Lorna Marquardt’s Clever Business Interference

Sunday, January 20th, there was yet another incident at the People’s Express Main gas station.  A young man pulled into the gas station and ran right into the gas pump!  Imagine what sort of disastrous outcome could have been possible.  The gas pump could have exploded!  People could have died.

What is more disturbing is this incident was not simply an accident as one would like to think.   Instead it is another covertly planned action by Lorna Marquardt, the Mayor of Shawano to cause harm and create another financial burden for the station. One would think this would be below the leader of a community; especially a leader who professes to care so much about said community.

Lorna, in several of her weekly columns has told the community how much ‘support’ she would like to offer area businesses.  How there is always a helping hand just around the corner.  How she would really like to see Shawano grow and flourish.  This is all really just a lie.  If it was true why do so many of her actions point in the other direction?

SIST is the parent company of Midwest Oil, the same company which owns the People’s Express chain of gas stations in Shawano, WI.

Lorna has had it out for SIST businesses since day one.  The reason?  The founder of SIST is a businessman from India who refused to kowtow to the demands of the white christian community of which Lorna is a proud member, or in her own words a ‘devout member’.

Coming from India, a country of innocent and sincere people and religions, the SIST founder did not know what he had set in motion by denying these white christians their wish.  It didn’t take long to find out though.  After decades of news media harassment, death threats, business and financial interference, murder attempts, racial slurs, being labeled a cult and much more, it was crystal clear to SIST’s founder what it meant to be white and christian.

Lorna, you have made yourself and your community into a shining white example of what your christian love is all about.  However, you must be thanked.  If it was not for you SIST would not be able to tell the world the truth they have learned about christianity.

It is dirty, evil, dangerous and the most deadly death cult in human history.  You must be proud, to be such a devout member of this cult.


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