Christian Republican: We Should Deny Atheist Freedom Of Speech ?

Religion is fine, just keep it to yourself, don’t run around shoving it down our throats.


One response to “Christian Republican: We Should Deny Atheist Freedom Of Speech ?

  1. A quick note: Pat Robinson is one of the most ignorant Christians I’ve every listen to. He is so far out of touch with reason and the world around him I think his age has the better of him…not that he had much to work with to begin with. I mean anybody that believes in a god that is described as creating the very first day on the second day is a complete moron in the first place. Pat hates atheist because they see him as the naked fool he and his faked god represents. With 38000 Christian denominations and 15000 of them here in the U.S. Pat has his version and his special relationship that thwarts all the rest….even though god tells him (and all Christians) who to vote for and what to believe in and who to condemn, Pat and his special personal relationship with god fails to enlighten him on even the simplest of things like telling him when Jesus was supposedly born. Pat and his faked god are following one age old trend…..Pats god represents the worse of the society that created him! Anybody that believes the bible contains wisdom, peaceful loving traits has never read the damn thing. 1127 justifications of evil acts to 110 mentions of love…this added with the blood spilt by Christian over the last 2000 years is enough to condemn this ridiculous faith. This Country was formed to escape from the tyranny of the Church by atheist and deists which were our founding fathers, then a second political party arose in the late 1800s and the republican/ moral majority was born. PS, Please note also that last year the Pope claimed that Native Americans did NOT have the Christian religion thrust upon them, yeah, sure…. just like a women secretly desire to be raped.


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