American Hypocrisies [VIDEO]

This is a series of smash-up videos of American Hypocrisies that Americans simply ignore, refuse to acknowledge, are not reminded of through media or don’t care because they feel that as long as they have their SUV, iPhone, cheap gas, white picket fence and plenty of shopping it doesn’t effect them.

The first smash-up compilation came courtesy of TheParadigmShift user on youtube. He took the brilliant work of Carlin, Hicks and Rogan and put material to it to emphasize the points they were making. This video really sums up a lot of the issues and problems that are at the core of issue Americans face.

I hope what is taken from these American Hypocrisies is that we need to start to look at reality in a new way other than the traditional selfish way we have in the past 30 some odd years. We are being sold a reality that really does not exist. There are people/groups who manipulate the public’s reality for their or the establishments benefit and gain. These same people do not care about you, society, any nation, or the planet. They are Globalists whose ultimate goal is to dominate the world by force and coercion. That might work for a few at the top, but not for the rest of us. This pseudo Corporate Dictatorship you or I do not get a say in work behind the scenes and the majority do not even know who these people are or what their agendas entail. This might seem hard to swallow, but it is about time people start to question things because if you haven’t noticed yet, America is headed for a fall and your representatives are no longer at the wheel.

An organism at war with itself will eventually destroy itself. If we do not wake up soon to a new way of thinking we will eventually destroy ourselves, the world’s species and possibly the planet. Stop thinking of yourself as separate from others, friends, family, country, nations or the planet as that is how the elite control the publics hearts and minds. If you haven’t noticed, there is more that is similar between all races, religions and nations than differences…(90% or better) but you’ll never hear that from the media or the education system because one group (united) is a lot harder to control than a billion individuals. Think about it…

Sections of this documentary may contains material that is subject to “Fair Use” for educational purposes as per Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107.


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