Hell was invented by the Church to Instill Fear says Priest

“Religion is always in the CONTROL business” says Priest. He adds that hell is an invention of the church to control people with fear.


One response to “Hell was invented by the Church to Instill Fear says Priest

  1. John Shelby Spong… I recognized his face right off the bat. God bless him. He needs it – as we all do. However, his statements, over time, have increasingly become vitriolic, even to the point of lunacy. He certainly teaches against most everything considered holy or sacred, and denies scholarly research based upon historical and archaeological finding. He is like a modern day Holocaust denier – he denies the truth of evidence, even when such evidence is undisputed and overwhelming. He is a genuinely misguided man.

    From an historical perspective, most theologians agree that Hell is not an invention of the Church, for even Jesus Christ taught about it. The word translated in the New Testament as Hell is the Greek word gehenna, which was in it’s day, a veritable garbage dump – an unclean and diseased place where all sorts of filth was discarded and incinerated, from which dogs, vultures and other scavengers consumed carrion (ate their meals). It was for Jews, a place where one did not belong, and which they avoided, not only for the sake of private of public health, but for religious and ceremonial reasons, as well.

    Toward accuracy, honesty and truthfulness, it may interest you to know that John Shelby Spong is not Catholic, but is instead, Episcopal.


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