America Is Broken, Divided We Stand (Poem)

In the United States,

Despite the Constitutional mandate,

Church and state have never been separate.

State is the enforcing arm of the church,

Everyone must honor the cross and bigot on its perch.

The White majority rule the day and night,

The minority has no right.

Select minority are used as pawn,

To keep their fellow man down.

To create the façade of justice,

The “color of law” hides the injustice.

Under the color of law minority are kept in their place,

Only Harlem and death row for them has space.

The Constitution and Bill of Right,

Are not worth the paper upon which Jefferson did write.

Although no caste system is solidified,

American society is clearly stratified.

Three layers it has;

White rich, white trash,

And lowest of all the colored class.

The rich’s lot, an overflowing well,

While the poor get stripped in the prison cell.

This is America’s story to tell.


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