Anti-Islamic advertisements in NYC

Next week the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) starts an advertising campaign on the NYC subway system with signs like this, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.  Support Israel.  Defeat Jihad.

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) considers the AFDI a ‘hate group’.  Not that the SPLC isn’t one themselves based on their recent review of a small non-profit corporation SIST, that they reviewed from Shawano, Wisconsin,  “Wisconsin’s Institute of Science and Technology Fears Vatican Conspiracy“.  Based on what I’ve read on people’s reaction to SPLC they themselves could be considered a ‘hate group’ but I am not here to write about them.  You can make your own opinion on that.

Back to this ridiculous advertisement.  People could tell me that I contradict myself.  A ‘catholic basher’ I’ve been called and then here I am defending Islam.  Not only that but the irony is I am a staunch supporter of Israel.   Every group has their extremists.  Besides the fact that ‘Jihad’ just means holy war.  The catholics/christians themselves have had several of those.  Murdering, Jews, Gypsies, Muslims and more when they wouldn’t bow to their rule.  Or is that getting washed out of the history books?  Or how about the Inquisition, the Holocaust, or the Native American Holocaust?  Hypocrisy runs deep.  The worst part is the general population isn’t even awake enough to see it.  Intentionally kept burdened with day to day affairs, broken homes, unhappy marriages, credit cards, debt, and constantly entertained so they don’t have time to see the truth about what is being done to them.  The carpet is being pulled out from under us and has been for decades.

Pamela Geller, the executive director of AFDI says she will not, “…abridge my freedoms so as not to offend savages.”  Ask the Native American’s  who the savages were Ms. Geller!  You can have your say just like I can have mine.  I will allow you that, because I wouldn’t want to be shut down anymore than you.  Question though… Are you Muslim?  or Arabic?  The majority of Muslims and Arabs I have ever talked to have no problem with Israel and are more than willing to mind their own business.  And now you will provoke unnecessary problems against the Muslim and Arabic communities here in this country.  They are a people who just want to keep their faith and culture.  Let them alone.

Geller has long advocated against so-called “Islamist propaganda” in America and has campaigned in the past to call for the shutting down of a Washington, DC museum exhibit that highlighted Muslim contributions to science. The installation was declared “Best Touring Exhibit” by the Museum Heritage Awards in 2011, but Geller claimed “It has indoctrinated hundreds of thousands of children into a rosy and romanticized view of Islam that makes them less appreciative of their own culture’s achievements and more complacent about Islamization in the West.”

The truth of the matter lies in Ms. Geller’s statement right here, “more complacent about Islamization in the West.   What are you so worried about Ms. Geller?  That Muslims will convert the christians?  Oh please, as if that would ever happen.  Since when does viewing a museum exhibit change your religious views?  And as if christianity has any cultural achievements to begin with!  Maybe the bikini is or gee, the marketing strategy that sex sells!  Brilliant ideologies to offer to our children wouldn’t you say.  And you want to disrespect a culture that still maintains Gd and family as their ultimate priorities?  Apparently you are sharing a generous portion of your cultures achievements, including the one where they pull the wool over your eyes.

The US has put their finger in the bee nest and then wonders why they get stung.  The Middle Eastern Conflict is just that, Middle Eastern!  It has always been taken care of between Israel and their neighbors and between any other conflicts that have arisen in that part of the world.  The US is an incompetent ally in this family dispute and should stay out.  It’s not as if our presence over there has accomplished much of anything except igniting conflict and sweeping destruction in the name of demoncracy.


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