Response to Southern Poverty Law, Leah Nelson’s Biased Report Regarding SIST

The odious investigative report from September 3, 2012 by the mysterious Leah Nelson evokes the eerie feeling that suggests a good setting for a horror film. Here again goes a completely biased article about SIST from an organization that is supposed to represent civil rights.  If this is what represents civil rights, I want no part with it.

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) claims to be a non religious organization but the writing is clearly on the wall what type of organization it truly is. SPLC claimed they were going to be publishing an article about the harassment, intimidation, and discrimination SIST has suffered at the hands of Lorna Marquardt, Mayor of Shawano and other Shawano officials.  Leah has yet again proven why SIST does not talk to the media.  The media only reports what they want, whether it is fact or fiction.

Leah refers to Midwest Amusement Park (MAP/USAIR) as a property with “winter-worn buildings evoking the same kind of eerie feeling that makes off season attractions such good settings for horror films.”  However, Leah fails to show what the property looked like when it was taken from SIST at gunpoint.  When MAP/USAIR was in its prime it was a nationally and internationally known racetrack.  It would have made a good scene in a horror movie when Lorna’s thugs took the MAP/USAIR at gunpoint.

Leah wants to talk about a horror film? She should do some investigative work on what really goes on behind closed doors at the convents across the nation and world.  How many children have been brutally raped and sodomized by Catholic priests?  Leah wants to talk horror?  What type of horror have these innocent little children been subjected to at the hands of the Catholic church?

Speaking of horror movies, Leah injudiciously missed the scandalous Ponderosa incident in her “investigative report.”  Leah saw first hand the Ponderosa property and the damage that was done while Lorna’s thugs stood guard over the property and watched it being pillaged.  Then they arrested and fractured the CEO’s wrist for standing on her own property!  Then Shawano Police Chief Ed Whealon wants to talk about “…members of this group that are more than capable of inflicting harm.”  When has SIST, it’s affiliates or personnel ever inflicted or showed the potential for inflicting harm on anyone?  Never, Whealon and you know that!

Leah, if this was a true investigative report where are the photographs you were showed, photos taken while Ponderosa was being vandalized and robbed from?  Where are the photos of the police guarding thieves and gangsters as they were ransacking and pillaging the Ponderosa?  Where are the photographs of Lorna’s thugs taking a sawzall to the sign in front of the building? What about the photos of CEO Naomi Isaacson’s fractured wrists after being manhandled by Shawano City Police Officer Ryan Atkinson?  This would make a very good horror film!

SPLC, you claim to be a civil rights organization, but what you are proving to be is just another branch of the church.  In fact former co-workers of SPLC have said that SPLC is funded and owned by the Vatican.

Shawano officials are the ones that should be investigated.  As the saying goes in the Shawano area, “Arrive on vacation, leave on probation”.  City of Shawano officials have repeatedly discussed how to run SIST out town.  Lorna herself even got into office on that ticket, promising to “drive the Indian dot-head back to his mud hut”.  Lorna is upset because none of her tactics have worked.

Now Lorna claims to have received an unsigned threat in her mailbox.  She is saying that someone affiliated with SIST put it in her mailbox.  SIST is an educational organization not some sort of hocus pocus “Brethren” group that promotes violence.  Hey Lorna, what about the death threats that have been taped to the windows of SIST buildings in downtown Shawano?  What about the bullets?  What about the bomb?  You claim to be scared of SIST yet you drive by the headquarters on your way to the casino, wasting more of the tax payers money on booze and bingo.  We don’t appreciate having to support your habit.

Leah, where is your unbiased reporting?  Your company works so closely with the FBI that you should know that the FBI would never let one of their email addresses be splashed across the news.  Yet Lorna claims to have received an email from the FBI via a yahoo email address.  You claim there is continued investigation into this “hit list,” yet no SIST personnel or affiliates have ever been questioned!  What type of investigation is ongoing?  Obviously the only type of ongoing investigation is an untenable one.  The FBI know who came up with this hit list.  Lorna and her cronies in hopes of creating another Waco.

Leah, you asked for solid proof of the harassment and vandalism that SIST had endured by Lorna’s thugs.  That documentation was provided, everything clearly laid out for you, yet you used none of it in your “investigative report.”  The true colors of your mysterious organization have appeared and you have once again reaffirmed to SIST personnel why they should not talk to the media.  You also reaffirmed that if a person is not in the mainstream religion you have no rights to life.

To read Southern Poverty Law Center, Leah Nelson’s report in which this response applies to, click here.


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