Press Release from SIST CEO Naomi Isaacson: Accident in Pikesville, MD





Thousands of accidents occur every day in our country. Many people die on the

scene, some are severely injured, some are moderately injured, and some escape

with only minor injuries. With respect to any accident, have you ever seen such a

dramatized episode that took place in Baltimore, Maryland on the evening of

Tuesday, June 8, 2010, all day Wednesday, all day Thursday, and will continue for a


On the evening of Tuesday, June 8, 2010, a young woman was injured at a home in

Pikesville, Maryland that is owned by an Indian businessman, Dr. Cohen. The

contractor who was doing some remodeling at the home had called a couple of

friends to assist him in moving a cart which contained some large slabs of granite

from the front driveway to the patio which surrounded an outdoor swimming pool

behind the home. Unexpectedly, one of the wheels fell onto a plastic grate covering

a drain. The weight of the granite caused the drain to crack which caused the cart to

become unstable. As a result, some of the granite suddenly came crashing off the

cart and landed on one of them, a young woman. A 9 1 1 call was placed immediately

and the young woman was taken to the hospital. Baltimore police arrived at the

scene at the same time as the ambulance. That evening, Baltimore police spent

several hours at the Pikesville home talking to the people who were there at the time

the accident happened. They investigated where the accident happened, saw the

cart, saw the piles of shattered granite, and talked to neighbors who reported that

they heard a loud crash when the slabs fell. After several hours, the police finally

left the home. The police drug on the investigation for hours even though they knew

within minutes it was an accident.

Around 4:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, Baltimore authorities and SWAT teams

surrounded the Indian businessman’s Pikesville, Maryland home. When the

contractor stepped out of the home at around 6:30 a.m. to begin work, he came face

to face with eight men armed with machine guns and dogs. The contractor was

ordered to drop on his face and crawl down the large hill on his stomach like a dog.

The contractor gave SWAT team members the key to the home and offered to take

them through the house. His offers of assistance were flatly denied. Ironically, the

media reports “forgot” to mention this fact.

Then, this fiasco was turned into an apparent SWAT team training playground. Local

law enforcement officials used the unfortunate accident as a ruse to exercise their

racial and religious hatred. Despite the fact that the SWAT team had the key to the

home, media reports indicate that a hostage negotiator was also called to the scene

to negotiate with an ’empty’ house for hours over a loud speaker. Flash bombs were

blasted through the windows and doors in an attempt to burn the residence down;

windows were broken, holes put through the walls, and the home was ransacked.

Baltimore police and SWAT team members spent the next twelve hours searching

the home for so-called evidence of the ‘alleged assault’.

Why? What was the need for the spectacle? What was the need for the stupendous

property damage and carnage? What was the need for spending thousands of taxpayer

dollars on the raid? Several media outlets reported that Shawano, Wisconsin

authorities were in contact with Baltimore authorities during this investigation. Why

is that? What authority or connection does an infinitesimal town like Shawano,

Wisconsin have over Baltimore, Maryland, which is located over a thousand miles


Dr. Cohen, a native of India, is an upstanding member of Baltimore’s Jewish

community. This Indian businessman is the founder of a non-profit educational

organization, SIST, founded to support the creation of an international school based

in Wisconsin. Additionally, Dr. Cohen built and founded a university overseas which

provides education to underprivileged students in India. To support the operation of

the university overseas and the development of the international school

domestically, SIST owns and operates a number of businesses. SIST owns

approximately $200 million worth of properties, primarily located in a small town in

Wisconsin called Shawano.

Due to the racial and religious background of this Indian businessman, SIST and its

personnel have suffered from unimaginable prejudice, discrimination, and business

interference at the hands of Shawano City officials, particularly Shawano Mayor

Lorna Marquardt, the Christian racist. Though you may not like to hear it, the fact of

the matter is that the racial discrimination and prejudice we experience every day in

Shawano, is worse than anywhere else in the world. Lorna Marquardt, the Mayor of

Shawano, began her campaign against SIST and its Indian President many years ago

when she took office. Her goal is to drive Dr. Cohen, the Indian businessman, out of

Shawano and capture his $200 million in properties for pennies.

To that end, Lorna Marquardt formed a secret Christian Crusader organization

whose sole function is to wage psychological, physical, and financial “Holy War”

against the Indian, other SIST personnel, and businesses until she has accomplished

her goal of bringing about the Indian’s demise, captured his properties for pennies,

or forced his conversion. The Christian Crusader organization’s sole function is to

eradicate those who refuse to be converted. Its motto is “be converted or face

severe persecution which could even be lethal”. Like three points of a triangle,

Lorna Marquardt has successfully tied the media, the church and the authorities

together through their common race and religion and used them to pursue her

obliteration aspiration.

For the past many years, Lorna Marquardt and the Shawano law enforcement

authorities have been regularly in contact with the Baltimore Police Department

trying to inveigle them to join her “Holy War” against the Indian businessman

whose skin is a shade too dark to belong to the human race. Years ago, the

Baltimore Police Department joined the secret racist Christian Crusader

organization headed by Lorna Marquardt, the Mayor of Shawano. Like their coconspirators

in Shawano, Wisconsin, the Baltimore Police Department has harassed,

pestered, and tormented the Indian businessman for years but they have found no

opportunity to wage full-scale war and character assassination against Dr. Cohen.

When the accident occurred on Tuesday evening, the Baltimore Police Department

had finally gotten the perfect opportunity. They knew within minutes of their arrival

on the scene that no crime was committed. But they decided to follow Lorna

Marquardt’s instructions to the letter to carry out the most squalid psychological,

physical, and financial warfare possible against the Indian.

The local media in Minnesota and Wisconsin have been part of this secret Christian

Crusader group for years. We can now welcome the latest Baltimore media

members who have decided to join the group. Have you ever seen small town

media link to national news with the sole purpose of destroying a person who is

impossible to convert to Christianity? Over this incident, Lorna Marquardt, Shawano

law enforcement officials, and other people were interviewed. As intelligent

people, have you ever seen such character assassination of a completely innocent


So how does the Christian Crusader group proceed? They devise whatever

prevarications are necessary to justify their deeds. The police, doctors, and

emergency personnel all knew that the injuries were not consistent with an assault.

The police arrived on the scene within minutes. The huge piles of broken granite

were strewn all over the patio from the fall. But, in order to accomplish their

purpose to slander, injure, malign, murder, and assassinate the character of their

victims, the Indian businessman and SIST, they concocted the wildest canards. This

was not an assault, not a domestic assault, nor did an assault ever occur in the home.

In fact, the injured person has never even been inside the home. The person that

was injured never claimed an assault occurred.

In order to accomplish their objective of raiding Dr. Cohen’s home and exercising

their racial hatred against the Indian businessman, the Christian Crusaders started

another lie. The next calumny was that the witnesses were being uncooperative

because they are anti-government. How exactly were these witnesses being

uncooperative? The witnesses refused to lie and tell the police that the incident was

an intentional assault or worse yet, an attempted murder. Therefore, since they

refused to lie, they are “anti-government”. Thus, since the witnesses were refusing

to support their lie, they needed to search the home for evidence to support their lie.

So, Baltimore law enforcement authorities obtained a search and seizure warrant for

the vacant home of the Indian businessman.

At the time of the raid, their so-called ‘suspect’ was already in custody, had given

them the key to the home, and in fact, offered to take them on a tour. So, how were

the law enforcement authorities going to justify razing the house? The Baltimore

Police Department started a rumor that neighbors saw phantom snipers posted in the

upstairs bedrooms. Thus, officers, of course, “feared” for their safety. So, they

needed to use flash bombs on the home blasting down doors and windows. The

Baltimore Police are fully aware that Dr. Cohen and his family have never lived in the

home as the home has been under renovation. The Baltimore Police know exactly

where Dr. Cohen and his family are residing and have been there on many


Once they accomplished their goal of assassinating the Indian’s character and

raiding the home, how were Christian Crusader media organizations going to keep

up the sensationalism and smear campaign? They started the next lie that the

neighbors saw someone crawl out of the home after the raid. It must have been a

ghost. If that really were the case, it’s quite an ignominy that fifteen law enforcement

officers can spend ten hours in a three bedroom home and still have someone

emerge from the home later.

Now, news stations from Baltimore, Chicago, Green Bay, Wausau, Milwaukee, and

many other places are airing story after story accusing Dr. Cohen of being a cult

leader, claiming that the young woman was the victim of a first degree assault, and

that someone was inside the house in a stand-off with the SWAT team. Bizarre

characters that have never been involved with SIST in any way and have no

credibility whatsoever, are put on the pedestal as omnipotent witnesses propagating

false allegations, rumors, and innuendos against this Indian businessman, SIST, and

its personnel.

Being born an American, since childhood I and everyone I knew, had always

believed that everything the media said was true and accurate. We have always

been told that the Soviet Union and other Communist countries have no freedom,

have no rights to life, have no rights to speak, and are oppressed every day. That

made me feel it was so great to be an American because we have “freedom”. Once I

became the CEO of SIST and started seeing with my own eyes, hearing with my own

ears and experiencing in my own life the effects of Lorna Marquardt’s Christian

Crusade first-hand, I learned that American media is nothing but a pure lie. It is not

news, it is propaganda. Fabrication of stories is an everyday occurrence in the

American media. The things that we have experienced and are experiencing, has

made me to do research. Research shows that the Christian bible is a book of lies

which was prepared for the sole purpose of covering up the dirty works of the most

dangerous death cult in human history, Christianity. Thus, everybody’s life in this

Christian land is a lie and we live surrounded by false propaganda and false


Dr. Cohen, a native of India, is an upstanding member of Baltimore’s Jewish

community. His property in Pikesville is personal and has no connection whatsoever

to anything in Wisconsin. This businessman from India is the founder of the

mentioned non-profit organization, SIST, founded to support the creation of an

international school based in Wisconsin. SIST is not a religious organization and

does not now, nor has it ever had any religious connection or any members. The

university operated by SIST overseas is a secular educational institution which does

not support religion of any kind. Dr. Cohen does not have any affiliation or

connection with any Disciples . . . organization.

The incident which is occurring in Baltimore, Maryland is nothing but a continuation

of the “Holy War” which has been waged against the Indian businessman in

Wisconsin for decades. Dr. Cohen and SIST personnel have endured years of

torture. This most unfortunate accident, has been used by Lorna Marquardt’s

Christian Crusader organization to propel and propagate racial hatred.

Based upon information from many sources, following Marquardt’s assumption of

power, a number of secret meetings were held in Shawano, Wisconsin to strategize

on the demise of SIST and its Indian President. Since 2003, those meetings have

occurred at least on a bi-monthly basis and are attended by various Shawano City

officials, Shawano County judges, media, and local business persons. Following that

meeting, a letter was circulated urging the public to boycott SIST businesses.

Customers who did not heed the boycott mandate have been threatened, harassed,

and intimidated. One such customer, for example, was a Shawano City office

employee. This customer actually received a letter of reprimand solely because that

employee had made a purchase at a business owned by this Indian man. Every one

of our business websites have been sabotaged and customers are directed

elsewhere. Outrageous comments are posted on our websites. At the direction of

Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, the Shawano Chamber of Commerce cancelled

our membership and tells customers that we are closed, have gone out of business,

or never existed.

This Indian businessman owns the largest hotel in Shawano. As such, SIST’s

acquisition of the hotel caused a concussion to the Christian Crusader organization.

To that end, Lorna Marquardt has fought vehemently against this business. On

January 28, 2008, three Shawano City Police Officers, Thornborrow, Stange, and

Thaves, showed up at the Best Western hotel claiming that someone had called 91 1

with children screaming in the background. The phone number from which the 91 1

call was made, however, was not the hotel’s number and there were no guests with

children staying in the hotel at that time. Despite that, three police officers stormed

through the hotel nearly knocking guests off their feet in their mad rush through the

hotel. What was the purpose? It was to disturb the guests and scare business away

from the Indian man.

In February of 2008, the hotel was rented out for a private party. Shawano City

Police Officers Conrad and Atkinson stormed through the hotel, night sticks in hand,

for no reason other than to scare, intimidate, and harass the guests so they don’t stay

at the hotel anymore. Atkinson, at Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s direction,

illegally walked through the entire hotel even looking in private guest rooms while

he swung his night stick around and kicked doors open. Shawano Mayor Lorna

Marquardt regularly sends Shawano police officers to go through the hotel parking

lot to take down license plate numbers. The Shawano Police then look up the license

plate numbers and contact the guests to tell them that we are a “cult” and give them

other information to discourage them from ever returning to the hotel. Hundreds of

guests have told us that after staying at our facility, they received dozens of phone

calls discouraging them from ever staying with us again. Many of these guests are

shocked and horrified that someone was tracking where they were staying. Many

never want to return to the City of Shawano ever again as their privacy clearly has

been invaded. Other guests are stopped and harassed by the police as they leave

the hotel parking lot. On some occasions, they even bring out their dogs to circle

the car as they conduct a routine traffic stop. When the guests have asked why dogs

were circling their car, the officers said that the dogs were just getting some


In February of 2008, a city employee told us that everyone who works at City Hall,

which includes the notorious Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, Jim Stadler, City

Administrator, Ed Whealon, Police Chief, Marlene Brath, Shawano Clerk Treasurer,

Tim Schmid, City Attorney, David Winter, Municipal Judge, various other clerical

staff, and Shawano City Council members, tell everyone that they come into contact

with not to patronize SIST businesses and threaten them if they do. This employee

was told that if she was ever seen at the Kiryat Hotel she would be fired. Shawano

City employees are not allowed to patronize a “subhuman” Indian’s businesses.

Even when one notable businessman from Shawano came to the Kiryat Hotel to meet

with personnel to discuss some matters, suddenly in the middle of his conversation,

he jumped from his chair. The man dashed for the door and said, “I better park my

car behind the building in case Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt passes by and sees

I’m here. Then, I’m in big trouble.” Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt always directs

the police to come to the hotel during times when the hotel is fully occupied to

frighten, intimidate, and harass guests. Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt said that

she was going to see to it that the “swamp nigger’s” hotel was closed.

Shortly thereafter, the Chamber of Commerce refused to renew the membership of

SIST businesses because they are owned by a “cult” and “dot head Indian”.

Whenever people call the Chamber of Commerce inquiring about the Kiryat Hotel,

they are told the hotel is owned by an Indian cult so not to go there, that the hotel is

closed, that they were finally successful in shutting the hotel down, or that they have

never heard of the hotel. As part of their plan to close the doors to the hotel,

Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, through her agents, has constantly been

circulating rumors that the hotel is closed. We constantly have calls from guests

cancelling reservations because they have been told that we are closed. As guests

stop for dinner at various restaurants in Shawano before coming to the hotel, they

are told that we are closed. They then call to cancel and ask for a refund. By playing

the common race and religion card, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, has gotten the

local media to injure, defame, and slander the Kiryat Hotel. Every imaginable story

has been fabricated about the hotel. They have also sabotaged the hotel’s website,

posting that the hotel is sold-out when in fact it isn’t. Dirty comments and negative

propaganda are posted on our own website by saboteurs.

Another part of Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s plan was to get people to feign as

guests and file bogus complaints with Best Western headquarters. They made up all

kinds of stories. Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and other Shawano City officials

called Best Western headquarters in hopes of getting the Best Western franchise

terminated. As a result of her great efforts, our franchise with Best Western was

cancelled. At Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s direction, one weekend in March

of 2008 when the hotel was rented to a private party, Mark Harris, minister of the

Apostolic Church in Shawano, actually gathered a group of people together who

paraded around and around the outside of the hotel in protest of the fact that SIST’s

hotel was rented out to a group of people for a party. Mark Harris is one of the

ministers that attends the private meetings in Shawano to strategize on how to put

SIST out of business. Naturally, due to the constant business interference, our hotel

occupancy rate has gone from ninety percent to less than ten percent.

Throughout the years, the City has issued countless baseless citations and

maliciously stormed SIST businesses to intimidate and harass SIST personnel and

customers with the objective of running us down financially. The Shawano Police

Chief Ed Whealon and other Gestapo regularly come around to all this Indian man’s

businesses and give citations for alleged violations of city ordinances requiring

soda, beer, gaming and cigarette licenses despite the fact that he was in full

compliance with the law and police orders. They have even given his employees

citations for trespassing when they allegedly stepped over the property line while

trimming weeds.

In March, April, and May of 2008, every time we had the hotel rented out for a

private party, the Shawano City Police showed up and demanded that they be

allowed entry to do an inspection. At Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s direction,

her pot-bellied storm trooper Police Chief Ed Whealon issued a whole series of

citations for things as ludicrous as failure to light the bar after hours. When we went

to trial on all the citations, we were found guilty. Thereafter, we appealed. Since the

City forgot to keep their transcript and follow proper procedure, the cases were

dismissed. Then, a year and a half later, they turned around and issued the

same citation to someone else in management.

On December 22, 2009, that matter was tried in front of Schofield/Weston Municipal

Judge Kristine Weirauch. Just like Hitler’s time, she also decided to join the racial

and religious discrimination conspiracy and aligned herself with Shawano Mayor

Lorna Marquardt through her common race and religion. On January 19, 2010, we

received an order finding that this second person was guilty. After the case was

dismissed, at Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt3s direction they can just turn

around and issue the same citation to someone else over a year later? What is

that called? You don’t have to be an attorney to understand the illegality of their

conduct. But where can SIST go with it? What crime did SIST or its personnel ever

commit? The crime is the color of the Indian businessman3s skin.

Just like during Hitler’s era, through the commonality of race and religion, the

judges are aligned with Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt to fight against the

“foreigner” in their midst. In earlier centuries, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s

ancestors and her church went and forcefully robbed and stripped the wealth of

other lands. Today, under the color of law, the history repeats itself. They issue

baseless citations. SIST spends thousands of dollars of attorney’s fees to fight them.

Since the local judges are working in conspiracy with Shawano Mayor Lorna

Marquardt, eventually, after spending money fighting the citations and appealing

them, SIST has ended up paying them anyway or the City will not give the Indian his

businesses licenses. It is all part of Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s plan to leech

money from SIST and drain us financially.

Ever since SIST built a $12 million race track in Shawano, leading City and Town of

Wescott officials have done everything in their power to hinder and impede, using

the “noise” excuse or other regulations to shut the track down and limit our hours of

operation to hurt us financially. Before a hearing on our conditional use permit,

Lorna Marquardt got on the radio encouraging everyone to come to the hearing to

complain about the “noise”. At her behest, people came out of the woodwork to

complain about the noise when in reality the go-karts that drive on our track make

virtually no noise in comparison to the “Nights of Thunder” at the Shawano

Speedway right in the middle of downtown Shawano which is headed by Lorna

Marquardt, as the mayor.

In early 2005, SIST purchased a parcel of land in Shawano for overflow parking for

the racetrack during major international events. These events brought millions of

dollars in revenue to the City. The City ran out of accommodations, food, and

merchandise. As soon as Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt learned that SIST

purchased the property for overflow parking, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and

her secret crusader organization measured the distance between the racetrack and

the overflow parking lot. They then quickly passed an ordinance making it illegal

for overflow parking to be located more than 750 feet from the main business site.

Since the overflow parking lot SIST had purchased was just over the 750 foot limit, it

effectively made it impossible for SIST to use the lot for which it was purchased. As

the site had already been advertised as the overflow parking lot for months in

advance, some spectators automatically parked in the lot. As a result, we received

citations and the spectators were forced to move their vehicles and park along the

side of the road. When they parked along the side of road, Shawano Mayor Lorna

Marquardt sent her Gestapo to give each vehicle citations for parking along the

road. But when the fair or countless other events are occurring within the City,

people can park anywhere with no problem. As an intelligent person, measure the

depth of her racial prejudice and discrimination.

This Indian man also owns a number of properties which are rental properties.

Whenever he gets a potential tenant, these xenophobic Christians tell them not to

rent from him. Then, Lorna Marquardt and her fellow crusaders turn around and

accuse him of having vacant buildings. For tenants that do ultimately rent from this

Indian businessman, Lorna Marquardt and her delegates interfere with the

relationship. For example, this man from India owns a restaurant which he leases for

a Chinese restaurant. Charlene Helms, the Shawano Downtown Business District

Coordinator, reviewed the lease given to the tenants and told them not to sign it and

not to pay any rent. To this day, they have not signed the lease nor have they paid

any rent.

This Indian businessman owned the largest restaurant in Shawano which was leased

to a tenant out of Indiana which operated a family restaurant called Ponderosa Steak

House. Lorna Marquardt, other Shawano City officials, businessmen, and the

Shawano Police Department met and conspired together to demolish and destroy

this man’s building. The tenant was nearly two years behind in rent and owed this

Indian businessman over $200,000. Eventually, in June 2008, the tenant was given 30

days to either pay up or move out. They did neither. At the end of August 2008, I

was notified that in the middle of the night, property was being stripped from the

restaurant. I happened to be in Shawano at the time and went to the property to see

what was going on. Cars were parked all around the building in the dark and about

24 people were removing items from the building. I had not even gotten out of the

car when the Shawano City Police arrived. I stepped out from the car, identified

myself and told the police that I had just come to see what was going on and that

property that belonged SIST was being stripped from the restaurant. The police

ordered me to leave the property. I explained in detail that I was an attorney, that

the people that were on the site were trespassers as the lease had been terminated

over two months ago, and offered to go retrieve the legal file. I was told that all that

was irrelevant and that I needed to leave the property. Totally unexpectedly, two

Shawano City Police officers, Ryan Atkinson and another, placed me under arrest,

jumped on me, twisted my arms behind my back, manhandled me and took me to

jail. I am a small, unimposing attorney and did not even raise my voice in my

conversations with the Shawano City Police officers. Many hours later, I was

released from custody with a charge of loitering on our own property, a legal

impossibility. After my release, I had two dislocated wrists and two dislocated


The following day, I again received a call that nearly a hundred cars were parked at

the restaurant and the property was being gutted and destroyed. I once again went

to the site. Upon arrival I saw that cars, trucks, and trailers, were parked all around

the building with at least a hundred people milling around removing furniture,

fixtures, and equipment from the building. Apparently, the local radio station

advertised that everything in the building was available for pennies on the dollar.

As soon as I arrived on the scene this time with legal documents in hand, the

Shawano City Police arrived. I was ordered by Shawano City Police Chief Ed

Whealon to leave the property under threat of arrest. Throughout the entire day, I

was forced to watch from the public sidewalk as this Indian man’s building was

gutted, pillaged, and destroyed at the direction of Lorna Marquardt. Anyone else

from the public in this racist Christian town could go on the property and remove

anything they wanted but this Indian businessman or his staff could not set foot on

their own property. The police refused to assist the Indian man and claimed that it

was a civil matter. In fact, the police spent the entire day ensuring that this Indian

man’s staff did not try to stop anyone from gutting, pillaging and destroying the

building. In fact, people brought in chain saws and sawzalls to cut down signs, cut

off plumbing pipes, and remove electrical fixtures. In its current state, the building

will take at least $500,000 to repair and refurnish. What was the reason for the

rapine? Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and other members of the secretive

Christian Crusader organization did not want the Indian man to operate the

restaurant and to compete with other restaurants in the town. In their view, it would

be devastating if someone of such an inferior race were allowed to compete with

restaurants owned by members of Lorna Marquardt’s secretive Christian Crusader

organization. Two weeks after the demolition, I was charged with another crime for

being on the premises the night of my arrest, obstruction of justice.

Lorna Marquardt and her Christian Crusader group have treated this Indian

businessman and SIST differently than anyone else and passed and/or used laws and

ordinances to hinder, impede and obstruct SIST’s business operations. The City of

Shawano has illegally taken our business licenses away and refused to give some of

them back. With respect to the Indian’s businesses, the rules change daily. The City

demanded that all taxes on all SIST’s real estate holdings needed to be paid before

licenses could be issued. After SIST tendered payment for all taxes, still licenses

were not given. Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s sycophants have refused to allow SIST to

pay real estate taxes on individual properties. All real estate taxes owed on all SIST

affiliated properties have to be paid at one time. The Christian Crusaders have even

required that over $250,000 be paid in cash; not cashier’s check, not wire, not

business or personal check, actual greenbacks. That cash, had to be carried inperson

by SIST personnel, no one else could bring it.

Lorna Marquardt and her Christian Crusaders have tampered with utility meters. As

mayor, Marquardt is the head of the local utility company, Shawano Municipal

Utilities, hereinafter “SMU”. They have passed policies which only apply to SIST.

SMU has repeatedly changed the utility meters on SIST businesses or residences of

SIST personnel replacing them with meters with increased gear speed so that utility

usage has increased ten-fold overnight. In fact, last week, the meters were changed

at SIST businesses again. Even though SIST has been current in paying these

outrageous utility bills, SMU illegally disconnects the power from time to time at

their whim. It is just another part of their plan to suck some blood from the Indian.

SMU employees have intentionally come to SIST businesses pulled out wires and

then accused SIST of tampering with the meters. SMU employees at Marquardt’s

direction have stormed SIST businesses at all hours of the day to disconnect the

power. The local gas company for Shawano is WE Energies. Marquardt has used her

influence to persuade WE Energies to engage in similar conduct.

The Christian Crusader group has interfered with telephone communications. Every

Friday, almost without exception, the phone systems in his hotels go down. As

everyone knows, in the hotel industry Friday is the busiest day of the week. The

same service calls are placed every week and, as always, it takes them the vast

majority of the day before the phone systems start working again. Conversations on

our phones are often followed up by a call to the person we were talking to

threatening that person not to have anything to do with us. Our corporate cell phone

lines are also being tapped, recorded, and interfered with. A cell phone tower was

erected within 200 feet of our company headquarters to track our movements. Bugs

were planted throughout his property. Complaints to the FCC have gone nowhere.

So to where is this Indian businessman supposed to turn?

Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt sends her emissaries dozens of times a day to SIST

headquarters to drive by screaming obscene epithets learned from their bible study

teachers, to throw rocks, eggs, tomatoes, and beer bottles, to shoot arrows through

his windows, and start his trees on fire. The Christian Crusaders and/or their

internuncios have fired bullets at SIST properties, blown up a bomb, cut Dr. Cohen’s

mail in the shape of a pistol and put it back in his post office box, leafleted various

SIST businesses with death threats, posted death threats on various SIST properties,

and repeatedly called various SIST business establishments making threats of the

same. All of these death threats have been directly or indirectly directed at the

businessman from India. Thereafter, the report of the bullets being fired has been

removed from the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department at Lorna Marquardt’s


Through their common race and religion, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and her

Christian Crusader organization have wrapped their tentacles around the judiciary

system including Shawano Municipal judges, Shawano County judges, Wisconsin

Appellate Court judges, the Federal District Court judge in Green Bay, Wisconsin,

Seventh Circuit Appellate Court judges, and even U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge

Kevin Gross in Delaware. This Indian businessman has spent millions of dollars in

legal fees and has not been successful in a single case. This Shawano group meets

with potential litigants, officials, judges, attorneys and others, at least bi-monthly to

strategize on ways to proliferate more litigation, protract existing, and strategize on

ruling to ensure he loses. The rulings made by these judges are astounding. The

judges routinely find excuses to exclude all of this man’s evidence in every case for

one reason or another. Even the most outrageous, illegal conduct is encouraged and

condoned. Lenders illegally foreclose, misappropriate funds, and are illegally

granted ex parte receiverships.

WO weeks ago, Lorna Marquardt and other members of the Christian Crusader

organization met in Shawano to plan how to capture SIST’s $12 million world-famous

racetrack. The attorney representing the lender surreptitiously and illegally went to

Shawano County Judge Habeck following that meeting and without notice to us, got

himself appointed as receiver of the property. Before we even knew about the

Order, twelve law enforcement vehicles appeared at the racetrack and ordered all

SIST employees off the property under threat of arrest. They were not even allowed

to take their personal belongings. Dozens of contractors, maintenance persons,

employees, board members and others have belongings on the property. The

receiver refuses to return the property and claims it all belongs to him. Where can

the Indian man go to get justice? Where can all these people go to get their

property back?

In another recent case, this same Christian Crusader attorney illegitimately filed for

foreclosure on another of this Indian man’s properties even though all payments

under his contract had been made. This attorney, working with another Medford

County Wisconsin judge who also belongs to Lorna Marquardt’s secret Christian

Crusader organization illegally granted the attorney a receivership. The receiver

immediately called the police and changed the locks on the buildings so SIST

representatives would have no physical access to the properties. The Indian

businessman’s representatives were ordered by the police not to set foot on the

properties. If they did so, they would immediately be arrested. Consequently, they

were unable to even collect some of their own personal belongings which were on

the premises. Thereafter, the receiver immediately brought eviction actions against

all tenants who were employed by SIST affiliated businesses. Naturally, all of those

evictions were granted. Then, the receiver, working in conspiracy with Shawano

Mayor Lorna Marquardt, hired Doug Knope, the Shawano Fire Commissioner and

Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s right-hand person, to start needlessly replacing

the HVAC units in all the apartments with new units. Besides being the Fire

Commissioner, Doug Knope is a major businessman in Shawano. Due to Shawano’s

limited population, his businesses had been struggling and he did not have enough

jobs. To run up our expenses in the event that we try to claim the apartment

buildings back, Doug Knope was told to replace all the HVAC units with new ones to

run up a $40-50,000 bill.

Conveniently, for the past 19 months, the attorney and receiver has collected all the

rent from the buildings. While we have been provided no accounting of any sort,

based upon the income generated during our operation of the properties, the

receiver should have collected nearly $140,000 since being appointed receiver.

Contrary to the requirements of the Court Order, however, the receiver has not paid

any expenses in connection with the operation of the properties. The real estate and

personal property taxes on the buildings remain unpaid. Now despite the City of

Shawano’s knowledge of the fact that the taxes are to be paid by the receiver, the

City of Shawano at Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s direction demanding that SIST

pay the taxes or else they will take away business licenses from other properties.

One time a man who used to be on SIST’s board, called Lorna Marquardt a redheaded

orangutan since Lorna Marquardt has red hair and he was upset about her

actions against SIST. Lorna Marquardt immediately went to Tom Grover, Shawano

County judge, and got harassment and restraining order and filed a lawsuit against

him and SIST. That lawsuit is still pending. In the media every day, President Bush,

President Obama, and thousands of other politicians are criticized, ridiculed, and

cartoon characters are drawn of them. Have any of them ever thought about suing?

But, in Lorna Marquardt’s homemade court, any lawsuit against Dr. Cohen or SIST


Lorna Marquardt has used the local media to propagate her racial vendetta against

the businessman from India. The City has worked concertedly with the Shawano

Leader, the local newspaper, WTCH, the local radio station, and many local

television stations. The most appalling works have been done by Channel 7, a CBS

affiliate television station out of Wausau, Wisconsin and WLUK Fox 11 out of Green

Bay, Wisconsin, which have aired a number of unconscionable programs against

SIST and its Indian President, and then posted their programs on the internet. Their

sites are being used to make death threats, racial slurs, and outrageous baseless

allegations against the Indian businessman, to incite and encourage the public to

physically and sociologically harm him and ultimately kill him, and destroy SIST’s

businesses. Other local television stations which have joined the campaign include

WBAY Channel 2, an ABC affiliate; WFRV Channel 5, a CBS affiliate; NBC 26, an NBC

affiliate. Thereafter, these Shawano City officials forged a relationship with Rick

Ross, a hostile, sociopathic, sexually perverted individual, who claims to be a cult

expert and hosts a website at . Rick Ross is a career violent

criminal offender with convictions for burglary, robbery, extortion, embezzlement,

and kidnapping. Within minutes of publication in the local paper, the slanderous

articles published by the Shawano Leader and other media venues are put on the

Rick Ross website and published around the globe. Since the Shawano City officials

have worked concertedly with the local media venues, they have been able to easily

spread their seditious stories around the globe. The most recent programs are just a

continuation of the tradition that Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt started decades


In complete violation of FCC rules, the media, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, and

their churches have used the local media websites to post death threats against the

Indian businessman such as these:

Someone just needs to take them (SPST) out!??E! nough is enough. Nothing a few

stray bullets from some nearby deer hunters couldn’t manage.

I sure hope he gets the death penalty! TO THE GBLLOWS?

Thank you News 2 for your wovIhwiIe report. Now get the local authorities to

act on this, Old saying Run them out of town on a rail” you know the first


W%ry can’t they go in there like they did in Waco Texas and raid the place

Someone just needs to take them (SIST) out!?l!

Thus, because of all the intentional slanderous and defamatory programs on the

internet, despite our financial credentials, this Indian businessman began to

experience denial for loans regardless of where he applied. As any businessperson

knows, a healthy borrowing relationship is necessary in order for business to grow.

In addition to the attack through slanderous media, the Christian Crusader group

has directly impeded the Indian businessman’s borrowing efforts. I personally have

been at several loan closings, only for the closing to be interrupted by a phone call

to the lender sitting on the other side of the table executing documents. The identity

of the lender, and the location and time of closing were obviously leaked to certain

Shawano City officials either by the local title company employees or Shawano

County employees. Immediately after the phone call, the lenders left the table

requesting more time to consider our request and have refused to answer any phone

calls since then. This has happened time after time.

For the few loans that have actually been surreptitiously consummated, following the

closing, when the mortgage documents are recorded, these racist Christian officials

find out who the mortgage holder is. Then frequent calls are made to these lenders

to ensure that they deal harshly with this Indian businessman, make unreasonable

demands, and urge them to foreclose.

Individuals this Indian man has purchased properties from have received endless

calls from racist Shawano City officials trying to persuade those individuals not to

sell to him. Lorna Marquardt obtained copies of various land contracts to do

personal studies on them with her legal assistants. One can only conclude that the

motive for doing such a thing is not benign. At the Best Western hotel this Indian

man purchased, Marlene Brath, Shawano Treasurer, told the previous owner to send

a letter to the City revoking his liquor license. In good trust, he complied and sent

the letter. Then, the Shawano City Police showed up, shut the place down, and gave

the Indian man citations for operating without a license. This Indian man had no

knowledge of what was going on until after-the-fact. Had the prior owner not been

told to send that letter, the license would have transferred. He then had to go

through a grueling process to get a liquor license. After, the Indian businessman got

the license back, it was subsequently taken away and never returned.

But, it has not ended here. These same leading Christian Crusaders have tracked

this man’s banking relationships. Calls have been placed to those banks, filling

various individuals’ ears with slanderous trash. Without notice, his accounts have

been closed and assets frozen. Chase closed all our accounts and froze $700,000 for

six months. Another bank frozen $300,000. Another bank froze $400,000. Some

accounts were only open one day before they were closed, some only open one

week, and some only one month. It has happened time after time. As any

businessperson knows, this would cause major havoc in the functioning of any

business particularly in a country like the United States where most people buy on

credit. Not a single bank in the great Christian City of Shawano will open an account

for this Indian man. With all the negative publicity on the internet every time an

account is closed, it takes a long time to find another bank that is willing to open an

account. Once the account is opened, as soon as the Christian Crusaders find out

where the account is and start making their calls and threats, you can be assured the

account is closed shortly thereafter.

Likewise these same bigots and the Shawano Leader have tracked this Indian man’s

property purchases. Every time he purchased a property, the Shawano Leader, the

local newspaper, published who the property was purchased from, how much was

paid for it, and who financed it. Additionally, the articles rehash the history of all

prior property purchases. An October 11, 2004 Shawano Leader article, even

published a map showing the location and address of each property purchase. Has

the Shawano Leader done this to anyone else? Does the Shawano Leader ever

publish about anyone else’s property purchases and who holds the paper on the

property? Further, are the articles not hints to vandals as to which properties to

target? No wonder only this man from India’s buildings get vandalized repeatedly.

The buildings are burglarized, windows are broken, and people drive into the sides

of the buildings, spray graffiti, and dump truckloads of garbage on his properties.

A number of the properties SIST purchased were vacant and had been vacant for

many years at the time that we bought them. We bought them with a very specific

business venture and purpose in mind. Every time we try to renovate the buildings

or do improvements which would allow us to open up new business, Shawano Mayor

Lorna Marquardt sends one of her fellow crusaders, Mike Miller the Shawano

Building Inspector, to stop the work. It has happened time and time again. Then, the

Christian Crusaders complain about vacant buildings. It is just another lie. Of

course, the buildings cannot be rented out either because she tells all potential

tenants not to rent from us. So, what is the Indian supposed to do? What is the

purpose? It is to drive the Indian out of town so the Christian Crusader vultures can

capture the properties for pennies.

Since Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt took office, we have been approached by a

number of people, some of which were Shawano City officials and some were even

Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s right-hand people, who demanded that we sell

our assets and leave Shawano. A prominent businessman in Shawano told us that the

City of Shawano, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, and her church were not going

to change their racial views towards SIST and its President. We were told that if we

did not leave, then the City of Shawano would do whatever it needed to do to get rid

of us. To that end, throughout the years, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt has come

up with scheme after scheme in an attempt to destroy our business operations and

bring about the demise of SIST’s Indian President. Throughout the years, we have

uncovered countless plots to destroy us. While we have been wounded by these

ploys many times, at least we have managed to survive. Naturally, our sales have

declined precipitously as a result of the actions of Lorna Marquardt and her Christian

Crusader organization. Eventually, it led to our filing for bankruptcy protection in


Lorna Marquardt and her minions have contacted every federal, state, and local

agency to file baseless complaints against SIST, its President, and other SIST

personnel. She has filed complaints with the Internal Revenue Service, Wisconsin

Department of Revenue, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development,

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, Wisconsin

Department of Health and Family Services, Wisconsin Department of Commerce,

TSA, and the FBI. Due to the baseless complaints, allegations, and accusations made

by Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt; SIST, its Indian President and other SIST

personnel have endured years of needless torture, interrogation, harassment and

financial drain. Using her race and religion as a sword, Shawano Mayor Lorna

Marquardt has been able to get officials from these agencies to join her Christian

Crusade. Many of these officials have openly made racist, hostile, and derogatory

remarks about SIST’s Indian President.

Robbing money from SIST is nothing new for Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt.

Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt has been repeatedly involved in stealing money

from SIST. Her best friend, the Shawano Police Commissioner, stole $180,000. Her

friends at The Diner in Shawano stole nearly $180,000. We pay more taxes than

anyone in Shawano, our meters are increased, and Lorna Marquardt openly

campaigns against our businesses. Every year our taxes go higher and higher. As

her ancestors have done throughout the centuries, robbing people of their wealth is

nothing new to Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt.

Her latest scandal was the “hit list”. Lorna Marquardt and her fellow Christian

Crusaders contacted a man from Canada named Robert Cameron who approached

us under the guise of wanting to be hired as a promoter for a racetrack owned by an

SIST affiliate. On the condition that he was hired as the promoter for the business,

Robert Cameron was going to lend us $10 million against the racetrack. SIST was

required to pay $175,000 advance on the promoter fee and the loan was to be

funded within 24 hours. Extensive loan and business consulting documents were

executed. In fulfillment of our obligations in accordance therewith, the $175,000 was

wired to Robert Cameron. After receiving the $175,000, Robert Cameron

disappeared and never funded the loan or showed up to begin promoting the


A couple of weeks later, Cameron showed up at an SIST business and told us that he

had been planning the swindle with Lorna Marquardt and other officials for months

to destroy SIST properties and financial power. After he successfully robbed SIST of

the $175,000, Cameron said Lorna Marquardt and other members of the secretive

Christian Crusader group held a party in celebration of his success and gave him a

pat on the back for a job well done. To cover-up their robbery of our $175,000,

Lorna Marquardt and her associates generated a “hit list” which contained the

names of a number of people in Shawano and directed Cameron to go to authorities

some of which assisted in authoring the list claiming that he had been hired as a “hit

man” in exchange for the payment of the $175,000. According to Cameron and

media reports, the “hit list” was entitled “Red Rum”.

Based upon their fabricated “hit list”, the following day, Wednesday, November 12,

2008, Shawano City officials alerted the world of their seditious terror and instituted

a security alert in the City of Shawano. Based upon their concocted list, they claimed

that the lives of sixty people had been threatened and that SIST was the suspect.

Since the media were in their pockets, ready to show their bigotry at every chance

they got, within minutes, the Shawano City officials were able to spread this

venomous lie across the country and start a baseless, treasonous national security

alert against SIST. On the evening of November 13, 2008, I gave a Press Release

which exposed the conduct of the City. Not surprisingly, the following morning,

November 14, 2008, I was arrested while I was at a court appearance in Shawano

City Hall on some bogus citations issued at Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s


All of a sudden, metal detectors were clanking throughout City Hall where Lorna

Marquardt’s throne is exulted. Boorish Shawano law enforcement officials polished

their clodhoppers, scrubbed the years of grit from beneath their fingernails, and

loaded on the grease to smooth their dirty, disheveled hair. Security hand wands

came into Shawano by the truckload as the boorish, illiterate, cowhand officers tried

to understand how to use the simple wand. It was a comical sight indeed to see

Shawano law enforcement officers thrust out their chests and strut around the

manure-covered town of Shawano with a new aura of importance. Two or three

police cars escorted Lorna Marquardt anywhere she went. Their mission was to

cover up Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s criminal acts and put on a good show

for the world to see how awful SIST personnel are. Lorna Marquardt called upon the

media members of her secretive group: Mike1 Lauber of Channel 7, a CBS affiliate;

Lou Hillman of WLUK Fox 11; Natalie Arnold of WBAY Channel 2, an ABC affiliate;

Tammy Elliot, Erin Davisson, and Tom Zalaski of WFRV Channel 5, a CBS affiliate, to

keep blasting her lie. Ironically, after a few days, Shawano City officials grew tired

of their show and the security screening was dropped.

Approximately two weeks later, we began receiving text, email, and voicemail

messages from Cameron making death threats on the lives of SIST personnel if we

did not work out a deal with him quickly. We were afraid for our lives and had no

interest in having any further contact with him. As the FBI was involved in this setup,

we had no one we could turn to for assistance. Apparently, what Cameron was

looking for was for SIST to give him title to the racetrack or else he was going to go

on public television and say that he had been given the $175,000 to hire him as a “hit

man”. Needless to say, SIST did not give in to Cameron’s blackmail and refused to

have any further contact with him.

Through craftiness Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt inherited from her forefathers

who did heinous things to the Jews in time past, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt

quickly fabricated a story to defend herself which she decided to propagate through

Cameron’s mouth. Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt called upon a member of her

own religion, Mikel Lauber, reporter for Channel 7 out of Wausau, Wisconsin, a CBS

affiliate, whom she had used extensively to blast her racial hatred and discrimination

against this Indian man and his businesses. In fact, early in Shawano Mayor Lorna

Marquardt’s career, she had called upon demons that helped her ancestor Hitler.

Within minutes, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt had an epiphany which told her

that to be successful in any evil deed she needed to call upon the media.

Shortly thereafter, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt called upon Mikel Lauber once

again. Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and Mikel Lauber selected Syrian-born

Armen Keteyian as the right person to vilify and pillory SIST and the “Indian man”

because he and his family are known for their Anti-Semitic behavior. Throughout his

career, Armen Keteyian has proudly expressed his Anti-Semitism. Mikel Lauber and

Armen Keteyian joined together to do a national story about Shawano Mayor Lorna

Marquardt’s fabricated hit list in hopes of giving her lie more legitimacy, hiding

Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s criminal activities, and thus bringing about the

demise of SIST personnel more expediently. In the CBS national program, as

Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt directed, Cameron claimed that actually SIST paid

him $175,000 to kill sixty people in Shawano. As a result of that monstrous lie, SIST

and its personnel have suffered tremendously.

Thereafter, inspired by Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, Mikel Lauber, and Armen

Keteyian, other media venues have picked up the CBS story orchestrated by Lorna

Marquardt. Those media outlets now assert the unconscionable allegation that I as

CEO and in-house counsel for SIST was engaging in “murder-for-hire”. Since then,

the local media have aired program after program regarding this “hit list” and have

continued to propagate Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s hit list scandal.

Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and her constables, created a “hit list”, stole our

money, and then started deadly propaganda to cover up their crimes which they

intend to propagate until they have been successful in bringing about our demise.

Can you imagine? If I were not in the middle of this nightmare, I would find it hard to

believe. In this day and age of globalism, where everyone in the world feels they

belong to the same community, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, other Shawano

City officials, and their church do not share this sentiment. They are so bigoted that

they refuse to accept that anyone with a different race or religion from them is even

human. Every day I wake hoping that things will be different; unfortunately, it has

only gotten worse.

To conceal their dirty deeds, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and the Shawano

Police Department have incessantly gone to multiple local media venues to

forcefully disseminate their lie that SIST threatened the lives of sixty people.

Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and her executioners generated the list as it was

part of their death sentence for SIST. SIST and its personnel did not have any

involvement in the creation of such a list. People that have known SIST throughout

the years, including many judges on Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s “hit list”,

know that her list is a farce. In court proceedings held in Shawano following the “hit

list” scandal, two prominent male Shawano County judges openly said in court that

they know SIST is not a threat to anyone and that when Shawano Mayor Lorna

Marquardt called the secret meeting about the “hit list” they did not even bother to

go. Federal Court Judge Griesbach in Green Bay, following a similar recusal motion

brought by SIST, said that “the threat does not appear genuine” and furthermore that

“the FBI advised the Court that its investigation is closed, since it was unable to

corroborate any of the information provided by Cameron.” Other Shawano City

officials scoffed at the security measures and directed SIST personnel around the

screening checkpoints knowing it was all a hoax.

Despite the fact that the FBI investigation revealed that no crime had been

committed by SIST or members of its Board of Directors, Lorna Marquardt’s secret

Christian Crusaders keep blasting “hit list”, “hit list”, “hit list”. When the FBI

investigation was closed, Lorna Marquardt was furious and ordered them to reopen

the file. Still they have found nothing. Lorna Marquardt and the other members of

her secretive Christian Crusader group continue to propagate the lie with the

knowledge that if you keep repeating a lie, pretty soon it will become truth.

Lorna Marquardt is now celebrating that she attained many new media members in

Baltimore: WBFF Fox45 Baltimore, ABC2News Baltimore, WBAL TV Baltimore, WJZ

13 Baltimore, MSNBC MSN Baltimore, and the Baltimore Sun, to join her Christian

Crusader group and vociferously propagate her “hit list” lie and the other

prevarications she has created and propagated throughout the decades. Highly

confidential sources reveal that the media were instructed by Shawano Mayor Lorna

Marquardt to fabricate stories, propagate them hard, and hit Dr. Cohen and SIST


What exactly is Dr. Cohen’s crime that it warrants such a charade? The crime

is that his race, skin color, and religion are different from those of Shawano

Mayor Lorna Marquardt and her group of Christian Crusaders. Throughout the

centuries, their loathsome religion has been used to decimate civilizations,

destabilize governments, incite racial tensions, enslave peoples of other races, and

strip the wealth of other lands. In earlier centuries and decades, Christian

Crusaders came openly to force their conversion of others through the Crusades,

Inquisition, and Holocaust. Today, under the color of law through the use of the

media, law enforcement agencies, other oversight agencies, and the judiciary

system the same goal is accomplished.

SIST and Dr. Cohen had nothing to do with Tuesday’s incident. The media, as

members of the secret Christian Crusader group, used the incident as an

opportunity to slander, defame, and assassinate the character of SIST and its Indian

President. The media broadcasts were conceived out of racial and religious

discrimination. The FBI was at no point involved with Wednesday’s incident, nor

have they ever been at Dr. Cohen’s Wisconsin property. Confidential sources reveal

that the accident that occurred at 3716 Michelle Way was nothing unusual. Granite

slabs fell and one adult was injured. But, the Baltimore Police Department at the

instruction of Lorna Marquardt and her law enforcement officials in Shawano started

fabricating stories to propagate the racial and religious vendetta against the Indian

businessman, Dr. Cohen, through their secretive Christian Crusader group whose

mission is to destroy peoples of other races and religions by creating the most

intensive, dirty, spectacular, and bizarre story that anyone has ever seen.

All of these falsehoods are created, reported and promoted by the media and these

secretive members of the Christian Crusader group headed by Lorna Marquardt

who is out to create hate and unrest against the Indian businessman. Dr. Cohen is an

upstanding Jewish American citizen with nothing to hide. Dr. Cohen and SIST

personnel have done absolutely nothing wrong, ever. To divide people of the

same race or religion against one another is one of the many ways this Christian

Crusader group works. Using Manny Perlman as a ‘witness’ to the so-called

suspicious behavior seen at the Indian businessman’s property was one way to

create division and unrest between two people of the same community.

In a Christian country, a person has no right to life, and justice is a farce. In our socalled

Christian democratic society, the minorities are powerless and face

helplessness and hopelessness. For the Indian businessman, the streets of this

Christian land have not been paved with gold but rather with blood, tears,

intolerance, and hate.

Let the world know that Lorna Marquardt is doing the dirtiest job ever in human

history. Dr. Cohen was never born a Christian, never raised a Christian, is not a

Christian, and will never be a Christian. In his opinion, Christianity is dirty and filthy

and is the most dangerous death cult in human history. What Lorna Marquardt, the

Shawano law enforcement authorities, Baltimore Police Department, and media, both

in the Midwest and the East Coast, are doing against a businessman from India is

clear evidence of what Christians have done to people throughout the ages. It is

psychological, physical, and financial exertion against a person to force him to be

converted to Christianity. It’s never going to happen. Millions of Jews have died but

have never changed from the ways of their fathers. Dr. Cohen will never change.

Murder, blood thirstiness, and fabrication of stories are the root of the Christian

bible. Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt has been setting people up to fabricate all

sorts of stories against SIST and its President just like her forefathers did when they

started the blood libel story, the lie that Jews kill Christian children to use their

blood to make matzos. To this day, people in Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt’s

church believe this. This lie was used to justify the Crusades, Inquisition, hundreds

of smaller massacres and climaxed with the Holocaust. The Christian bible is full of

lies from beginning to end and that is why and how Lorna Marquardt can do such a

dirty job and vociferously propagate lie after lie.

The history of the Christian religion, and our experience, are sown thick with

evidence that truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal. History

repeats itself that, “a lie told often enough becomes the truth.” As stated by Mark

Twain, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its

shoes.” Throughout the centuries, Christianity has demonstrated it is an intolerant

religion. Its hands are dripping with the blood of the innocent. No religion on the

face of the earth has committed so much evil. Its history is one of murder, torture,

deceit, power, and control. Its motto is be converted or be killed. Since we have

refused to be converted, we are on death row.

The time has come that since we cannot seem to get any fair media coverage in this

Christian land, we will have foreign media broadcast the facts. I will not tolerate

such character assassination any longer. This whole episode is nothing but a racial

and religious discrimination propaganda campaign. The United States government

should take knowledge of what is occurring and consider how it looks in foreign

countries where people are more intelligent than Christian assassins.

At the same time Christian Crusaders are involved through their churches in

sending missionaries all over the world. The people in those countries need to hear

about the racist nature of Shawano City officials, in particular Shawano Mayor Lorna

Marquardt, the media, and their religions. Those countries need to send those

missionaries home. For years, Shawano City officials, in particular Shawano Mayor

Lorna Marquardt, through their like-minded chauvinistic media, have blatantly

expressed their racism and xenophobia. If these Shawano City officials, in particular

Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt, cannot treat this man from India fairly, they have

no right to send their emissaries to other countries to exercise their racial

discrimination against the innocent peoples of other lands and to destroy the family

values, heritages, and cultures that have preserved peoples of other civilizations for

thousands of years. While the dirty works of this religion continue around the globe

it also continues right here in the United States where a person’s race, religion and

affiliation determine their right to existence. The “Holy Way” that has been waged

against the Indian businessman, openly demonstrates for the world the “freedom”

minorities have in the United States of America.

I request an urgent investigation into this matter by the U.S. Department of Justice,

by the Attorney General, by Human Rights Organizations, and any other agency

concerned for the health and well-being of a fellow American. If these actions are

not stopped, only history will tell who will be its next victim. Today, it is the Indian

businessman. Only time will tell who will be next.


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