The Shawano Police Department Helped Destroy The Ponderosa Building




Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt Orders that SIST Properties be Demolished by her Gestapo (Shawano Police Force)






The event occurred on the evening of August 24th, through the entire night and the following day, August 25, 2008 until 10:00 p.m.

S.I.S.T. purchased the Ponderosa building in early 2003. William Janney of Shaw-Bay, Inc., an Indiana corporation, was leasing the building on a triple net lease.  Being that the Ponderosa was the largest restaurant in Shawano, the Ponderosa was a local gathering place for various City officials and businessmen and the site where many meetings were conveniently held.

[Photo inserted by myself, not from authors document]

Shawano is Neo-Nazi territory where it is believed people of other races and religions have no right to life.  Due to the fact that the President of SIST is a man originally from India, the mayor of the town, Lorna Marquardt, and other officials have conspired and devised countless schemes to destroy SIST properties and businesses and bring about the demise of SIST personnel.  The people in the area and particularly their fearless leader, Lorna Marquardt, are known for their White Supremacist feelings and Jim Crow mentality.

Surprisingly, Lorna Marquardt, the hair dresser turned bank teller turned mayor,  has dynamically trapped the media, print, visual, and audio, the judiciary and law enforcement authorities in her race and religion glue trap by igniting the right fuse.  This former hairdresser and bank teller dynamically united and glue trapped, using race and religion as the bait, all these people to hate and be united to destroy SIST, its affiliates, and personnel.  Like her forefathers, popes and Martin Luther, Lorna Marquardt has prepared all of these people as Crusaders to go against SIST and its affiliates.  Lorna’s resounding success in Shawano reveals narrow-mindedness of the members of our judiciary and media.  Thus, this group of Crusaders aligned themselves together and formed a secretive, racist organization whose sole function is to wage psychological, physical and financial war against SIST, its affiliates, and personnel.

Thus to prepare and strategize on the mission and progress of each Crusade, since 2003 the Neo-Nazi group has held regular meetings.  Many of these meetings occurred at the Ponderosa as it is a large and convenient gathering place.  Said “hate rallies” are attended by various Shawano City officials, media, local business persons and the judiciary.  Naturally, SIST’s tenant participated in the rallies.

Beginning in 2004, after the secretive, racist meetings commenced, SIST began experiencing difficulty in collecting rent from Janney.  Obviously, emboldened by his membership in the group, Janney felt no need to pay rent or comply with any of his contractual obligations.  Under the terms of the lease, Janney was responsible for the maintenance and repair of the building, both interior and exterior.  In accordance therewith, SIST requested that certain repairs be made to the building on numerous occasions. While we were given many promises that rent would be paid and that the building would be repaired, neither came to fruition.

Since January 2004, Janney had not paid the full contractual rent on a single month.  As of May 2008, Janney was eighteen months behind in paying rent.  SIST tried to resolve the matter amicably for over two years and had been more than patient.

Finally, in May 2008, SIST’s attorney gave Janney a notice of termination of lease which required payment of past-due rent in full or vacation of the building by June 1, 2008.  Janney ignored the notice and did not pay any rent, attempt to make arrangements to pay the rent, or vacate the building.  Subsequently, SIST engaged in many negotiations with Janney for an orderly transition of the business which would allow the employees to remain employed and the business to remain open although SIST would be taking a monetary loss of $200,000 for agreeing to the same. Plans had been made for the same including meeting with existing management personnel, Malea Norton. Norton was to continue as the manager, all the same employees were to remain employed, the Ponderosa franchise was to be transferred to SIST, and business was to continue as usual without any interruption. What actually occurred was entirely the opposite.

Apparently, Janney never had any intention of keeping the promises he made with respect to the negotiations either.  Rather, unbeknownst to SIST, Janney had been meeting with City officials at the secret meetings.  Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt and other members of the secretive Christian Crusader organization did not want the man they labeled a “dot head” to operate the restaurant and to compete with other restaurants in the town.  In their view, it would be devastating if someone of such an inferior race were allowed to compete with restaurants owned by members of Lorna Marquardt’s secretive Christian Crusader organization.  Thus, Janney had just been pretending to negotiate to gain more time to stay in the restaurant rent-free.  In so doing, Janney gained nearly three months of time.  When Janney saw that the time had come that he either had to comply with the settlement or execute on Lorna’s secret blueprint, he chose to follow Lorna’s command.

On Sunday, August 24, 2008 at about 11:00 p.m. I received a call that a number of cars were at Ponderosa, parked in the dark, on the front lawn, and that items were being removed from the store. I was shocked and surprised at the message and rushed to the site. I arrived at the Ponderosa at about 11:10 p.m. Although it was long past the normal closing time, at least a dozen cars were in the parking lot. Approximately twenty employees were in the process of hauling items out of the store and loading it into their vehicles. I pulled into the parking lot and before I could even get out of the car, a group of employees came running out of the store screaming, swearing, and taking my picture through the car window. After a few minutes, the employees went back into the store. As I was on the phone, attempting to finish a conversation, I had not gotten out of the car yet. A couple minutes later the police arrived on the scene, namely Atkinson and another officer and came up to the car.  I got out of the car and Atkinson immediately told me that I needed to leave. I told him that I was the CEO of the company that owned the property and that I had a right to be there.

Thereafter with a glare of hatred in his eyes, Atkinson then accused me of causing a disturbance which I told him was untruthful as I had not said a word to anyone. I had just gotten out of the car when the police arrived. How could I be causing a disturbance when I had just gotten there? Atkinson then told me that I needed to give a 24-hour notice to be on the property.  Obviously, Atkinson must have attended Lorna’s hate rallies and heard the discussions regarding Janney’s lease with SIST.  I explained to pompous Atkinson that he was incorrect and that in fact the lease had been terminated nearly three months ago.  Furthermore, the lease provided that we had an immediate right of entry to the property.  I further explained to racist Atkinson that I had no intention of going inside the building and I offered to show him a copy of the lease. Atkinson told me that the lease was irrelevant and that I needed to leave in five seconds.

I told Atkinson that he was mistaken and should call his supervisor as it is not possible to be loitering on your own property particularly when all the other people who were on the property were trespassers and had no right to be there. Atkinson said he is the supervisor. Atkinson then told me that I was being cited for loitering and was under arrest. Atkinson and the other officer each grabbed one arm and twisted them behind my back and put the handcuffs on. Atkinson proceeded to lift my handcuffed arms behind my back so they could tighten the handcuffs so tight my hands went numb. I experienced immediate, sudden, excruciating pain in my arms and shoulders. The pain was so sharp and agonizing that it nearly took my breath away. I had a key ring on my finger when I had gotten out of the car. While they were twisting my arms the key was digging into the palm of my hand. I asked to be allowed to take the key ring off my finger. Atkinson refused and pulled the key ring off my finger nearly breaking my finger in the process. I was placed in the police car and taken to the police station for booking. It was obvious that Atkinson was taking out his hatred for SIST on me physically.

I was under excruciating pain in my shoulders and arms. As the handcuffs were so tight, the blood supply to my hands was cut off and they were numb. When I got to the police station, the handcuffs were only able to be removed with great difficulty. Obviously, Atkinson had intentionally twisted and tightened the handcuffs to hurt me. Eventually, much later, I was released.

I left the police station with dislocated bones, bruises, welts, and strained muscles from my gross mistreatment from Atkinson. For those of you that know me, I am a quiet, unimposing, and non-threatening attorney. Throughout my entire conversation with Atkinson, I never once raised my voice. But, yet, I was arrested and mishandled for being on our own property.

A few hours later, around 7:00 a.m., on Monday August 25, 2008, I began to get calls that people had arrived at Ponderosa and were hauling items out of the property again. I went back to the Ponderosa property again and was met by Officer Party who informed me that I could not be on the property. I showed Officer Party our lease and explained the legal rights I had to be on the property. Meanwhile, it had been advertised on the radio and by word-of-mouth that all the furniture, fixtures, and equipment at Ponderosa were for sale. Consequently, members of the public were coming with their trucks and trailers and hauling things out of the front and back doors of the property. I told Officer Party that at the very least, I had the rights of any other member of the public to be on the property. She agreed and left shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, I helplessly watched as the property was gutted and destroyed. The employees came with drills and Sawzalls and were removing things from the property. The police refused to assist and claimed it was a civil matter. As the employees knew they were doing what they were doing with the full support of the police department, they continued to systematically destroy the property while various members of the public continued to load their cars, trucks, and trailers with items many of which belonged to us.

A short time later, Shawano Police Chief Whealon arrived on the property with several officers. Whealon ordered me off the property. I again attempted to explain to him that the store was being pillaged and destroyed, and items were being removed that did not belong to them. In his loud thundering voice he told me to shut up. He was not interested in hearing anything. I was told that I did not have any right to even be in the parking lot. Whealon had officers surround me and I was given a final warning to leave the property under threat of arrest. Whealon told the Ponderosa manager that if I stepped off the public sidewalk onto the grass, they were to call the police so that I could be arrested. Norton also reported that she was instructed to park cars in the entrance to the driveways and to have employees standing there guarding the entrances to the parking lot to ensure that neither I nor my employees enter the property.

For the remainder of the day, members of the public, entered the Ponderosa and removed property. We were forced to watch from the sidewalk and the road, as the property was pillaged, destroyed, and gutted with the full support and encouragement of the police department. The employees taunted, harassed, and threatened us as we spent the entire day on the sidewalk, public right-of-way and Mountain Bay Trail taking pictures of the pillage. Throughout the entire day, the police came to the site repeatedly to ensure we did not go on our own property. As Ponderosa Destructionthe entrances were blocked at police direction, the members of the public often just drove through the lawn or ditch to load their vehicles. Load after load of items were carried to the Shell gas station across the street from the Ponderosa.

Throughout the saga of the day, William Janney, who was not even in Shawano, called the police repeatedly. On one occasion, three officers came to arrest one of my employees for taking pictures. Twenty minutes later, I was threatened by a Ponderosa employee with a Sawzall, called names, and nearly knocked to the ground as I stood on the sidewalk. We called the police. They claimed everyone was dealing with a burglary and no one was able to come. After many, many calls to the police department, Noah Bunt finally appeared. He refused to take any action with respect to the conduct of that employee. Whenever William Janney called from Indiana the police department was ready to jump but whenever we called, they were always too busy.

Finally, at about 10:00 p.m. on August 25, 2008, after about 15 hours of property destruction, the employees left and we finally could enter our own property. The condition of the property is enough to make you shudder. The property was entirely gutted. Light fixtures had been removed. Plumbing fixtures had been removed leaving open sewer pipes which drew millions of flies. The stench and filth in the kitchen made my stomach curdle. The ceiling was black with mildew and was entirely missing in certain areas. Some tiles were made of pieces of saran wrap which had been taped together. The walk-in cooler and freezer doors were held together with duct tape. The insides of the refrigerators and freezer were rusted, deteriorated, and moldy. The walls and ceilings were rotted, had holes, and very poor patch jobs. Hoods had been removed which left gaping holes in the building. The stench from the garbage was overpowering.

I really wonder where Lisa Lucht with the State Health Department has been for all these years to allow a public place to continue in this condition. When we took over Best Western, Lisa Lucht gave us a six page list of items to correct in the restaurant and bar within two weeks. The condition of Best Western restaurant was impeccable compared to the Ponderosa. Then, when we were unable to complete her six page list in its entirety within two weeks, Lisa shut the restaurant and bar down. You can be sure that if the Ponderosa was transferred to SIST, Lisa would have shut the restaurant down on the first day and rejoiced all her way back home for the great deed she had done against someone she hated.

SIST spent nearly three months negotiating with William Janney through his attorney, Randy Crocker from Milwaukee, Wisconsin law firm name, trying to iron out the details of a smooth transition. Obviously, in disguise, Mr. Janney and his like-minded attorney, Randy Crocker, were merely using the negotiating time as a delay tactic while they formulated a plan with Lorna Marquardt, the police department, and other prominent figures in town to destroy the building and buy as much time as possible to remain in the building rent-free. Day after day passed and week after week passed as Mr. Crocker was out, in depositions, sick, on vacation. The list excuses went on and on. Obviously, William Janney, Lorna Marquardt and other city officials did not want SIST to have the rent it was owed or the Ponderosa franchise since their plan is to destroy SIST financially. So, William Janney with the support of Lorna Marquardt and the City honchos gutted the building, cancelled the franchise, and left the building in such a state that it will take $700,000 or to a million repair and refurnish the building before SIST can use it for any purpose. This whole episode is part of the plan to cripple SIST financially.

Where can we go from here? In broad daylight, just like the days of Hitler, Lorna Marquardt used her Gestapo, the police department to demolish the building. The victim was abused, humiliated, tortured, and mistreated. With hatred emanating from their faces, Whealon and Atkinson took the opportunity to abuse their position of authority. All right here in this city we may as well call “hell”.

The public is welcome to come and see the condition of the property for themselves and make their own conclusions about what really happened at the Ponderosa.

This incident is just the tip of the iceberg and a demonstrative example of the racial prejudice and discrimination SIST faces under the dictatorship of Lorna Marquardt, the Christian racist. I have heard about incidents such as this taking place in other countries but I never thought it would or could take place in the United States. But, it happened right here in Shawano, Wisconsin a city where prejudice, discrimination, and miscarriages of justice have occurred against SIST for years solely due to the race of SIST’s President.  I am a first-hand witness of it.  The pictures that were taken during the incident speak for themselves about what really happened to the Ponderosa building.


6 responses to “The Shawano Police Department Helped Destroy The Ponderosa Building

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  2. I personally know the “SIST” folks AND the DA’s, a couple of judges and alot of the sheriffs, and cops there. YES Shawano IS racist, AND they make MOST of their revenue from locking up their citizens for things like “unpaid seat belt” tickets. All one has to do is go to the court house for a day and read some files, it’s all “public record”. I retired here from Milwaukee. I’ve traveled the world, owned businesses and homes, raised kids and have been very successful. I have NEVER seen a town that abuses it’s citizens and the “legal” system like Shawano. It is a negatively conservative town and such a shame. It has great potential, AND some of the nicest people I’ve ever met…INCLUDING “SIST” members. The leader of their group is India and practices Jewdaism…..THAT’S why the leadership hates him and his group. Do you know, he wanted to invest MILLIONS in this town and the leadership said “nope”. Because they are racist fools who want to turn back time and keep this town in the 1800’s, white and “Christian”. Funny, leadership doesn’t act very “Christian”.


  3. This is pretty bogus. I can say that most of this is false. The fact of the matter is that S.I.S.T. (which is pretty much what they are) is a huge wart on the face of Shawano, the people of Shawano know of what really happened, they know how their mayor really is, and what their justice system really does. The people are unhappy with the system in this city, however, they are going to be taking their town back from the man who tried to steal it. We all know what he is trying to do, he is just as evil as our mayor, if not more. S.I.S.T owns too many properties here in Shawano, they let the maintenance go out the window, let the buildings rot, and just NOW they are starting foreclosure on him due to not paying ANYTHING/Rents/Taxes. Shawano wants its city back, and Shawano WILL get its city back.


    • So, you are so clued in to all the details that you can honestly say you don’t believe there have been any prejudices, racist intentions, bias, discrimination, etc.? Really? Huh, maybe you should let all of us know the details so we can understand the picture more clearly. If SIST doesn’t have any funds as you are implying by saying they aren’t paying ‘ANYTHING’ then how are they such a ‘threat’ to Shawano? If you really know what your mayor is like and what the justice system of Shawano is really! like then why is SIST the only one publicly pointing it out? Why isn’t anyone else fixing the system? I have heard stories from many a Shawano resident about some pretty crooked dealings that have taken place within the city government and local law enforcement.
      Do you know associates of SIST? Have you met the founder? Have you talked to the CEO? You can’t know or understand anything about a situation only based on what local biased media groups say. Do you think it is right than that a person is discriminated against because of his religious beliefs? Because he is a different color? From a different country? You don’t really know anything about the matter. And if you think it is ok for people to treat other people like dirt for 30 years because of small town rumors and gossip than you too are part of the problem. And when or if you ever own a business and there is a conflict between you and the person leasing it, I’ll remind you that it’s not illegal for the employees to walk out with everything. The police should just stand there and defend the criminal. Now that’s justice…


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