Philip Brennan: Why I am an Anarchist

Here I discuss much of what I have been debating on Twitter over the past few weeks.

Philip Brennan | | 18 December 2011:

“I am free no matter what rules surround me; if they are tolerable I tolerate them, if they be obnoxious I break them; I am free because I alone am morally responsible for all I do.” – Robert Heinlein

Over recent weeks the European Union has become more Corporatist in nature, as I always knew it would do. We now have two Fascist governments in the EU, that of Greece and Italy, whereby the corporations (namely, Goldman Sachs) have completely taken over the offices of governance. Throughout my debates on Twitter over the past few weeks, I have slowly been coming to the conclusion that all our governments have become intolerable. My ‘Minarchist’ stance that I have tried to maintain throughout these events has finally become impracticable to me, as even a Minarchist form of government is prone to corporate takeover. Small government does not work because over time it will become bloated and prone to corporate takeover. It is the nature of the beast.

“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out without regard to prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.” – H.L.Mencken

The first thing I have to say concerning my change in political stance is that all governments are inclined towards tyranny because it is part of their natural life cycle of Liberty to Tyranny to Genocide to Collapse. The writings of Thomas Jefferson and others have led me to this unfortunate conclusion. Let’s look at some of the things that Thomas Jefferson and others wrote about government.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” – Thomas Jefferson

“In order to bring a nation to support the burdens of maintaining great military establishments, it is necessary to create an emotional state akin to war psychology. There must be the portrayal of an external menace. This involves the development to a high degree of the nation-hero, nation-villain ideology and the arousing of the population to a sense of sacrifice. Once these exist, we have gone a long way on the path to war.” – John Foster Dulles

“Governments need armies to protect them against their enslaved and oppressed subjects.” – Leo Tolstoi

“Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.” – President Theodore Roosevelt.

“To be governed is to be watched, inspected, directed, indoctrinated, numbered, estimated, regulated, commanded, controlled, law-driven, preached at, spied upon, censored, checked, valued, enrolled, by creatures who have neither the right, nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so.” – Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

Just these few quotes illustrate the point I am trying to make that all governments are inclined towards tyranny. It does not matter one jot or tittle whether that the government in question is a Representative Democracy (which is really just a very thinly disguised Autocracy), a Theocracy, a Meritocracy, a Monarchy (Constitutional or otherwise), a Republic, or just an out and out Autocracy. These are just forms of government when it is government itself that is the problem. Regardless of what form a government takes it is inherently inclined to gradually reach a state of tyranny.

Some might accuse me of throwing the baby out with the bathwater but I would disagree with this statement most strongly simply because the government is not the baby here, it is the bathwater. The baby here is We the People. This is where it all boils down to: Do We the People want to remain enslaved to governments that will gradually, inevitably, devolve into tyrannies? I may be only speaking for myself right now, but the answer is a resounding NO.

One could argue that over the past 300 years we in the West have enjoyed an unprecedented period of freedom despite several of our governments falling into tyranny at times – Franco’s Spain, the Third Reich and Fascist Italy to name but a few. One could make that argument, but they would only be fooling themselves to think that this is human progression of a permanent nature. It is actually an Historical Aberration, and one that the ruling Elites are in the process of ending.

Many people do still believe that human progression will eventually end all tyrannies because they are told to believe that through their education and the media, and not because it has any real basis in fact. This is called Manufactured Consent to a false premise. If the mass of people realised that all governments are inclined towards tyranny, then a lot more people would be on the look out for the instruments of tyranny being placed around us, and would soon stand up and stop the progression towards tyranny that we are now on.

Of course, governments by their very nature do not want a well-informed and educated population with critical thinking skills because then they would not be able to get away with half the stuff that they do. So they use the education system and the mass media to manufacture the illusion that they govern by consent when they patently do not. They govern by compulsion.

If you do not believe me, just try to remove your consent from government to govern you. See how far you get before the engines of government come along and try to bring you back in line through threat of fines or prison for daring to exercise your inalienable right to govern yourself. Therefore, the only conclusion one can come to is that we are not governed by consent, but by compulsion. We are compelled to obey governments no matter how objectionable we find them.

The only way mankind will ever be free of tyranny is if it disestablishes all governments and establishes a new system of self-governance whereby the people rule themselves wholly and completely without recourse to a centralised government. I have my own ideas about what kind of a new system might work, which I shall explain now.

I personally think that the best way to do self-governance on a world wide scale is if we disestablish nation states and form autonomous City States no larger than an English county (around 3 million people). In rural areas these city states may contain no more than a couple of thousand people, but a maximum of around 3 million people in each would be ideal. Each city state would have its own General Assembly which is made up of all the adults living within it. This General Assembly would vote on all matters pertinent to the day to day running of the city state, according to the limits set upon it by its constitution. With the technology we now have, we can manage this voting system electronically, just so long as we put in the safeguards to prevent voter rigging (this is one for the technical people to figure out).

Working Groups will be set up to deal with sanitation, power generation, health care and all the other things governments traditionally did, and these Working Groups will report back to the General Assembly where motions can be tabled and decisions reached by consensus. Education shall be left in the hands of the parents, with the provision that by the time the child is 16 he or she can read, write, do maths and have critical thinking skills. The Utilities shall be owned co-operatively by all in the city state, so no major corporation can gain control of them. The monetary system will be an interest free system, much like what lawfulbank.comproposes. This would make it acceptable for use in Muslim nations, as there would be no Usury.

This is just a general over view of the way I have been thinking about how to go for a system of total self governance, and is by no means conclusive or detailed enough to put into action yet, but I believe that if we are to live without the tyrannies of government we will have to work out exactly how to govern ourselves.

This is my Anarchist Manifesto – to disestablish all governments so that the people will be able to govern themselves free from the tyrannies of government. How we will peacefully and lawfully disestablish these governments I do not yet know, although I suspect that the Occupy movement may play a major role in this, as will their General Assemblies. I also suspect that these General Assemblies will have to do what the American Founding Fathers did in order to free themselves from the tyranny of King George the Third. In the UK and Commonwealth, they will have to enter Lawful Rebellion en masse before making Declarations of Independence from their respective governments. Elsewhere they will have to just go straight to mass Declarations of Independence.


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