Three Occupy Chicago activists arrested

Three Occupy Chicago Activists have reportedly been arrested after occupying the State Attorney’s office in protests against the arrest of five fellow activists during the NATO summit protests in May.

Earlier today, three of the five people who were arrested on trumped-up charges of terrorism during the NATO summit in Chicago pleaded not guilty during their arraignment.

The National Lawyers Guild has called the case a clear example of entrapment, as the supposed terrorist plot was coordinated by police informants themselves, who had infiltrated the Occupy movement disguised as protesters. Occupy Chicago marched to the office of State Attorney Anita Alvarez to demand freedom for the #NATO5, other Occupy supporters who were arrested surrounding the anti-NATO mobilization, and all those held by the flawed U.S. (in) justice system. The trial for the three arraigned today has been set for summer 2013.

Supporters of the NATO5 flooded the courtroom and raised their fists in protest and others have demonstrated in front of the Federal Prison at Van Buren & Dearborn in Chicago throughout the day. Three Occupiers entered the State Attorney office and refused to leave until all charges against the #NATO5 are dropped, while others rallied in support outside chanting “Brick by brick, wall by wall, our prison system has got to fall!” and “Hey Anita what do you say? Let the #NATO5 go today!”

The sit-in did not last long before police moved in to arrest. The 3 people who occupied the State Attorney’s office have been taken to the jail at 18th and State. Several dozen Occupiers have made their way there for jail support, and others are encouraged to join them!


On Monday, Occupy Chicago had called on people to protests against the “broken” political system in the United States.

We call on Chicagoans to attend Monday’s arraignment to show the NATO5 we have not forgotten them, and to stand in solidarity with all wrongly charged with crimes due to police intimidation and harassment,” said Micah Philbrook of Occupy Chicago.

 “If individuals cannot attend, we invite them to use their voices and social networks to exert political pressure on the officials responsible for these trumped-up charges: Mayor 1% Rahm Emanuel, State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, and Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy by telling them to dismiss all charges against the NATO5.”


 [Source: PressTV]

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