Sikh Massacre in Wisconsin, “Christian Terrorism”


Wade Michael Page, is allegedly a neo-Nazi and the killer responsible for the recent massacre at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.  As we all know the catholic church has all too often used violence as a means of asserting their religion over others.  This event is one more example in the long list history has provided.

Wade Page was also a pawn in the game of conversion, hired by the church, with the bishop’s blessing, to destroy the Sikh community.  For years the church has attempted to convert them from their innocent and pure ways, to join the diabolic and sinister movement known as christianity.  The Sikh community refused to convert so the church had to plan a more violent action to get their attention.  Now around the world people have taken an interest in how this tragedy has come to happen, in a land where freedom of religion is supposedly our right.

Events like this can occur because the power controlling America’s puppet strings is the catholic church.  In this day and age the church cannot very well go about crusading for a holy war so they have replaced it with democracy or ‘demon’ocracy as I like to call it. Invading nations to supposedly ‘free’ them from oppression; going into countries undercover as businessmen, teachers, lawyers, nurses, doctors, they spread the christian disease far and wide leaving a path of broken homes, immorality, instability and godlessness.

India (also the homeland of the Sikhs) has sadly become a prime target for the conversion tactics of the church…

“Often Christian hospitals publicize their services as pro-bono and for the needy and general public. However, when poor non-Christians require treatment, they are either forced to convert or pay a large fee for the services.”

“Another tactic that is deceptively employed by Missionaries is to “baptize” a victim without their knowledge. Then to reveal that they had been baptized and they must convert to Christianity. Though well-documented, it is little known that the most famous perpetrator was “Mother” Teresa and her sisters.”

If destroying ancient civilizations isn’t enough, they steal children, taking them from their homes, selling them for body parts or imprisoning them within convents and monasteries brainwashing them to be good catholic disciples, and then returning them to their homeland as missionaries to convert their people.

Christianity is a sly and clever business, full of tricksters and deception; like a magic show of smoke and mirrors where you can never clearly see what comes next.  In this way they keep the people under control because everyone is blinded to the reality of the power and control of the church.

So who are the real terrorists?  The Sikh’s, Muslims, Hindu’s, Jain’s, and Jew’s trying to protect their homes and families from the invasion of ‘demon’ocracy, or the church pretending to care but just looking to dominate humanity under their cross of oppression?


One response to “Sikh Massacre in Wisconsin, “Christian Terrorism”

  1. The crime of August 5, 2012 is remarkably similar to the crime of February 14, 1977 to the gunman, Neo-Nazi, Frederick Wm. Cowan.


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