We Are The 99%

Thousands of Americans have gone to the streets to protest the corporate influence and power within our political system.  Is it enough?  Ann Wright, a Army colonel and political activist at Occupy Washington does not think so.  She says that the ‘Occupy’ movement is still in the beginning stages.  Ann also says that the European movements have been and are much larger that the one here in this country.  In order for the ‘Occupy’ movement to become more effective it has to grow and gain much more momentum than it currently contains, we will need millions more to be involved.

Rage Against the Machine guitarist and political activist Tom Morello, who has been at several ‘Occupy’ movements says that as time goes on it will continue to develop and grow stronger.  Rapper and political activist Immortal Technique has also joined the ‘Occupy’ protests and he says that the movement should never end because the moment it ends, democracy itself has ceased to exist.

The following interview is done by RT (Russian Times) of rapper and activist Immortal Technique at Occupy Wall Street.  He makes a lot of good points and I recommend you watch it.


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