David Hanners Once Again Spews His Inquisitorial Gossip

David Hanners reported that Rebekah Nett, a Hastings, MN attorney, paid off her fine for calling Nancy Dreher, a federal bankruptcy judge a ‘black-robed bigot’ and filing legal pleadings with supposed religious slurs’.

Hanners seems to have taken it upon himself to be a catholic priest’s boy, defending their name and ‘honor’.  He has gone out of his way over the last year or so to report on the events of Mrs. Nett’s case.  His reporting is by no means non-biased and when he was confronted with the legitimacy of his writings, he snidely told us that there were consequences if he didn’t tell the “truth”.  What a joke.  Hanners version of the truth is what the priest tells him to say while he sits on his lap exchanging special favors.

Pioneer Press and multiple other media outlets have consistently complained and derided SIST, their affiliates, associates and related parties for ‘catholic bashing’ but then stick to each other like glue, defending their race and religion anytime SIST points out their inconsistencies.  Not once has any of them raised a question about the persistence SIST shows, calling foul on the activities of the judiciary, local law enforcement and government officials.  Not one of them has sincerely reported that SIST has a valid point about corruption and bias within the judiciary.

Hanners, attacks SIST as a religious cult when SIST has repeatedly explained they are a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization, developing a school and sustaining the American educational system overseas in the founders homeland, India.

Hanners, proclaims that Dr. Cohen ‘espouses’ a theology similar to Judaism but with a belief in jesus as christ.  Dr. Cohen is a devout Orthodox Jew with a keen insight into the deception of christianity and has no qualms about telling christians the reality of their so-called religion and that is why he is hated.

Dr. Cohen was not born a christian, not raised christian, nor has anything to do with christianity. David Hanners makes false statements about Dr. Cohen.  Christianity is a false religion created with characters that never existed.  It was created by the monks of the catholic church.  Hanners must be trying to cover up for his own religion being a catholic.  Pioneer Press is a vatican owned paper.

Let’s face it America.  The Vatican owns us.  Under color of law all branches of this countries predominantly christian ruled government make sure that anyone who opposes them or dares to speak out against them is silenced.  Look at Malcolm X, Jim Jones, Sun Yung Moon… all of them were silenced because of their beliefs.  Convert or be killed, that’s the christian motto.

Even Abraham Lincoln saw it coming….

“I do not pretend to be a prophet.  But though not a prophet, I see a very dark cloud on our horizon.  And that dark cloud is coming from Rome.  It is filled with tears of blood.  It will rise and increase till its flanks will be torn by a flash of lightning, followed by a fearful peal of thunder.”


This article is in response to ….  Pioneer Press –  Hastings: Lawyer who trashed judge pays $5K fine


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