Naomi Isaacson: Demands Judge Vacate Illegal Order and Quash Arrest Warrant

From the Desk of C.E.O. Naomi Isaacson, J.D.


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For those of you that haven’t heard or been following the latest developments in the long saga of racial discrimination in Minnesota, on Thursday, December 08, 2011, Bankruptcy Judge Nancy Dreher, the Catholic Witch Hunter, issued an illegal order for my arrest and detention.  Let’s get into a brief history of this illegal, malicious order.  The order is illegal, unethical, and is an affront to the dignity of the justice system.  The order violates my rights as a citizen of the United States.

I am the President of Yehud-Monosson USA, Inc.  I am also CEO for the parent company of Yehud-Monosson USA, Inc., the Dr. R.C. Samanta Roy Institute of Science & Technology, Inc. hereinafter (SIST).  SIST is a 501(c)(3) educational institution founded by a businessman from India.  SIST and its personnel have faced severe racial discrimination because its founder is a businessman originally from India who would not consent to do the dirty job for the church to bring unrest politically and sociologically in India.  SIST, its affiliates, and its personnel have been targeted and victimized by the church.

In March of 2011, Yehud-Monosson USA, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization.  Immediately after filing, Colin Kreuziger from the Office of the United States Trustee, filed a motion claiming that the bankruptcy filing was done in bad faith and requested that the case be converted from a Chapter 11 to Chapter 7.  As a representative of the United States Justice Department, Colin Kreuziger is supposed to be impartial and neutral.  Instead of being fair and impartial, he has been the most bigoted, discriminatory, bestial agent of the church.  Colin Kreuziger’s source of information is outrageous negative propaganda disseminated by his church.  For years, the church has used its media, to saturate Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the entire country with false, slanderous and defamatory negative propaganda against SIST and its personnel to fulfill their agenda.  Colin Kreuziger of the United States Trustee’s Offices waltzes into the courtroom with a foot high stack of his church’s propaganda against the Debtor, its parent company, and its personnel.  Thus, Papal Drummer Colin Kreuziger has to pull out the bullhorn for his church to disseminate their propaganda.  Papal Drummer Colin Kreuziger’s entire motion for conversion was illegally based upon his church’s propaganda yet he himself will not tolerate a word against his church.

Since the church is in control of the Bankruptcy Court, even before the motion for conversion was filed, it was predetermined what the decision was going to be. The case was assigned to an avowed Jesuit, Bankruptcy Judge Dennis O’Brien.  Jesuit O’Brien refused to allow Debtor to have an evidentiary hearing.  Debtor was not permitted to present any evidence in its defense. In fact, on the day of the conversion, Jesuit O’Brien in conspiracy with an IRS agent from St. Paul named Patricia Patton, and Papal Drummer Colin Kreuziger of the U.S. Trustee’s Office, submitted a falsified affidavit claiming that the SIST’s tax exempt status had been revoked.  That made conversion from an 11 to a 7 possible.  On papal orders, on the day of the hearing, Jesuit O’Brien robotically marched into the courtroom spewed forth “this case is hereby converted.”  So, it was.  The illegality of the conversion is incomprehensible.

Without further ado, Nauni Manty was immediately appointed as the Chapter 7 Trustee since it was pre-planned way ahead of time which mindless numbnut would follow church orders with a vengeance.  Immediately Grand Inquisitor Nauni Manty froze not just this Debtor’s accounts, but all of SIST and its affiliates’ accounts even though it was clear she had no legal authority to do so. When calls were made to her office, she was not available, could not be found, and never returned phone calls.  Hundreds of checks were returned as “refer to maker”.  SIST and affiliates paid thousands of dollars in return check fees due to her illegal actions.

Since the date of conversion, June 16, 2011, all the assets and adversary actions of the Debtor which were worth tens of millions of dollars have been liquidated for pennies and donated by Grand Inquisitor Nauni Manty with the blessings of Jesuit Judge O’Brien to members of the Catholic Church. Investigate for yourself where the Debtor’s assets went and what happened to the tens of millions of dollars of assets of this company.

Following the liquidation of all the assets of the company, Grand Inquisitor Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty filed a motion for turnover of Debtor’s records with Judge O’Brien, the dastardly Jesuit.  Despite our valid legal objections, the Turnover Order was signed without a proper hearing. Thereafter, in compliance with Jesuit O’Brien’s bogus Turnover Order, as the President of Yehud-Monosson USA, Inc., I produced every piece of paper in the Debtor’s records.  In fact, Grand Inquisitor Nauni Manty performed her duties with such maliciousness and zealousness, that she was given a promotion by the church from Grand Inquisitor to Jesuitess, an epitome of evil, lies, deceit, and treachery.

In earlier centuries, the church openly displayed its power and burnt people at the stake for “blaspheming” or challenging the legitimacy of the church. Today, the church has the same power only it runs the show behind the scenes. The church has the power to punish anyone they so choose, kill who they so choose, and torture who they so choose.  So, since I am the President of Yehud-Monosson USA, Inc. which is affiliated with an Indian businessman who disobeyed their orders, the church has been planning out how to hurt me especially since I have been vocal in exposing their dirty deeds against SIST.  So, Jesuit O’Brien, Jesuitess Nauni Manty, and Papal Drummer Colin Kreuziger, had a series of meetings.  Together they came up with the idea that one way to punish, harass, and torture was through a baseless contempt motion.

So, after the records were all produced, Jesuitess Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty filed a motion seeking a finding of contempt and incarceration for failure to produce phantom documents and documents which she already has.  Jesuitess Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty’s motion for contempt alleged that documents were missing even though she could not point to any specific document which was missing. The company was not even in business for three months before the case was converted.  As an intelligent person, ask yourself how many records is a company that is only in business for three months going to have?  How can some vague statement as “we know records are missing” be sufficient to find anyone in contempt unless there is some conspiracy due to common race and religion?  The truth of the matter is that legally it is not possible.  Since I publicly exposed the fact that O’Brien is really a Jesuit working undercover, after the motion for contempt was filed, O’Brien, quickly recused himself from the case.  The case and mission of the Jesuit was then reassigned to a secret Catholic Knight Witch Hunter, Nancy Dreher.

The hearing on the motion for contempt was set for November 17, 2011 at 1:30 p.m.  According to the Certificate of Service, both Debtor’s attorney and Papal Drummer Colin Kreuziger of the U.S. Trustee’s Office received the same notice which indicated the hearing was set for 1:30 p.m.  Obviously Witch Hunter Nancy Dreher, Papal Drummer Colin Kreuziger, and Jesuitess Nauni Manty met together to discuss how to proceed.  Thus they all secretly decided they would have the hearing at 1:00 p.m. rather than 1:30 p.m. when Debtor might be present. The hearing started promptly at 1:00 p.m. and was held as expeditiously as possible before Debtor or its attorney would appear.

Debtor’s attorney arrived at 1:20 p.m., ten minutes prior to the scheduled hearing time.  Upon her arrival, Witch Hunter Dreher’s clerk informed Debtor’s attorney that the hearing was already over, and Jesuitess Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty and Papal Drummer U.S. Trustee Colin Kreuziger had already left.  Unless it was preplanned, how is it that Papal Drummer Colin Kreuziger, Jesuitess Nauni Manty, and Witch Hunter Dreher all appeared at 1:00 p.m. when the notice everyone received indicated the hearing was set for 1:30 p.m.?  Obviously, the three Catholic beasts felt it would be much easier for the matter to go be default “under the color of law” rather than having to hear the case on the merits.  When Debtor’s attorney heard that the hearing was already over, she protested to Witch Hunter Dreher’s clerk as to how the hearing could be held before the scheduled hearing time and showed the clerk the Notice which Debtor received setting the hearing for 1:30 p.m.  The Witch Hunter Dreher’s clerk informed Debtor’s counsel that since there was some “confusion” about the hearing time, the matter was being continued to December 6, 2011.  But, he did not tell her that the matter had gone by default.

Shockingly, however, the following day, November 18, 2011, even though Witch Hunter Dreher knew of the feigned “confusion” regarding the hearing time, she issued an order by default that mandated my appearance on December 6, 2011 at 3:00 p.m.  The only possible explanation is that this entire episode was preplanned by the three Catholic emissaries.  By 1:20 p.m., how could the hearing already be over and Witch Hunter Dreher on the bench hearing another matter? I want the public to take knowledge of the kind of “justice” executed by Witch Hunter Nancy Dreher.  It is just like “justice” during medieval times.

Immediately after entry of the Default Order, Debtor asked Witch Hunter Nancy Dreher to vacate her order, Witch Hunter Dreher refused.  First of all the Default Order should never have been entered.  Since it was, if she was sincere about the “confusion” regarding the hearing time, she should have been quick to vacate the order.  Since she did not, it only reinforces the conclusion that it was a conspiracy. Just because Nancy Dreher is a judge does not exempt her from following the law.  She has just as much a duty to obey the law as I do as a legal professional and a citizen of the United States.  This Order is illegal, unjust, unethical, and offends every sense of justice.  It makes a mockery of our justice system to people in the United States and the whole world.  Meanwhile, we are traveling around the globe starting wars to bring justice because our justice is better.  Where is it?

In Debtor’s motion to vacate, Debtor exposed the conspiracy of the three Catholics zombies, Witch Hunter Nancy Dreher, Jesuitess Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty, and Papal Drumer Colin Kreuziger of the United States Trustee’s Office.  Thereafter, out of personal malice, Nancy Dreher set out on a witch hunt to get me for blaspheming against her “church” and exposing her illegal activities.  Who does she think she is?  Apparently since the Catholics are in control of the judiciary, the court system, the media, and every arm of government, Popess Dreher must feel she is infallible also.  I should bow down and worship such a bigot.  I am an American.  Americans bow down to no one but the law.  Since I exposed the illegal activities of Popess Judge Nancy Dreher, Jesuit Judge O’Brien, Jesuitess Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty, and Archbishop Colin Kreuziger of the United States Trustee’s Office, out of personal malice and hatred, Nancy Dreher has issued an order for the U.S. Marshals to pick me up and intentionally put me away for blaspheming against her church’s court and telling the world of their dirty deeds.

Based upon her illegal default order of November 18, 2011, on December 6, 2011, Nancy Dreher held her hearing.  Since I did not comply with her illegal default order mandating my appearance, Popess Nancy Dreher exercises her power to find me in contempt of court and to issue a warrant for my arrest and detention. Contempt of what court?  Contempt of what order?  Her bogus, phony order from her church’s court?  We may as well flush her papal bull order down the toilet.

History repeats that every Catholic is instructed to do their part to fulfill the wishes of the Vatican and conceal its atrocities.  Popess Judge Nancy Dreher is aware of the church’s agenda for SIST and its affiliates.  She is also well aware of the reason that this Debtor is in bankruptcy.  Yehud-Monosson USA, Inc. was not in bankruptcy because it had poor management, mismanagement, or poor business practices.  It was in bankruptcy because it had been targeted by the church as a business affiliated with a businessman from India.

Of late, the main instigator of racial discrimination is church agent Lorna Marquardt, the Mayor of Shawano, Wisconsin who is of Catholic and Lutheran origin and boasts that she is a descendant of Martin Luther and Hitler.  The truth that no one wants to hear is that SIST never had any type of financial problem until Lorna Marquardt started campaigning against SIST to destroy its financial power.  Prior to the onslaught of the attack many years ago, SIST and affiliates were flying with financial power and glory.  Lorna Marquardt was indignant that someone of a different race and religion was more successful in “her town” than other members of her common race and religion.  Thus, she has been working for years to drive SIST out of town and rob its properties. Throughout the years, SIST has faced incident after incident of discrimination.

Of all SIST’s assets, the largest and most valuable asset is a world-class racetrack/amusement park which is located just outside the City limits of Shawano, known as USA International Raceway, hereinafter (“USAIR”).  Throughout the years, Lorna Marquardt had been in contact with SIST’s lender on the property.  Eventually, the lender charged us thousands of dollars to come and view the facility.  In reality, he also came to meet secretly with Lorna Marquardt to strategize on how to steal the track.  Shortly thereafter, the lender filed for foreclosure on the property even though we were current in all our payments.  The attorney representing the lender named Steve Krueger drafted an order appointing himself as the receiver of the property and met the black-robed bigot (Judge Habeck), who is a prominent fellow member of the Catholic Church, in a coffee shop to have the order rubber stamped.  Steve Krueger showed up at the Indian businessman’s property with the Shawano County Sheriff’s deputies and Lorna Marquardt’s City Police force even though it was illegal for the Shawano City Police to be there as it was outside their jurisdiction.  At gunpoint, all employees were ordered to leave the property and leave their personal belongings behind.   Since then, we have watched helplessly as the world-class $12 million property, USAIR, which brought millions of dollars to the City of Shawano, has been systematically and methodically deteriorated and destroyed.  Now USA International Raceway is a dead end and the dead bone of a giant.  Until this day, SIST has had no justice anywhere.  The so-called judge, J.R. Habeck is a Catholic, Steve Krueger is a Catholic, and Lorna Marquardt is both Catholic and Lutheran.  What chance does SIST have?

Attached hereto is an explanation of how another one of SIST’s prime properties was reduced to rubble by Lorna Marquardt and her emissaries. Read it, smell it, eat it, and either digest it or vomit it.  That is the kind of justice that the minority sees in the United States. The minority has never had justice.  It is the biggest lie.  One has to be Catholic in order to find justice in the United States. The judiciary and court systems are controlled by Catholic monsters.

Previously, because I exposed Lorna Marquardt’s murder scandal, I was picked up by the U.S. Marshals and nearly killed while in custody.  Now that I exposed Popess Dreher and her co-conspirators’ illegal activities, she has come after me with her personal vendetta to use the same army, the U.S. Marshals, to put me in jail again because I won’t surrender to her dirty pig religion and honor her as infallible.

Prior to the onset of the Yehud-Monosson USA, Inc. bankruptcy debacle, I received a morbid warning from Lorna Marquardt, “be converted or face the consequences”.  I refuse to be converted.  History repeats itself that the White “church” race always work together to oppress the minority through the justice system, through the media, and through various law enforcement agencies under the pretense of law.  Popess Nancy Dreyer’s latest illegal order is a prime example.

The atrocities of the Catholic Church are countless.  It is a religion dripping with blood.  The hundreds of millions of people who are the martyrs, the tortured, the murdered, and the robbed by the Catholic Church have cried out for centuries to be heard; for someone to hear their cry and tell the world their plight.  But the media is controlled by the Catholic Church so its victims, like me, never have a chance to tell the world their story.

For years, the church has used its media, to saturate Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the entire country with false, slanderous and defamatory negative propaganda against SIST and its personnel to fulfill their agenda.  This includes every media such as the Minneapolis Star & Tribune, WCCO, Pioneer Press, Rochester Post Bulletin, KSTP, CBS, WSAW, NBC, CNN, Shawano Leader, Milwaukee Journal, and innumerable other media outlets.  Not a single media has taken a stand for justice.  For decades, every single day the media have been blasting stories against SIST and its personnel since every media is controlled by the Catholic Church.  Either it is owned outright by the church or the church a major stockholder.  Freedom of speech and freedom of press only apply to the church.  The church can say anything it so chooses and print anything it so chooses against its enemies because it holds the pen and the microphone.

What about the millions of innocent children, many from Minnesota, which were and are being molested by priests every day?  What about their anguish?  Then, the Catholic Church files bankruptcy to avoid paying their poor victims even though they are the wealthiest organization in the world.  Why doesn’t Popess Nancy Dreher liquidate the assets of the Catholic Church to pay its victims?  Instead, Popess Nancy Dreher and her kind, quickly sign the bankruptcy papers and push them under the table.  Since the church has installed their puppets in bankruptcy courts, the judges approve the bankruptcies and the media conceals it.  If some other religion had the same disease as Catholic priests, it would be in the media every day.  Laws would be passed to force that religious group to change their way of life such that priests would not be allowed into the profession without wives and nuns without husbands.   How many bestial predatorial priests are sitting on death row or serving life sentences?  Had it been any other religion, executions would be occurring every day and people would be imprisoned forever.

What about the millions of children that are stolen by the Catholic Church around the world and sold for body parts?  What about the Catholic Church stealing trillions of dollars from the taxpayers under the color of being an exempt organization and pumping it to the Vatican?  What about the Catholic Church bringing millions of illegal immigrants to the United States so their population can outrun that of the Protestants and they can turn the country into another Spain?  The Catholic Church has millions of Jesuits working undercover around the country to fulfill the church’s agenda.  They give orders, pull the strings, and their puppets like Nancy Dreher jump like zombies.  Every media is instructed to conceal the dirty works of the Catholic Church.  Every Catholic is instructed and directed to do their part to fulfill the wishes of the Vatican.  Jesuit Judge O’Brien did his part. Popess Judge Nancy Dreher did her part.  Archbishop U.S. Trustee Colin Kreuziger did his part. Jesuitess Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty did her part.  As usual the dirty Catholic media did their part.

From beginning to end, Yehud-Monosson’s bankruptcy case has been a travesty of justice.  First Archbishop and Papal Drummer Colin Kreuziger of the United States Department of “Injustice” collects all his church’s propaganda against the Debtor, its parent company, and its personnel and illegally uses that as a basis to file a motion to have the bankruptcy case converted from a Chapter 11 to a Chapter 7.  The church illegally ensures that the case is assigned to an avowed Jesuit who will perform the wishes of the Vatican to the letter. On the day of the hearing, Jesuit Judge O’Brien and Archbishop U.S. Trustee Colin Kreuziger in conspiracy with a local nun employed by the IRS create a falsified affidavit which indicates that the 501(c)(3) status of Debtor’s parent company had been revoked.  The falsified revocation made the conversion from an 11 to a 7 possible.  Jesuit Judge O’Brien illegally refuses to allow Debtor to present any evidence, refuses to allow them to hire an attorney, and refuses to allow Debtor to have an evidentiary hearing.  On papal orders, Jesuit Judge O’Brien comes out to the courtroom and spews forth the papal decree, “the case is hereby converted”.

Thereafter, the hand-selected Grand Inquisitor Nauni Manty is selected to liquidate the assets of the company and donate them to members of the Catholic Church and wreck financial havoc on Debtor’s parent company and affiliates.  In fact, when Debtor protested the donations of its assets, Jesuit Judge O’Brien tells Debtor they do not even have a right to object and orders Debtor to be silent.  Thereafter, Jesuitess Chapter 7 Trustee Nauni Manty files a motion requesting that records to be turned over.  Jesuit Judge O’Brien issues a decree that Debtor’s records be turned over.  Debtor produced all its records but then Jesuitess Nauni Manty creates a new lie that some phantom records which she cannot name are missing and files a motion for contempt based upon that lie.

A hearing on the contempt motion is set in front of Popess Nancy Dreher for November 17, 2011 at 1:30 p.m.  In conspiracy and secretly, Popess Nancy Dreher, Jesuitess Nauni Manty, and Archbishop Colin Kreuziger quickly hold a hearing by default at 1:00 p.m. before Debtor or its attorney can appear.  Following the secret illegal hearing, Popess Dreher issues her default hearing mandating my appearance on December 6, 2011.  Popess Dreher refuses to vacate her illegal order.  Based upon Popess Dreher’s illegal order, a hearing occurred on December 6, 2011 and Popess Dreher issues a warrant for my arrest.

Throughout the ages, the church started the blood libel story and used that to justify the Crusades, the Inquisition, and thousands of smaller massacres.  The same continues today.  The church started propaganda against the businessman from India, his personnel, and all the companies the Indian man is even remotely connected with.  That lie keeps being repeated and is being used as the basis to send their crusaders, the U.S. Marshals, to pick me up.

There is no justice system in Minnesota and Wisconsin and legal remedies are a farce.  Racial and religious discrimination are so interwoven into the judiciary system that like the fibers of a blanket, they have become inseparable.  Everyone understands the spoken, softly spoken or unspoken, that judgment needs to be rendered against the Indian businessman who refused to do the dirty job of the church.  SIST’s affiliate, Yehud-Monosson, is in bankruptcy because it would not bow down and join the Catholic cult.

The judges in Minnesota Bankruptcy Court, Jesuit O’Brien, Popess Dreher, and Kressel, are puppets that jump on orders from the Catholic Church.  They all work under one common theme: to defend the cross and sword of the church.  They hold the pen of the church, perform its wishes, and spew forth lies and church propaganda from their mouths.

The order for my arrest and detention is illegal, unethical, unjust, and malicious.  Her irrational and illegal behaviors demonstrate that she is abusing the power of her office for her personal vendetta.  If this were any other ordinary case, a contempt order would be issued and that would be the end of it.  But Popess Dreyer has to send her army after me and call upon all the other angels of death to her aid.   Popess Nancy Dreher’s salary is paid by our tax dollars not by the Vatican.  It is time that she upholds the United States Constitution and laws of the United States rather than following Vatican orders.  I demand that unjust warrant for my arrest be quashed.  I take pride in being an American.  Therefore, I demand justice.  This entire bankruptcy file from its inception must be investigated.

Like during the Dark Ages, you don’t have to be a criminal to be guilty.  If you are not a dirty Catholic, you are worthy of death.  The United States is the only country where the victim goes to prison, and the criminals walk around like the emperors of the earth.


Oppression, Harassment, and Destruction of the Minority


Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt Orders that SIST Properties be Demolished by her Shawano Police Force


Every minority in the United States suffers.  They seek justice and find none.  Peoples from around the world come here because of the publicity that is disseminated that they can find justice and safety.  But when minorities actually come to live here, they discover that the control of who finds justice and safety rests in the hands of church inquisitors.  For the minority there is no justice and no safety.  The media, the judiciary, and government agencies are the tools of the church to oppress and harass their victims.  The church puts its agents into positions of power to fulfill its wishes.  The following incident is a demonstration of the face of “justice” and “democracy” in the United States which occurred in a place called Shawano, Wisconsin.

The Dr. R.C. Samanta Roy Institute of Science & Technology, Inc. (“SIST”) is a non-profit educational organization founded by a businessman from India.    SIST operates a university in India which provides education to underprivileged students.  To support the growth and success of the university, SIST owns and operates a number of businesses and properties in this small town in Wisconsin called Shawano.  I have been the attorney and CEO of SIST for more than a decade.

In 2003, SIST purchased a building in Shawano which was operating as a Ponderosa restaurant.  William Janney of Shaw-Bay, Inc., an Indiana corporation, leased the building from SIST on a triple net lease.  Being that the Ponderosa was the largest restaurant in Shawano, the Ponderosa was a local gathering place for various City officials and businessmen and the site where many meetings were conveniently held.

Throughout the centuries, the church selected its target and used its agents to accomplish its purpose against its victims.  That tradition continues today.  Shawano is Christian White Supremacist territory where it is believed the peoples of other races and religions have no right to live, own property, or exercise their talents.  Sadly, due to the fact that the President of SIST is originally from India, it has been selected as a target of the church.  The church put Lorna Marquardt into power as Mayor in Shawano as its agent to help fulfill its wishes against the Indian businessman.  Thus, since Marquardt assumed power in Shawano she and other Christian White Supremacists have conspired and devised countless schemes to destroy SIST properties and businesses and bring about the demise of SIST personnel.  Not surprisingly, the media, judiciary, and law enforcement authorities joined Marquardt, the hair dresser turned bank teller turned mayor, in her campaign against the Indian businessman.  Thus the founder of SIST, SIST, and its personnel are victims and targets of the church at the hands of its agents, Lorna Marquardt and her Neo-Nazi White Christian Supremacy group, the media, and various governmental agencies.

To prepare and strategize on the mission and progress of each Crusade against the Indian businessman, since 2003 the Neo-Nazi group has held regular meetings.  One of the meeting places was the Ponderosa.  Said Christian White Supremacist “hate rallies” are attended by various Shawano City officials, media, local business persons and the judiciary.  Naturally, SIST’s tenant participated in the rallies.

Beginning in 2004, after the secretive, racist meetings commenced, SIST began experiencing difficulty in collecting rent from Janney.  Obviously, emboldened by his membership in the group, Janney felt no need to pay rent or comply with any of his contractual obligations.  Under the terms of the lease, Janney was responsible for the maintenance and repair of the building, both interior and exterior.  In accordance therewith, SIST requested that certain repairs be made to the building on numerous occasions. While we were given many promises that rent would be paid and that the building would be repaired, neither came to fruition.

Since January 2004, Janney had not paid the full contractual rent on a single month.  As of May 2008, Janney was eighteen months behind in paying rent.  SIST tried to resolve the matter amicably for over two years and had been more than patient.  Finally, in May 2008, SIST’s attorney gave Janney a notice of termination of lease which required payment of past-due rent in full or vacation of the building by June 1, 2008.  Janney ignored the notice and did not pay any rent, attempt to make arrangements to pay the rent, or vacate the building.  Eventually since Janney was not paying or leaving, the parties began negotiations for a transfer of the franchise rights even though SIST would have taken a $200,000 loss for agreeing to the same.

Apparently, Marquardt and her Christian White Supremacy group had a different plan for the building.  Marquardt and her clan did not want the Indian businessman to operate the restaurant and to compete with other restaurants in the town.  In their view, it would be devastating if someone of such an inferior race were allowed to compete with restaurants owned by members of their secretive group.  Thus, Janney was encouraged and coached to pretend to be negotiating to gain more time to stay in the restaurant rent-free. In so doing, Janney gained nearly three months of time.  When Janney saw that the time had come that he either had to comply with the settlement or execute on Marquardt’s secret blueprint, he chose to follow Marquardt’s command.

On Sunday, August 24, 2008 at about 11:00 p.m. I received a call that a number of cars were at Ponderosa, parked in the dark, on the front lawn, and that items were being removed from the store. I was shocked and surprised at the message and rushed to the site. I arrived at the Ponderosa at about 11:10 p.m. Although it was long past the normal Sunday closing time of 9:00 p.m., at least a dozen cars were in the parking lot. Approximately twenty employees were in the process of hauling items out of the store and loading them into their vehicles. I pulled into the parking lot and before I could even get out of the car, a group of employees came running out of the store screaming, swearing, and taking my picture. After a few minutes, the employees went back into the store. Before I even stepped out of the car, two Shawano police officers, namely Atkinson and another officer, screeched into the parking lot and pulled up beside the car.  As I stepped out of the car, I was greeted with Atkinson’s barking order to leave the property. I told Atkinson that I was the CEO of the company that owned the property and that I had a right to be there.

Thereafter with a glare of hatred in his eyes, Atkinson accused me of causing a disturbance.  Disturbance of what: Marquardt’s plans? Atkinson then responded that I needed to give a 24 hours notice before I could come on the property.  Obviously, Atkinson must have attended Lorna’s hate rallies and heard the discussions regarding Janney’s lease with SIST.  I explained to pompous Atkinson that he was incorrect and that in fact the lease had been terminated nearly three months ago.  Furthermore, the lease provided that we had an immediate right of entry to the property.  I further explained to racist Atkinson that I had no intention of going inside the building and I offered to show him a copy of the lease. Atkinson told me that the lease was irrelevant and ordered me to leave the property in five seconds as he claimed I was loitering.  Can you imagine?  In the United States, the so-called democratic giant of the world, the minority does not even have any right to their own property, can be accused of loitering on their own property, and belligerent law enforcement authorities can order them out.  It is a new kind of justice.   I told Atkinson that he was mistaken and should call his supervisor as it is not possible to be loitering on your own property particularly when all the other people who were on the property were trespassers and had no right to be there. Even though he is not, Atkinson blasted back that he is the supervisor.

Without further ado, Atkinson told me that I was being cited for loitering and was under arrest. With the type of brutality we hear occurs in Communist countries, Atkinson and the other officer each grabbed an arm with such force as to nearly pull my arms out of their sockets, twisted them behind my back, pushed my head to the ground, and placed  handcuffs on my wrists. Atkinson proceeded to lift my handcuffed arms behind my back so they could tighten the handcuffs so tight my hands went numb instantly. I experienced immediate, sudden, excruciating pain in my arms and shoulders which nearly caused me to pass out. I was thrown in the police car and taken to the police station for booking. It was obvious Atkinson was doing everything Marquardt instructed him to do at their secret meetings.

After much hassle, I was eventually released several hours later around 3:00 a.m.  I left the police station with dislocated bones, bruises, welts, and strained muscles from my gross mistreatment from Atkinson. I was arrested and mishandled for being on our own property.

Fours hours later, around 7:00 a.m., on Monday August 25, 2008, I began to get calls that people had arrived at Ponderosa once again and were continuing their activities from the prior evening. I went back to the Ponderosa property again and was met by Officer Party who informed me that I could not be on the property. I showed Officer Party our lease and explained the legal rights I had to be on the property. Meanwhile, it had been advertised on the radio and by word-of-mouth that all the furniture, fixtures, and equipment at Ponderosa were for sale. Consequently, members of the public were coming with their trucks and trailers and hauling things out of the front and back doors of the property. I told Officer Party that at the very least, I had the rights of any other member of the public to be on the property. She agreed and left in her vehicle.  Obviously, she went to discuss the matter with her boss in-person.

A few minutes later, Shawano Police Chief Whealon arrived on the property with several other thug

officers. Whealon marched up to where I was standing as if he was going to hit me and ordered me off the property immediately. I again attempted to explain to him that the store was being pillaged and destroyed, and items were being removed that did not belong to them. In his loud thundering voice he told me to shut up, had his officers surround me, and gave me thirty seconds to be off the property.  To avoid being hit by Whealon, I walked off the parking lot and onto the public sidewalk.  In my presence he told the Ponderosa manager that if I even stepped off the public sidewalk onto the grass or parking lot, she was to call him and “we’ll be glad to come and get the bitch”. I thought such an episode could only occur in Communist countries.  Unfortunately, worse happens here.

For the remainder of the day, members of the public, entered the Ponderosa and removed property. I helplessly watched as the property was gutted and destroyed. The employees came with drills and Sawzalls.  As the employees were doing the job for Marquardt, they continued to boldly and systematically destroy the property while various members of the public continued to load their cars, trucks, and trailers with equipment, fixtures, furniture, sinks, toilets, light fixtures, etc.  The Shawano police remained on the property most of the day to encourage the employees to continue to fulfill Marquardt’s wishes.  The employees taunted, harassed, and threatened me as I spent the entire day on the sidewalk, public right-of-way and Mountain Bay Trail taking pictures of the pillage. Load after load of items were carried to the Shell gas station across the street from the Ponderosa. On one occasion, one of my employees stopped by to see the unbelievable sight.   Instantly, three officers were there to arrest him for taking pictures.

Finally, at about 10:00 p.m. on August 25, 2008, after about 15 hours of property destruction when there was nothing left that could be damaged, broken, or destroyed other than burning the building down, Marquardt’s emissaries left and I was able to enter the property.

The condition, stench, and filth of the property were enough to make you shudder. The property was entirely gutted. Light fixtures had been removed.  Holes punched in the walls. Sinks, toilets, dishwasher, and wash tubs had been removed leaving open sewer pipes which drew millions of flies… The ceiling was black with mildew and was entirely missing in certain areas. Some tiles were made of pieces of saran wrap which had been taped together. The walk-in cooler and freezer doors were held together with duct tape. The insides of the refrigerators and freezer were rusted, deteriorated, and moldy. The walls and ceilings were rotted, had holes, and very poor patch jobs. Hoods had been removed which left gaping holes in the building. The stench from the garbage was overpowering.

I really wonder where Lisa Lucht the inspector for State Health Department from Green Bay, Wisconsin has been for all these years to allow a public place to continue in this condition.  Lucht is a member of Marquardt’s secret Neo-Nazi White Supremacy group.  For years, Lucht has been Marquardt’s agent to harass, interfere, and obstruct SIST.  Since Janney was one of Marquardt’s clan, everything was fine.

When we purchased Best Western, Lisa Lucht gave us a six page list of items to correct in the restaurant and bar within two weeks. The condition of the Best Western restaurant was impeccable compared to the Ponderosa. Then, when we were unable to complete her six page list in its entirety within two weeks, Lisa shut the restaurant and bar down. But, everything was alright when the prior owner was in possession because the previous owner is part of her same race and religion.  You can be sure that if the Ponderosa was transferred to SIST, Lisa would have shut the restaurant down on the first day and rejoiced all her way back home for the great deed she had done against someone she hated.

Marquardt wanted to ensure that SIST did not have the franchise, did not get the rent, and that the building was demolished.  Her emissaries performed
her wishes.  The Ponderosa franchise was cancelled, SIST did not collect even a penny of the $200,000 in past rent it was owed, all of SIST’s furnishings, fixtures, and equipment were stolen, and the building needs $1 million to repair before it can be used for any purpose.  This whole episode is part of the plan to cripple SIST financially by Lorna Marquardt.

Where can we go from here? In broad daylight, just like the days of Hitler, Lorna Marquardt used her Gestapo, the police department to demolish the building. Vandalizing and robbing the properties of the innocent occurred not only during the time of the Inquisition in Spain, during the time of the blood libels in Europe and during theHolocaust in Hitler’s era.  It continues even today under the dictatorship of Lorna Marquardt, the Christian White Supremacist.

To which court system can SIST go for justice?  All the members of the judiciary work under the same race and religion motto, to oppress, harass, and deprive members of other races and fulfill the agenda of the church.  They are made of the same dung as Marquardt and her clan.  They are merely chess pieces in the game of “justice” to ensure the minority is kept under their feet.

Truly, there is no justice in the United States.  Under the façade of law, targets of the church are oppressed, harassed, and deprived every day.  With a false smile, hiding behind the law, the judiciary accomplishes their mission to protect the atrocities being committed by members of their race and religion and fulfill the dirty job they were assigned by the church.  This incident is just one in thousands that have occurred against the businessman from India.

Until the International Court of Law moves in, there will be no justice.  Like the Fox Valley Rooster game, the media, judiciary, and law enforcement officials hold the pen of the church, perform its wishes, and spew forth bull crap from their mouths.  The minority has no chance.

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