Pope visits Cuba asking for more ‘freedom’

This week the pope visited Cuba and met with Fidel and Raul Castro.  He also visited the first Catholic building, a seminary, to have been built since the 1959 revolution.  Fifty-four Cubans are living at the new seminary studying for the priesthood with the intention of ‘saving’ Cuba’s people.

Cuba’s government has promoted atheism as a state religion until about the 1990’s when things became slightly more relaxed and the government became more open to other faiths.  Only about 10% of Cubans are practicing Catholics.

When meeting with the Castro’s, the pope asked for the catholic church to be allowed more freedom in Cuba.

From a personal perspective I would say the pope is thinking that Cuba’s catholic population has been far too long neglected and is feeling the need to regain control in the small island country.  Raul Castro must be far more lenient regarding catholic’s, to allow the church a foothold again.

Fidel Castro may have had stringent religious allowances but at least he was aware of the catholic church’s game and abolished them from his country when he gained power.  Sadly, since he has become ill apparently things are not similarly maintained.

If I am wrong in this view I would greatly appreciate any input from a legitimate Cuban perspective.  Far to much of the news to reach this country is mostly written for propaganda purposes and one can never be sure what the intent is unless talking to an original source for the truth.


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