Report: Vatican confirms 2nd Anonymous hack on website

The Vatican confirmed a second attack against its website by the Anonymous hacktivist group, along with an infiltration of its radio database.

ZDNet UK cited a Vatican spokesman who downplayed the hack, saying what was attacked by the hackers was an “old server.”
“There was a second attack we are aware of directed against the [Vatican IP] address. [Concerning] Vatican Radio, a database on an old server was accessed. Thirty percent of the information on the server was so outdated it was of no use,” it quoted the spokesman as saying.
Anonymous claimed to have hacked Vatican Radio to protest its use of “repeaters with power transmission largely outside the bounds of the law,” ZDNet UK said.
The report said AnonOps Communications, a representative of Anonymous, posted a link to the Pastebin post on Tuesday.
Comments on the post called for alleged Lulz Security members arrested last week by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and international law enforcement to be freed.
Anonymous first took down the Vatican website last Wednesday, in protest against the Catholic Church, which Anonymous accused of actions including the molestation of children by priests.
The first hack came a day after the LulzSec arrests where prominent LulzSec hacker “Sabu,” a.k.a. Hector Xavier Monsegur, was exposed as an FBI informant.
Last Friday, Anonymous also released Norton Antivirus 2006’s source code. Symantec, which made the antivirus, downplayed the release of the code. — RSJ, GMA News

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