Catholics complain against Israeli hate-crimes

After reading an article at this morning I couldn’t help but to put some of my thoughts on paper.  The article is titled, “Catholics call for Israeli hate-crime crackdown“.  You can click the title link to go read the original article for yourself.

So, apparently earlier this month a monastery outside of Jerusalem was set fire and tagged with graffiti saying, “Jesus is a monkey”.  Now as a young person who recently has been exposed to christian history and has been doing a bit of digging about its origins I do admit I chuckled at this.  I agree, the method was dangerous but the intention is accurate.  All joking aside, what I have read about the catholic religion is by no means funny.

I find it most disturbing how they so immediately rise up and demand the worlds attention to such a juvenile act but when case after case of child abuse, sexual assault and mental and physical abuse rise up, they remain meekly silent! What a bunch of pig shit.  And they want sympathy?  These so called hate-crime mongrels should have left a pile of shit outside their door.  Catholic priests should be cowering in shame and begging forgiveness from the public for the anguish they have allowed to be brought upon our generations of children, these deceitful, thieving, lying and corrupt priests.   These so-called ‘holy men’. It makes me SICK! *Spit on them*  I have no room in my heart to feel pity for a organization that preaches such a hypocritical gospel.

This video tells my sentiments exactly.

Pizzaballa, a top church official in Israel asked AP, “What is going on Israeli society today that permits Christians to be scapegoated [sic] and targeted by these acts of violence?

Hopefully there is an awakening.  Where was the catholic church during the Holocaust?  If they want to bring up scapegoats?  I seem to recall seeing pictures of ‘der Fuhrer’ kissing the pope’s ring!  So where was YOUR support then oh gracious church?  Again, no sympathy in this corner, not after reading so much about your corrupt agency.  Christianity isn’t a religion it is a BUSINESS.  And don’t tell me that shit about the church taking Jews into hiding during the war.  What about the thousands of children the Jewish mothers desperately allowed the church to take and then when came to reclaim them after the war were told they were nice CATHOLIC children now so how could the POSSIBLY give them BACK to a JEWISH family.  Fuck this!  While I have the freedom to speak my mind I will say what I see.  If anyone doesn’t like it, don’t read it!
Speaking my mind….


2 responses to “Catholics complain against Israeli hate-crimes

  1. There is no way you are serious. What I just read is, not only the biggest waste of my time, but the biggest piece of hypocritical propaganda I’ve seen since the 1940s. I invite you to elaborate on your hate-filled tirade.


  2. Such vitriol – I am not a practicing anything so I have no ax to grind -of course there is hypocrisy but are you going to tell me that any institution is void of this. They are called to be followers of Jesus who preached peace, love and respect something that many cannot do but we are all called to regardless of our ‘faith’.


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