Wikileaks releases Syria files, 8x larger than ‘Cablegates’

WikiLeaks announced the release of about 2.5 million emails between Syrian government departments and others.  Some will discomfit Syria, others for Syria’s opponents as well.

Italy for example has long condemned Assad while meanwhile, contracting Syria and Italian industrial giant Finmeccanica in 2008 for TETRA, an expensive encrypted communications network developed for military and police use.   (Information about this contract is not public on the Finmeccanica’s website like other agreements.)  Finmeccanica was recently involved in another scandal involving former Vatican Bank head, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi.

The United States administration was angered when WikiLeaks released the ‘Cablegates’, confidential cable exchanges between American embassies and Washington.  The Syrian file release is about eight times larger than the ‘Cablegates’ release.  Awaiting the reaction…


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