Pregnant Nuns secluded in Utah at Saint Ann’s Nunnery

In the early 1920’s, the Catholic Church owned a retreat known as Saint Ann’s in Logan Canyon, Utah. The remnants of this place still stand today. This retreat was not for rest or relaxation. It was actually the place where the church sent those nuns who had committed terrible wrongs in their lives.

In many instances, this meant that nuns who had gotten a little wicked and wound up pregnant made their way here. They would live in seclusion, have their children, and the children would be discreetly given up for adoption without anyone knowing.

One nun decided that she wanted to keep her baby. She decided to give birth to it then steal away with it in the dead of the night. Unfortunately, the head nun at the retreat caught wind of her plan at the last moment. Soon after the nun took off into the woods with her baby, the furious head nun followed after her. The head nun completely lost it, and began yelling about how she would kill the nun and the baby when she caught them. Knowing she might not escape, the nun hid her newborn child under a bunch of brush. She took off and soon lost the head nun. She waited, scared and alone, in the wilderness for a few hours, then made her way back to the baby’s hiding spot to retrieve it. When she got there, her baby was gone. She feared the worse–the head nun must have discovered the child and taken it. She sprinted back to the nunnery only to have her worst fears confirmed. As she snuck around the outskirts of the grounds, she came to the pool that sat outside the buildings of St. Anne’s. There, floating face down, was her child. Overwhelmed by guilt, shame, and anger, the nun committed suicide right there at the edge of the pool.

The nun was seen as the bad guy in the situation, who got what she deserved. For years, Saint Anne’s continued to function and no one ever spoke of the awful atrocity the head nun inflicted on the nun and the baby. Nowadays, the spot is abandoned. The whole area was sold years later to a private family.


6 responses to “Pregnant Nuns secluded in Utah at Saint Ann’s Nunnery

    • That’s a very good question. I hadn’t heard of that one before. I’ll look into it. If you happen to find something about it please let me know. Thank you!


  1. I grew up in Logan and this is really close to the stories that i heard growing up. Also at night you can see the light of a lantern in the area and it is said to be the nun looking for her baby. In 1997 30 teens were tied up and held hostage for several hours while the girls were sexually assaulted, by 3 men that claimed to be night watchmen for this area.


  2. i’ve heard of the nun’s drowning pools many times in the years past–i was told that the babies were born and then drowned in the pools and buried–always wondered if there was any truth to this–ladd


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