Operation Peter Pan: Catholic Church stole 14,000 children from Cuba taken to USA


Operation Peter Pan (Operación Peter Pan or Operación Pedro Pan), was an operation coordinated by the United States government (in particular the U.S. Department of State and Central Intelligence Agency), the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami, and certain Cubans. Between 1960 and 1962, over 14,000 children were sent from Cuba to Miami by their parents. The operation was designed to transport the children of parents who opposed the revolutionary government, and was later expanded to include children of parents concerned by rumors that their children would be shipped to Soviet work camps.[1] With the help of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami and Monsignor Bryan O. Walsh, the children were placed with friends, relatives and group homes in 35 states.



2 responses to “Operation Peter Pan: Catholic Church stole 14,000 children from Cuba taken to USA

  1. I thought you were above parroting claims made in Wikipedia, particularly entries manufactured by Cuba’s Ministry of Interior and its intelligence service. If you had paid attention, the claim that the CIA was involved with Operation Pedro Pan is being contested in the Wikipedia entry. In fact, I challenge you to find conclusive evidence that the CIA created and operated the Operation. Research shows that the opposite is true. On the other hand, the CIA has publicly denied involvement in the operation as a matter of policy in several occasions, although it has repeatedly admitted to having schemed to destabilize and overthrow the Castro communist government in the 1960s.


    • Prove it isn’t true!! The CIA publicly denied it, ha!! so that makes it all better?? The CIA is the biggest liar and criminal out there, I wouldn’t believe a word they say. Especially if they are denying something than it is even more likely to be true!


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