Help Free Five Innocent Men

New DNA test results prove that nine Chicago-area men were convicted in the 1990s of crimes they didn’t commit. Five of them remain behind bars, including Innocence Project clients Michael Saunders (left) and Jonathan Barr (right). Prosecutors are refusing to cooperate with the Innocence Project and other attorneys seeking their release.

Innocence Project supporters spoke up on behalf of nine men wrongfully convicted in Chicago, and Chicago prosecutors are hearing our voices.


This week our partners at, the Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth and the Exoneration Project hand-delivered a petition to Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, with 66,700 signatures calling on her to overturn nine wrongful convictions.

The nine men were convicted of two separate murders three years and 12 miles apart, but their cases bear striking similarities. All nine were teenagers when they were arrested. Seven of them confessed under pressure, and all seven have since said the confessions were coerced during intense interrogations. Five of the men remain behind bars today.

Watch a video above of the petition delivery – featuring moving statements from Terrill Swift , one of the men convicted in the Englewood case, and several others.

And sign the petition here.


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