Meet Monsignor William Lynn, Sandusky and who?

Monsignor William Lynn arrives at the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia for the reading of the jury

Meet Monsignor William Lynn, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia secretary for clergy.  As clergy secretary from 1992 to 2004, Lynn was the administrator the cardinal tapped to investigate the complaints, and recommend treatment or assignments for accused priests.  Apparently he did what was required of him and transferred and/or hushed up any complaints against priests in his jurisdiction.

Jurors found Lynn guilty of endangerment for letting Edward Avery, then a parish priest, live and celebrate Mass at St. Jerome Church in Northeast Philadelphia in the mid-1990s.

The evidence showed that Lynn knew Avery had abused a teen boy he met at a Montgomery County parish in the 1970s. In 1994, Lynn included Avery on a list of 13 priests he deemed “guilty of sexual misconduct with minors.”

But instead of being removed, Avery was treated at a church-owned hospital and reassigned to hospital chaplaincy. He was allowed to live in the rectory at St. Jerome, a sprawling parish with an elementary school.

In 1999, Avery twice sexually assaulted a 10-year-old altar boy at the church. Defrocked in 2006, Avery pleaded guilty to the assault in March.

The onetime altar boy, now 23, was one of nearly 20 alleged victims who testified at the trial. Most described, often in graphic and tearful testimony, how their parish priests had groped, molested, or raped them when they were young and how the abuse shaped and in some cases ruined their lives.

The lawyers, Thomas Bergstrom and Jeffrey Lindy, said that they would petition the judge on Monday to release Lynn on house arrest, and that they expected to appeal the conviction.

“He’s upset. He’s crushed,” Lindy told reporters. “He didn’t want to do anything other than help kids.”

How exactly did he think he was helping kids by covering up for priests who were harming kids!! and he’s upset? crushed?  What does he think the children felt like?  And now as adults they have to live with those sick memories, memories he could have prevented by being a moral human being!

The church has bought off, paid off and settled many, many cases like this to save face and to cover up the filth their priests commit.  Save your children, leave the Catholic Church, or demand the church pay up and provide restitution for all victims of these supposedly holy men and convict all priests found guilty of these crimes.


Now, let us bring forward another case, Jerry Sandusky.  Former Penn-State assistant football coach, found guilty today of 45 counts of child-sex-abuse, facing a maximum sentence of 445 years in prison!!!!!  Hear that folks, 445 years!!!

Amen, the man needs to pay for the crime but what about William Lynn, the clergy secretary who had full knowledge of the priestly activities, he may get to sit out on ‘house arrest’.  Is this what our justice system is today?  Is our judicial system stroked by the church too?  What kind of under-handed deals are going on?

Charles Lee Bergeron Sr

And lastly, here’s this nobody from Texas who was charged today, Charles Lee Bergeron Sr.  He told little boys that, “needed their semen to live.” Bergeron would invite them over, drug them up, then perform oral sex.  He is going to receive a sentence of 120+ years.  Again, IS THE CHURCH LISTENING…. The average person gets charged with these crimes and the key is thrown out.  When the Catholic Church is involved there are settlements and threats and all sorts of good ways to make sure their priests activities do not make it to the public eye.  There is even a manual to deal with priestly, I mean beastly behavior such as this, Crimine Solicitationies, all the way from Rome itself.

When will the people rise up and demand the Catholic Church put an end to this?  When will Catholics themselves demand the church answer to the evils it has committed against thousands of innocent children?  When will the church stand for its own confession? Don’t hold your breath, I imagine it won’t be soon in coming.


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