Racial Bigot, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt

When the Catholic Church’s executioner, Hitler, finally died, the world breathed a sigh of relief. During his reign of terror, Hitler united the whole country of Germany and much of Europe behind him to join the pope’s army and fulfill his wishes.  But, of late, I discovered the most blood-curdling news. One of Hitler’s direct descendants, Lorna Marquardt, has surfaced in the United States. Lorna Marquardt’s mother was both daughter of and girlfriend of Hitler. Lorna Marquardt, the nearly illiterate high school dropout, has become mayor of a small community in Wisconsin called Shawano.

I have recently discovered that since Lorna Marquardt has become mayor she has continued the traditions of her ancestors. Lorna Marquardt has openly blasted her venom against every minority in the community. Just like during her grandfather Hitler’s era, the local media have been her mouthpiece. The local radio station, WTCH, and local gossip column, the Shawano Leader, have been her mouthpieces to blast her propaganda against her victims. The local radio station is owned by Bruce Grassman, who is another “devout” Catholic who wears a black mark on his forehead and claims to be very pious.

Last week on Wednesday, June 17, 2012, I happened to be in Shawano, and decided to stop to see the infamous and notorious Lorna Marquardt. I attended a City Council meeting at the Shawano dump hall. I walked into the meeting and took a seat in the audience. One of the people in the audience leaned over and whispered to me that the three women seated in front of me were members of a “cult” and he pointed at the back of their heads. I later learned that the name of one of the women was Darlene Sense.

Following the meeting, this infamous Lorna Marquardt, camera in hand, was chasing Darlene Sense out of the City Hall. Lorna Marquardt, who is nearly as big around as she is tall, was making a desperate attempt to move with speed as Darlene Sense walked to her car and got in to leave.  Lorna Marquardt’s camera was flashing incessantly. As Lorna Marquardt attempted to walk she wiggled and jiggled so much that I was afraid that she was going to either lose half of her large buttocks or one of the large rolls of her stomach on the ground. Eventually, Darlene Sense got in her car. Lorna Marquardt, who can only walk with great effort, stood with her camera glued to her face shouting at Darlene Sense.  Even though Lorna Marquardt was the one taking the pictures, she told Darlene Sense that she was going to be getting a restraining order against her for taking her picture! Lorna Marquardt even wielded her camera as if it were a gun.

The hatred and animosity that emanated from Lorna Marquardt’s were a sight to behold. In my day, in I have never seen such blatant discrimination in a public official. In fact, my research has revealed that this racial bigot has chased many international companies out of Shawano. One organization, in particular, has borne the brunt of her bigotry and racial intolerance. That organization, better known as the Dr. R.C. Samanta Roy Institute of Science & Technology, Inc., has faced unfathomable discrimination and interference. The scene I witnessed at the City Hall and in the parking lot where the so-called Mayor chases down a citizen for attending a public meeting is blood-chilling for me as I know the venomous hatred of Hitler, the dirty priest, is active in the blood of his granddaughter, Lorna Marquardt.

The following day, I happened to still be in Shawano, and heard the news on Bruce Grassman’s radio station. The “news” of Wednesday night City Council meeting was nothing short of blatantly false propaganda to promote Lorna Marquardt’s agenda of racial hatred, intolerance, and ethnic cleansing.

I literally am dumbfounded. How has the City of Shawano allowed such a person into public office? Are they also all agents of the Roman Catholic Church, the most evil cult on the face of the earth?



9 responses to “Racial Bigot, Shawano Mayor Lorna Marquardt

  1. ” Lorna Marquardt’s mother was both daughter of and girlfriend of Hitler.”
    Now that’s a new one. So Adolph was dating his own daughter, is that what this clown is trying to say ?


      • Obviously not because all the stories you write (besides the ones you steal from reputable news sources) are utter nonsense. Your version of “journalism” is tantamount to thumbing your nose at the people you don’t like and shouting “NYA NYA NYA NYA NYA YOU’RE A POOPY-FACE!”


        • Sharing a news story and claiming it as my own would be two different things, all those stories are clearly marked with sources.. And since I never claimed to be a journalist I guess that’s void too. If you don’t like what you see don’t read it. Never said you had to believe what is there. I’m not a missionary cramming my beliefs down your throat. I can thumb my nose if I want, as you have demonstrated it is a right we have, or used to have in this country. I have given you that right by allowing your comment here as well; so thank you for your opinion.


  2. You would think if you wanted to get a point across about racial discrimination, you might mention specific violations related to RACE and not philosophy/religion.


  3. Wow, whoever writes this cult propaganda needs to be educated. Quit digging your underground tunnels and go to a real school.


    • I do go to ‘real’ schools and I have never met anyone who was digging tunnels. Have you? Interesting? Where are they exactly? Can we see pictures? Do you have diagrams of the location and set up? Apparently you are aware of them. Have you reported this? Such a serious offense, you must have notified the proper authorities? Oh, that’s right, they don’t exist …..


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