United Airlines Shows NO Compassion to US Veteran

While browsing RT.com this afternoon I came across an article and I couldn’t believe what I was reading!  The entire staff of a United Airlines flight totally disregarded a US Veteran and his plight.  On top of the fact that his ‘plight’ was caused by their ineptitude as humans.

Sgt. Joseph Smith, a 42 year old Afghanistan War veteran thought he was going on a regular flight.  Instead he was publicly humiliated and discarded like some piece of trash by United Airlines and fellow passengers.

Where is the humanity?

An entire flight of people sat and watched this man suffer abject humiliation and not ONE person did something about it!  Absolutely despicable!

At one point this man was made to CRAWL up the aisle to his seat because his wheelchair was too wide.  Flight attendants refused to switch his seat to make his situation easier.  Because he was made to crawl, his catheter bag broke, soaking him in urine for the remainder of his flight, two whole hours!  Again not ONE person came to his aid.

Mr. Smith is now suing United Airlines for $300,000 to compensate for the physical and emotional damage he sustained during his flight.  He said he wants to use the money to cover his $30,000 hospital bills and legal fees and to donate to military charities.

“I would hate to see anyone else treated like this whether they’re a veteran or not.  This is sort of unconscionable.”


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