Why Do Our Gas Station Customers Have To Prepay?

Why Do Our Customers Have to Prepay?

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

It is no secret, that Lorna Marquardt, the Christian Mayor of Shawano, has done everything in her power to hinder, impede, and interfere with our businesses because she hates that man that is the President of our company.

As most of our loyal customers know, SIST has been in the gasoline business since 2002.  SIST understands the economic times and has always been sensitive to its customers by keeping the gas prices low.  SIST has always striven to offer the best products and services to its customers. Lorna hates SIST’s gas prices.  Lorna feels that SIST has no right to do business in Shawano since its President is a businessman from India. Thus, Lorna has used her influence to fight vehemently against SIST’s gas stations.  Lorna feels that regardless of price, everyone should patronize the gas stations owned by her “Neo-Nazi big boys” that have taken cover under her apron, preyed upon the public’s pocketbook, and monopolized the gas market in Shawano for years.  SIST’s gas prices have been the subject of countless meetings and closed door sessions between Lorna and her big boys as they have strategized on ways to put SIST out of business.

One of the ways that Lorna is using to run SIST down financially is to promote and encourage drive-offs from SIST’s three gas stations in Shawano.  Each station has two to three drive-offs per week.  To-date, SIST gas stations have had 1,082 drive-offs. To cover-up her atrocities, Lorna has installed her grandson, Jeff Lenzner and son-in-law, George Lenzner, in law enforcement in Shawano. When SIST employees call the Shawano Police regarding the drive-offs, Lorna sends her grandson, Jeff Lenzner.  According to Lorna’s grandson Jeff, “because it’s a cult place people are just too afraid to come inside to pay”. When SIST employees call in with the license plate number, the employees are put on the witness stand about how they can be sure that they have the correct license plate number for the drive-off.  SIST employees are harassed and interrogated rather than the criminal being investigated.  Another famous excuse is that the customer was just “in a hurry and they did not have time to stop to pay” or the customer “just plain forgot” to stop and pay for their gas.  At the end of the day, nothing is done about it.

Finally, in response to public outcry, SIST posted a message on its message board informing the public about Lorna’s activities.  Mysteriously, for the first time since 2002, SIST did not have any drive-offs for seven weeks in a row.  Then commencing at 3:50 p.m. on April 19, 2011, SIST faced on onslaught of drive-offs.  Obviously, heinous Lorna and notorious Police Chief Whealon decided to accelerate their attack on SIST by sending their emissaries in a series to destroy SIST’s financial power.  All drive-offs were reported to the police.  Rest assured nothing will be done about it.

Unfortunately, in order to protect our ability to continue to provide low gas prices to our customers, we had no option but to go to prepay.  Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.  We sincerely appreciate your continued loyalty and patronage as we work together to combat the racial discrimination and hate crimes of Lorna.


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