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The Samanta Institute of Science and Technology, simply known as SIST, is an educational non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has been in existence since 1993. The founder of SIST is Dr Avraham Cohen from India. Many rumors have been circulated by the news media that he is also the founder of a religion group based in Shawano, Wisconsin, but the claims seem to be unfounded, and look like they have been based completely on rumor and speculation largely propagated as fact by the news media. Since the conception of SIST in 1993 by its founder, Dr. Avraham Cohen, there has never been any mention of SIST being a religious group by him or any other board member to the news media, in fact they have ardently denied any religious affiliation. In official and unofficial complaints of current board members and many SIST employees and personnel,[1] Dr Avraham Cohen’s race and religious beliefs are constantly under attack, because freedom of religion is extremely lacking,[2] and racial prejudice still exists in many areas of the United States of America.[3] Since the 1990s, the group has owned millions of dollars of assets in the Shawano, Wisconsin area. Many were vacant or abandoned for decades before SIST purchased them, and remain so to this day, citing difficulties with the local government. The board members of SIST have always described themselves as a non-profit organization that currently has a school in India, and aims to create a school in Shawano, Wisconsin as is depicted in the title of this page, completely unlike the messages perpetrated by the news media. See these sites for some of the articles and viewpoints from all sides:[4][5] [6] [7]

The United States headquarters for SIST is located on Highway 47/55 and Frailing Road,in Shawano, WI. The school currently in operation is located in Orissa, India. The Shawano, WI headquarters is closely monitored twenty-four hours a day as they have been the recipients of several attempted murders and thousands of threats over the years, including seven shootings and a bombing.[8] Dr. Avraham Cohen’s name has changed over the years, from Rama Chandra Samanta Roy, to Dr. R. C. Samanta Roy.[9] His name was changed on August 29, 2007 to Dr. Avraham Cohen.[10]Speculation for this abounds, from attempts to remove himself from negative public opinion, to official family name changes, to recognition of the connection to Judaism. Again, that is all purely speculation, as nobody has ever bothered to ask him about the name changes. He comes from OrissaIndia, and was born April 1, 1940.

Over the years, some strange people have come forward claiming to be former members of SIST, and the news media has bought up the stories as a way to gain ratings and publicity. These supposed former members have dominated the spotlight regarding their experiences, but none of the stories match up to the real dates of business, so are irrelevant to this topic. Thanks to the constantly biased news media spin, though, these controversies have given a negative reputation of the organization to much of the general public, which has, according to current board members, been so damaging as to influence the courts, the media, and even the FBI.[11]

Some current news of SIST:

SIST purchased 13 properties between 2000 and 2004. In March 2009, SIST and six of its subsidiaries filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware. The bankruptcy was dismissed in September 2009 and is currently being appealed to the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals.[12] More information is included in broadcasts and articles by Wasau and Green Bay news stations:[13][14] There have been major difficulties between the SIST board members and the town of Shawano, more specifically with Mayor Lorna Marquardt. A few websites show a point of view that is not seen in the local news media smear campaigns.[15] [16] [17] [18] [19]

Most recently their bankruptcy was illegally converted from a Chapter 11 to a Chapter 7, causing the loss of a large portion of their investment portfolio.[20] Judge Dennis O’Brien Illegally Converted the Yehud-Monosson (SIST Subsidiary) Bankruptcy from a Chapter 11 to a Chapter 7,[21] Based His Order from false evidence in the form of an affidavit from a St Paul IRS agent, Patricia Patton,[22] and When Evidence Was Proven False by a letter from the main IRS office,[23] Refused to Reverse His Illegal Order.[24] According to 11 USC § 303. 501(C)(3) Corporations cannot be converted.[25]Therefore, what Judge Dennis O’Brien did was illegal, and has now cost SIST millions of dollars and the loss of numerous properties. No compensation has ever been paid to SIST for the mistakes/crimes of the court.


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