What’s Really Happening in Shawano

The recent events in this backward town of 9,300 people that is known for its racial
and religious discrimination world wide is almost beyond comprehension. Each of
the following events taken separately are enough. But lets put this plot into a proper

On Monday September 10th, 2012 at the Peoples Express South Station located at 716
South Main Street at 11 :36 AM the nozzle for the diesel fuel on pump # 7 was
disconnected and laying down on the ground. That lever that controls the amount of
fuel was locked into the on full amount position. No truck or vehicle was around,
someone had deliberately laid the hose down and turned the nozzle on and left. Had
the station been like any other station the pump would have started and diesel would
have gone on the ground. The pumps at this station is pre-authorized only after the
customer comes in; no diesel fuel was pumped out. The nozzle in the upright position
as it was laying on the ground allowed the diesel fuel to flow down the hose by gravity
but not out of the nozzle. That tragedy was averted. That same day same station at
3:39 PM a customer brought in a $10.00 bill. It was counterfeit. The clerk notified the
customer that his bill was counterfeit and called the police. Officer Heide Thaves
responded. The customer stated that he had received the bill from the local Subway
store where he had traded in for a roll of quarters for the bill.

On Tuesday September 11th, 2012 at 12:29 PM at the Peoples Express Main Station
1206 East Green Bay St. a car drove into the lot at the back of the store. The driver
stated that the brakes locked on the vehicle and so the car ran into the 4 large flower
pots at the back of the building pushing them tight against the building. How brakes can
lock up on a car and the car proceed ahead and hit the building a very likely story. Why
is the car on the road. Obviously the driver intentionally drove into the flower pots and
then used the story of the brakes locking as an excuse for his deliberate action. The
perpetrator came at the time when the clerk was very busy and had a line of customers.
The clerk was unable to obtain a license plate before the driver left.

In the evening on September 11th, 2012 at the Peoples Express South Station at 716
South Main Street, a regular customer was pumping gas into his vehicle and noticed an
odd smell like something hot or smoldering. Checking the garbage container sitting
nest to the gas pump someone had dropped hot cigarette ashes and Cigarettes into it.
Then dumped paper garbage above it. Only the alertness of a regular customer
averted another tragedy that not only would have affected that station but that
whole end of town. The tanks for the station are located right there and across
the street is a small cafe and across the Main Street is a apartment building
which has many apartments for the elderly and disabled.

Now on Wednesday September 12, 2012, the clerk and a customer heard a crashing
sound what the customer saw was someone in a motorized wheel chair had rammed
into the front glass door of the Spirit of the Northwoods store at 131 and 133 South
Main Street. Wheel chairs have metal protrusions for the foot pedals and that had
penetrated the glass leaving a hole in the door the size of an Eisenhower coin dollar.
Not only a hole in the glass but the glass in the door was cracked from the top to the
bottom and across the entire door. The woman then took off down the sidewalk. The
clerk quickly went after her and went into a store down the street where this Debra
Brooks from Kaukana had gone. She told the clerk of the Spirit of the Northwoods, she
was on Social Security and could not pay for the damage. The police was called and
Heide Thaves responded. Rest assured the Chief of police and mayor have instructed
her to see that nothing is done. According to Heide she is off duty for the next 5 days.
On accrued vacation. How ironic is that. Only in Shawano can an investigation go on
vacation with the officer. Its a good thing that all the cities in this country work in this
manner it is very easy for the bad guys to leave town and never get caught.

We have been the subject of many injustices because we do not conform to the
dictates of the Christians in this town of racial and religious discrimination. The
local police refer openly to us as a cult. But that is just local. Nationally and
internationally all our requests for an investigation seem to fall on deaf ears. Lets just
look at a few facts. Michelle Obama’s press secretary is from Shawano. The press
secretary’s father John McCormick was a esteemed member of the Shawano County
Board. His name is on the plaques at several of the county offices the Sheriffs
Department and the Maple Lane Health Care Center to name just a few. He owned a
concrete business just south of Bonduel. The Libyan Ambassador from the US, Chris
Stevens, that was killed in Libya just a day or two ago has an uncle who works at the
local radio station WTCH in Shawano Don Slicer. The Ambassador to the Vatican is
from Mankato Minnesota and if that in itself is not enough, the witch federal judge
Nancy Dreher’s husband is from Shawano WI. In fact just a few months ago Nancy was
here for the funeral of her mother-in-law Barbara Dreher. And this so called federal
judge has the audacity to put out a warrant on our CEO Naomi Isaacson. How much
more evidence does the world need to see. There is a well orchestrated attack against
the Business man from India and those that are involved with him. All of these and
others including the mayor and her followers are part of this conspiracy that is taking
place in the USA right now. Just in the news was that Obama was stopping the
investigation and that any of the atrocities that occurred overseas by the CIA and our
soldiers no one would be facing any charges. But what about the pictures of what these
soldiers have done to the citizens of these other countries. Those countries are not and
will not forget the pictures that appeared of the naked prisoners and the other acts of
barbarianism that they were forced to do at the hands of these USA soldiers. Welcome
to Shawano the city and county famous for its acts of racial and religious


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