The Pope’s Playoffs: Jesuit-Connected Owners of Five NFL Teams

Rome Rules Professional Football!

Enjoy the information below covering the owners of Five top NFL clubs.



Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft: Jewish Owner New England Patriots

* CFR member

* CEO Chairman of The Kraft Group –

* CEO & Chairman of Kraft foods is Irene Rosenfeld a member of Trilateral  Commission

* Sits On the Board of Directors of Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

* Sits on the Board of Directors of Viacom controlled by the Knights of Malta

* In 2002 donated 2 million dollars to Jesuit Boston College

* Also Donated thousands to Jesuit College of the Holly Cross


John Mara

John Mara: Roman Catholic co-owner of New York Giants

*Steve Tisch:  Co-owner of the Giants, father Bob Tisch former owner & CFR member.

* Mara is Jesuit-trained at Boston College and Fordham University

*Son of Wellington Mara, Owner of Giants till 2005

*Wellington Mara attended Jesuit schools Loyola High School (NY) and Fordham University

*Buried in St Patrick’s cathedral, New York City

*Close friends with Knight of Malta Edward Cardinal Egan, who delivered the homily at his funeral mass.


John York

John York: Roman Catholic owner of The San Francisco 49ers

*Attended Notre Dame, graduate studies at Jesuit Loyola University in Chicago.

*Co operates team with son Jed York, a Notre Dame grad.

*Married to former owner Marie Debartolo.

*Marie Debartolo:  Daughter of Edward Debartolo, Sr., who bought the team in 1977.

*Edward Sr. is said to have done business with reputed mobster Santos Trafficante (who worked with the CIA and its drug trade, the Agency then commanded by Fordham University-trained Knight of Malta William Casey) according to the Justice Department.

*Donated a math and science building to The Catholic School for Boys


Steve Biscotti

Steve Bisciotti:  Roman Catholic owner of the Baltimore Ravens

*Board member Catholic Charities and Mother Seton Academy.

*Created Aerotek, a federal government staffing firm.

*The CEO of Aerotek is Thomas Thornton,

who, sits on the Loyola University Maryland, Board of Trustees


Pat Bowlen

Pat Bowlen:  Roman Catholic owner of Denver Broncos

*Attended Jesuit, Campion High School in Wisconsin.

*Close friend of Jesuit Archbishop of Denver ,Charles Chaput (now Archbishop of Philadelphia).

(Chaput was invited to stay in Bowen’s owners box during both Bronco Super Bowls 97, 98 seasons).

*Chairman of the NFL broadcast committee, and negotiated the most lucrative T.V. single season sports contract in history, $18 billion.



Professional sports is just another Jesuit distraction to occupy the masses while their nation is being destroyed from Washington, District of Catholics, overseen by Jesuit Georgetown University.

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