  As the handcuffs were so tight, the blood supply to my hands was cut off and they were numb.  When I got to the police station, the handcuffs were only able to be removed with great difficulty.  Obviously, Atkinson had intentionally twisted and tightened the handcuffs to hurt me. Eventually, much later, I was released.

I left the police station with dislocated bones, bruises, welts, and strained muscles from my gross mistreatment from Atkinson.  For those of you that know me, I am a young, small, quiet, unimposing, and non-threatening attorney.  Throughout my entire conversation with Atkinson, I never once raised my voice.  But, yet, I was arrested and mishandled for being on our own property.

A few hours later, around 7:00 a.m., on Monday August 25, 2008, I began to get calls that people had arrived at Ponderosa and were hauling items out of the property again.  I went back to the Ponderosa property again and was met by Officer Party who informed me that I could not be on the property.  I showed Officer Party our lease and explained the legal rights I had to be on the property.  Meanwhile, it had been advertised on the radio and by word-of-mouth that all the furniture, fixtures, and equipment at Ponderosa were for sale.  Consequently, members of the public were coming with their trucks and trailers and hauling things out of the front and back doors of the property.  I told Officer Party that at the very least, I had the rights of any other member of the public to be on the property.  She agreed and left shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, I helplessly watched as the property was gutted and destroyed.  The employees came with drills and Sawzalls and were removing things from the property.  The police refused to assist and claimed it was a civil matter.  As the employees knew they were doing what they were doing with the full support of the police department, they continued to systematically destroy the property while various members of the public continued to load their cars, trucks, and trailers with items many of which belonged to us.

A short time later, Shawano Police Chief Whealon, Lorna’s henchman, arrived on the property with several officers.  Whealon ordered me off the property.  I again attempted to explain to him that the store was being pillaged and destroyed, and items were being removed that did not belong to them.  In his loud thundering voice he told me to shut up.  He was not interested in hearing anything.  I was told that I did not have any right to even be in the parking lot.  Whealon had officers surround me and I was given a final warning to leave the property under threat of arrest.  Whealon told the Ponderosa manager that if I stepped off the public sidewalk onto the grass, they were to call the police so that I could be arrested.  Norton also reported that she was instructed to park cars in the entrance to the driveways and to have employees standing there guarding the entrances to the parking lot to ensure that neither I nor my employees enter the property.

For the remainder of the day, members of the public, entered the Ponderosa and removed property.  We were forced to watch from the sidewalk and the road, as the property was pillaged, destroyed, and stripped with the full support of the police department.  The employees taunted, harassed, and threatened us as we spent the entire day on the sidewalk, public right-of-way and Mountain Bay Trail taking pictures of the pillage.  Throughout the entire day, the police came to the site repeatedly to ensure we did not go on our own property.  As the entrances were blocked at police direction, the members of the public often just drove through the lawn or ditch to load their vehicles.  Load after load of items were carried to what was then a Shell gas station, now Kwik Trip, located across the street from the Ponderosa. Finally, at about 10:00 p.m. on August 25, 2008, after about 15 hours of property destruction, the employees left and we finally could enter our own property.  The condition of the property is enough to make you shudder.  The property was entirely gutted.  Light fixtures had been removed.  Plumbing fixtures had been removed leaving open sewer pipes which drew millions of flies.  The building was left in such a state that it will take at least $500,000 to repair and refurnish the building before SIST can use it for any purpose.

Where can we go from here?  In broad daylight, the police assisted, aided and abetted a crime being committed.  The victim was abused, humiliated, tortured, and mistreated.  With hated emanating from their faces, Whealon and Atkinson took the opportunity abuse their position of authority.   All right here in this city we may as well call “hell”.

This incident is just the tip of the iceberg and a demonstrative example of the prejudice and discrimination SIST faces in this city.  I have heard about incidents such as this taking place in other countries but I never thought it would or could take place in the United States.    But, it happened right here in Shawano, Wisconsin a city where prejudice, discrimination, and miscarriages of justice have occurred against SIST for years.

As an American citizen I am outraged by the lack of equality in this town. It is not run like a Democracy, a ‘free’ society. It is a cover up for a government that wants to control our religion, our business, our money and our families. This local government of Shawano, Mayor Lorna Marquardt and her hooligans show how truly deep this motive for Christian domination is. In the name of freedom, safety and politics lower the intelligence of the people until they know nothing but what you show them on TV and in the printed media. This country wants to own bragging rights for being the smartest most successful nation in the world? The things allowed in this country are not freedoms they are abominations. It is blatant disregard for a moral standard.

We are condemned for ‘allowing’ a man from India to be an American entrepreneur. For wanting, no demanding the law be upheld and justice upheld. Or is this the Christian form of justice? Are we not allowed as American citizens to demand our rights be heard? Are we not guaranteed a fair and speedy trial, an unbiased jury? Shawano is led by a dictatorship of the Christian Cult Leader. One who has no concern for the welfare of her town or the justice of her courts. Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt is more concerned with her next win at the Casino and her next trip to the bar, the typical pastime of an uneducated bum in America. Why should she care that the town she is responsible for earns a reputation as racially and religiously prejudiced when she herself is an example of it to the community.

So whether it is SIST or Mariah Welch on the stand everyone will know that in Shawano, WI, there is no justice to be served. Just prejudices and hate. SIST is condemned for being run by an Indian man and Welch is condemned for being a Native American. Both parties have experienced hate crimes against themselves but when it is allegedly aimed at the ‘white peace officers’ then it becomes a hate crime. Ask yourselves again… What was done to this child that we didn’t hear about? What has been done to SIST that isn’t published in the media? We have no voice but our own. So if I as an American citizen can’t depend on the justice and equality prescribed to me by the Constitution of the United States then I must act on behalf of my company to ensure our voice is heard and the people of the world know and hear about the treatment of the minority in America.


4 responses to “Naomi Isaacson Speaks Out Against Christian Injustice

  1. What the hell happened to you Mariah, you used to be such a sweet girl. 😦 I didn’t even think THAT could be you at first.


    • Since I don’t know her personally I cannot speak for her being or not being a sweet girl. That is irrelevant. The point being in Shawano or pretty much anywhere here in the US now, if you are part of a minority group, in her case, a Native American, you are not worth shit. That is how they treated her. So give Mariah the benefit of the doubt sir, I am sure she is still a sweet girl. Or do you believe everything the media says?


  2. okay. so this IS mariah welch umm thanks. alot seeing thia article meant a lot to me. whoever wrote this please contanct me


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